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  1. Same here. This happened too with the VF-25 Messiah Worldwide. Despite the fact that these figures are licensed to be sold worldwide, they are not launched at the same time, and the local distributors have to import the stock from Japan, wich adds that month aprox. to the launch date in Japan, resulting in november in this case. Maybe one day they will be distributed globally and faster by Bandai itself, but for now that's what we have. At least we are able to preorder comfortably from a local store, wich is a lot. I can wait a month.
  2. Nah, you can detach it:
  3. I hope the final colors are like in these last photos but they look like darker than they should, specially the one where you see the valk with other models together. I think the colors will be more close to what we saw in that convention than these. Still loving it. But I would like to see photos of the fighter mode without the booster on the back.
  4. Waiting for it to be received in the store where I preordered here in Barcelona (Spain). They say that maybe in august or september they will have it...
  5. I... I have just preordered 5... 🙈 Space... I have reorganizing the collection.
  6. Is this website legit to preorder this figure? Anyone who has bought anything there?
  7. OMG Yeah I would like if this is one of those preorders that go out hyperfast or will it be available at other webs? And yes, I would had prefered for these the hi-metal scale.
  8. Ngggg so cuteeee! >___< If they are shown in the SDCC maybe they will have a worldwide release. But I fear the only ones released worldwide will be the Frontier ones, while the Delta ones will be Japan only. I hope to be wrong, but...
  9. Wasn't there any info about release date or price?
  10. I don't want to be the one who defends Bay for a Macross movie, but if we are gonna talk about the horrible designs for the Transformers' movies, Hasbro is the one to blame, because is who managed them, not Bay.
  11. If you can't pay via Paypal don't even try to buy at NY. I got my money back thanks to the Paypal protection like a month ago. Without it you surely will pay and not recieve anything.
  12. Ok, now I understood what you meant. You were talking about the Kairos and I was thinking on Hayate's Siegfried, lol. Here you have:
  13. @Bolt of course not! Feel free ti share it/use it. 😛 Talking about these changes, I think they are normal seeying that in the movie they look like they are preparing for some kind of intense combat, so it's obvious to make "more muscular" Valks than the normal Siegfrieds, wich are thinner.
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