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  1. $750 (free shipping) I am selling as a set for Macross Plus fans; will keep posted here and then move to ebay pending responses: 1x Yamato YF-19 1x Yamato FY-21 2x Fold Boosters The items are used and were displayed in a smoke free collector home. Items are 100% complete and include 100% complete decal sticker sheets. I never transformed the valks and only displayed in fighter mode with fast packs/booster. I never used the light features in the boosters or put batteries in them. There is some shelf ware on the boxes. If you have questions about the items please co
  2. As mentioned in my other sale, I am parting with the Toynami Valks. These are MIB, never opened, and come from a smoke free home. Would like to sell as a complete set. Items will ship from Ohio and is included in price. US buyers only. I will accept PayPal gift, else add 4% fee. I am on the straight shooters list. If you have questions please contact me. Lot includes 0-13. Selling for $500.
  3. I am selling the last of my Toynami collection. Found myself liking the Arcadia/Bandai/Yamato valks more and looking to help fund a honeymoon. I have for sale MIB both Scott Bernard and Rand Cyclones. Never been opened, never displayed, kept in the original white box in a smoke free home. I would like to sell as a set and try here first before Ebay, but I know these are not cheap. I am on the straight shooters list. I will except PayPal gift, else add 4% paypal fee. Shipping will be via UPS coming from Ohio. Shipping is included in the price. If you have questions please ask. US buy
  4. So after five emails sent about every other month between the March release date. I actually received my VF-31A in the mail yesterday. Like most, I kept asking for more details and eventually told them I would pull my order and ask for a refund. Coincidentally after that it shipped the following week. I ordered mine 11/16 and it shipped 8/28. Took about one month to get to me. Came with no brown box but I am not worried and it appears to not be a second hand (I figured NY would be fishing the second hand market). According to my past chats with NY they did tell me that there were QC iss
  5. I pre-ordered mine 11/16/2017. I emailed NY and noted that their page for the item still reflects the March release date even though we are half way through April. NY responded with, "We are sorry for the delay, we didn't receive all of our stocks for this item. Your order will be sent as soon as possible." I am interpreting this as either they really did not get all their stocks, or as many are suggesting, they are fishing to fill the orders with second hand. I have bought a few of these valks from NY. Some have the brown box and some do not, but all seem MIB. What messages are othe
  6. Was curious if you were also looking for a Yamato VF-0S and Yamato Ghost (not the bundle). I have a Yamato VF-0S without a ghost. Are you in the US?
  7. I guess for me HLJ has always been the go to source for Macross compared to the other online stores. Yet for whatever reason, it seems like NY get a bulk of the stock compared to the other sites as upon the release date, they seem to be the only store with extra/new stock. NY is also the most expensive. I had expected better from HLJ especially after they acknowledged it was a system issue on their side. I feel like they they should issue some coupons or store credit to those that lost their orders due to their less than stellar preparation. I have done pre-order madness with HLJ before i
  8. Just like most here, my HLJ order got cancelled. Sucks too because between amazon prime day and this, I am batting 0/2. I had it in my cart at 3 min past the release time, but I could not get past the last checkout step. I kept getting the page not found error on HLJ and gateway not found. Tried multiple times and like many the order was probably cached and proceed 3 hours later only to get the email. I wrote and email back to HLJ explaining my disappointment and asking if they would be creating a wait list should items come back into stock either during the pre-order window until officia
  9. I got the exact same email. During the pre-order I was unable to proceed to the final step to process my order, I could add to cart, select private warehouse, select paypal method, then.....dead. Tired this 5 times. Every time I did it would give me the "sorry page not found" or gateway error. HLJ really failed on this pre-order. I have pre-ordered before with them, and never saw a system outage like this before. I had one sitting in my cart, and 3 hours later, I was able to process the order. Got the order confirmation for HLJ, then the next day I got the email you got. HLJ fail.
  10. First time in a long time I got up for pre-order only for HLJ to crap on me. Not cool. and just missed the NY post. I love how NY also seems to change the names or search criteria so it never shows up as what you think it is. Well not going to stay up and play the F5 game as I need to get to bed.
  11. HLJ lets me add to cart, but three times it has failed when I go to checkout with "sorry page not found error."
  12. The answer to this question really depends. I started with the Yamato valks. When Yamato and Arcadia started doing reissues I passed on a few unless I had a broken shoulders Yamato valk. I had no need to collect doubles as these are not cheap. So the ones I wish I had regardless of Yamato or Arcadia to complete my collection are: VF-11C, VF-22 M&M, and VF-1 M&M. I somehow passed on all the Macross 7 valks even though they were always available and at a discount. Now I wish I picked up the VF-11C; passed up so many of those. Also wish I had the YF-19 Macross Winterfest super part
  13. I know this was probably mentioned somewhere, but I just got my VF-0S and the rear wheel well doors are very tight. I can get a finger nail under the large one but I am trying to find a way to pull the door up and out without scratching. Any suggestions. Compared to the YF-19 and Yamato VF-4, these doors are tight.
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