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  1. Done. Had to come and check since I wasn't expecting an email.
  2. Just got back from my local showing. There were about 7-8 people besides me which I was actually surprised to see since I live in a smaller city. Was really nice to see it on a big screen. Video quality was good, translation a bit different and wonky but still great to watch. More please.
  3. Watched it this week. I liked it. I was never a huge fan of the original, but I enjoyed this way more than I expected to.
  4. He wasn't likeable as a protagonist in this film. But Storm, Scarlett, and the Baroness were perfectly cast. I would watch sequels with them in it. They could have Snake lose his voice in some way and I think it would be okay. This film just was really weird in making Snake kinda unlikeable.
  5. Fingers crossed we get everything released here... it's been so long...
  6. Hmmmm... been a long time. Been playing R-Type Final 2 and Returnal... once I'm done with that RE Village is on the back burner.
  7. Buy suits before the upgrades since the challenge tokens are harder to comeby, plus the upgrades aren't tied to a trophy. Edit: And I somehow missed that someone already said that lol.
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