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  1. Was just painting up a few black parts on the Bandai chunky, and had some black left over in the airbrush so I pulled my Yamato off the shelf for some post shading practice. One of the first models I build after my 17 year hiatus. I was pretty happy with it at the time, rattle cans only, and I may have brush painted the deck, but it always bugged me how factory fresh it looked. I just worked on panels below the waterline tonight, black on red just to add some character. Will do the upper tomorrow.
  2. LOL! Maybe one day, as an interesting method of preshading?? Hahahaha!
  3. Gear up....was it as much of a PITA as it was with the 1/72s? I never want to do a gear up 1/72 Valkyrie again, lol!
  4. If you see my scribing work, you will feel better about yours
  5. I like the longer one. That is one cool looking mech.
  6. I didn't really get into Mac F and never watched Mac D, but that look awesome. I never really paid much attention to the drones, apart from Mac+. Are they all derived from the original drones seen in SDFM, or are they drastically different?
  7. Not on my workbench, but it is a build. Almost there. Two panels to go. As for what is actually on my workbench.... This mess of parts. Sorry @MechTech I decided to go with the fixed Battroid instead. On closer inspection, the variable version would actually be a lot more work..... For me at least since I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Looking forward to your build and see how you approach it. I might build the variable as a fixed Gerwalk later on, with some spare Hasegawa parts thrown in. I have a complete nose, cockpit
  8. Organization is a good feeling. I always find it a struggle to keep it clean and organized.
  9. That is cool! Was that originally a toy or model? I don't think I've ever see one of those.
  10. Now I want to build a prop plane.... This ace, I tell you.... Such a bad influence
  11. Man, I wish I had your fabrication skills.
  12. Lol, I might actually be leaning this way.....looking at just the legs of the battroid kit, they are ridiculously oversized and the back of the leg armor would need to be shaved right down or I need to heavily mod the legs. The varliable kit....ugghhh...I never actually wanted to build it, but it looks like I might have to. It's just a better fit for the strike pack with seemingly less modification. Besides, the current battroid build is kind of a mess, might be quite a bit more flawed than my previous attempt with the low vis 1A
  13. Oh, don't look at me for ideas, I'll probably produce a mangled mess. I popped open the armor set, and the construction seems sturdier, but I was expecting Bandai to hide more of the seam lines. They left this one done the middle of the arm armor...... But went to the trouble to hide this one, which isn't visible anyway when it's mounted. Anyway, I'm still humming and hawing over which old Bandai 1/72 to try to use it on, the variable or the fixed Battroid. Dug out a few variables I built as a kid..... Boy did I ever butcher these kits. Might ca
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