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  1. Got into CAD & 3D printing as my pandemic hobbies. Different way to think, but a useful way of solving kit problems or subject availability. Current project is the 8x8 Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle slowly being introduced by the Australian Army. Scale will be 1:16.
  2. Not *my* workbench, & I’m unsure whether AVIC used Macross or Yukikaze for their inspiration for this one:
  3. Excellent! Have you considered some plain black “UN SPACY” markings so that VF-1J & cannon fodder schemes can be modelled? Very interested.
  4. Sorry man - you can blame yourself though. I hadn’t even considered hacking into the kit until I saw what you were doing. Lovely feet detail you have going on there!
  5. More progress. Lots left to do.
  6. Lovely work, @Nyankodevice!
  7. I think you’re right. Almost done on my rebuilt one.
  8. Can you show how your new foot mount fits inside the legs, @tekering?
  9. Built a new backpack, 10% size reduction. Looks better (IMO): https://i.imgur.com/PAflGgx.jpg
  10. Thanks @tekering - I agree, it isn’t right. Can you measure the length you used? No FAST packs for me, which simplifies matters greatly!
  11. Backpack therapy. Kit: More progress on the anime backpack. Thoughts?
  12. Thanks. Ideally, I’m after out of the bottle. Model company recommendations are good, but even “I’ve used this...”
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