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  1. Nice artwork on the commander’s hatch cover. Technically should be reversed as surely an Abrams tank is closer to a Destroid?
  2. More work on a scratch printed 1:16 Boxer cavalry reconnaissance vehicle. Just the rough hull shape, at the moment. Here’s the parent design. Lots of work to come.
  3. Already left home for Christmas. I’ll check when I get back in a day or so. Turns out I ordered two! Anyone in Australia looking for one?
  4. Two days from shipping request in Japan to Canberra, Australia! Unboxing. Parts still in their bags, but they are to Hasegawa’s usual standards. Not many more human subjects from SDFM left to model.
  5. More work on my soon-to-be-printed Boxer 8x8: Adding detail to the lower hull in advance of the suspension. The suspension itself promises to be a bit of a journey. Wheels & tyres are just place holders for the moment.
  6. To be fair, I said “good” size, not “correct” size. I take your point, however.
  7. About 10cm/4” taller than the Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1 Battroid. That’s a good size.
  8. @MechTech - quick one, what kit is that French 4x4 vehicle you’ve got there? TIA.
  9. Got into CAD & 3D printing as my pandemic hobbies. Different way to think, but a useful way of solving kit problems or subject availability. Current project is the 8x8 Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle slowly being introduced by the Australian Army. Scale will be 1:16.
  10. Not *my* workbench, & I’m unsure whether AVIC used Macross or Yukikaze for their inspiration for this one:
  11. Excellent! Have you considered some plain black “UN SPACY” markings so that VF-1J & cannon fodder schemes can be modelled? Very interested.
  12. Sorry man - you can blame yourself though. I hadn’t even considered hacking into the kit until I saw what you were doing. Lovely feet detail you have going on there!
  13. More progress. Lots left to do.
  14. Lovely work, @Nyankodevice!
  15. I think you’re right. Almost done on my rebuilt one.
  16. Can you show how your new foot mount fits inside the legs, @tekering?
  17. Built a new backpack, 10% size reduction. Looks better (IMO): https://i.imgur.com/PAflGgx.jpg
  18. Thanks @tekering - I agree, it isn’t right. Can you measure the length you used? No FAST packs for me, which simplifies matters greatly!
  19. Backpack therapy. Kit: More progress on the anime backpack. Thoughts?
  20. Thanks. Ideally, I’m after out of the bottle. Model company recommendations are good, but even “I’ve used this...”
  21. Not sure whether to post here or the newbie/short questions: I’m after the best colour matches, by paint brand, for the brownie VF-1A from SDFM. Bonus points for colours for the feet. Thanks!
  22. Cribbed some build tips from @tekering and cut off the front of the backpack to deal with the ejector pin marks. Also temporarily removed the ECM bulges and increased the taper by making the end 4mm narrower: It is minor, but it is progress.
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