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  1. Lol, those balloon hands still get me, hahahaha!
  2. A lot of people are saying the same thing, I even hear it, but if you watch with subs, it just credits "guard" or something generic as the voice
  3. Reminds me of our top heavy G-Wagons, which have a tendency to roll over a lot, lol! http://www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca/assets/ARMY_Internet/images/pages/vehicles/g-wagon-02.jpg
  4. Ok, I was also thinking that too, they chose white on screen because it was too difficult to portray aluminum.....and also thought about the space shuttle and other real world space craft being white.
  5. That looks amazing, pretty sweet Eagle. I haven't mastered metallic paints out of my airbrush, and still struggle with it quite a bit.
  6. I just discovered a subtle way to make the GBP look less short and fat by just extending the knees and feet to give it a bit more height. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but it gives the unit a bit more presence.
  7. Thanks! Were there any real world fighter craft back in the 80s that were painted white like that for combat operations? I wonder why they went with white in the anime, was it just more visible on screen, easier to animate, or because white ink was on sale?
  8. I am really surprised stuff is coming out of NY. They still owe me strike packs from 2019.
  9. What's the consensus, worth watching in theatre? I hear the visuals are incredible, but are they enough to get me off my lazy butt and into a theatre. I'm familiar with the background story, watched the 84 version numerous times, will it just piss me off when they cut it off and make me wait for part 2? Thinking about just skipping it in theatres and watching them both back to back when part 2 is available to stream.
  10. I know this would have been unlikely (this is a clear demonstration of how I don't understand the film industry), but would have been cool if they filmed two versions simultaneously, an actual English version and a Japanese version with Japanese speaking actors (lots of talented non Japanese who ca. Speak Japanese fluently). One cut films the English version, stop, swap out actors for he same scene in Japanese. Lol, yeah, I know, probably a logistical nightmare. Dubbed movies have always been a distraction for me, takes me right out of the film.
  11. OK, I don't remember much of Mac F and don't know a thing about Mac D, but the repaint looks way better than the original paint scheme.
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