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  1. I don't want to be the one who defends Bay for a Macross movie, but if we are gonna talk about the horrible designs for the Transformers' movies, Hasbro is the one to blame, because is who managed them, not Bay.
  2. If you can't pay via Paypal don't even try to buy at NY. I got my money back thanks to the Paypal protection like a month ago. Without it you surely will pay and not recieve anything.
  3. Ok, now I understood what you meant. You were talking about the Kairos and I was thinking on Hayate's Siegfried, lol. Here you have:
  4. @Bolt of course not! Feel free ti share it/use it. 😛 Talking about these changes, I think they are normal seeying that in the movie they look like they are preparing for some kind of intense combat, so it's obvious to make "more muscular" Valks than the normal Siegfrieds, wich are thinner.
  5. Sorry but I haven't understood what you said. I have the DX 31A, do you need any photo to compare something about the wings?
  6. Now I think of it, why not changing the damn "frosted glass" of the canopy? Ugh... EDIT: I made a photo comparison between the old and the new 31A for a conversation we were having on Facebook about tthe chunkier wings the new version has, so I decided to post it here just in case it's interesting fo anybody.
  7. Yup, there it is: The perspective doesn't help seeing it, but there you have it.
  8. I really don't like what they did there... Having that "upper arm plate" for me looks worse than the thin arms of the "old" Siegfrieds. Having to move it to make any pose... Meh, seems annoying. And for the termomether... xD Yeah, I will have to get used to it, but now looks like a very simple and easily fixable desing...
  9. I used the "pay to a friend" option on Paypal, so I think Paypal can't do anything on this situation. And yes, you are right on eveything you said, it has been risky and even more while I am new here... But well, I'll try to solve the problem this way and I will take i as a lesson to learn for me. We aleady have the hird user to help: "Kaneda's Bike", who appears in the Striaght Shooters list, he's an active user, and has a high good reputation. He has kindly accepted to help, so I hope we get his solved soon. Thanks again.
  10. Oh, didn't know that. I used Paypal for the protection they give you in case there's some problem. Recently I had a problem with Nippon Yasan, and Paypal returned me the money with no problems.
  11. First of all, thanks for answering. I would just like to note first that I asked for photos before buying, of course. The thing is that in the photos the item didn't look bad... But sincerely because if you don' make detailed photos you can't see those things. That's why I asked him literally, "Any defect you would note?" and he didn't answer that. That's maybe only the main mistake I made, buying without an answer to that (because I thought we didn't have anything to note). But again, it's a mistake made after reading the description "like new" and seeing photos of an item apparently looking good. And second thing, we are not talking about a scammer, the seller says if the third party arbitring this says I'm right, he will compensate me what I ask. So I don't want to give names and ruin future sellings of his user (where I hope he will be more carefull with what he claims and what he sells). He proposes to look for a random person posted in the straight shooters list and ask him if he would arbitrate. But well, as you said this is something I have to work out directly with the seller, so I won't annoy more about this here. Thanks for the help and the tips!
  12. Hello. I am trying to look for help. - I bought a Valkyrie to another user (for now I won't say his name until an admin approves this). - The description of the Valk's condition was "like new". - I ask to the seller literally if the valk had any marks, scratches, etc. wich I should know about before buying. He doesn't answer to it so I understand there's nothing to note. - I buy the valk. - I recieve the valk and just after opening I see it has a lot of marks and scractches, and the nose cone is partially yellowed. - I contact the user, I tell him this is not the condition he specified (showing him photos) and I tell him I even asked to know about any of those deffects. He says he didn't think any of those deffects were an issue... - I ask him for a 50$ compensation for the deffects (from a totoal of 350$ for the valk). He doesn't answer to that. - He proposes to get a third party on the conversation to solve this. I say ok to that (although I say it's wasting time because I think the proofs are so clear that this should be solved easily). - After that he hasn't answered for a week. If there's any admin there, I suppose he will be able to get in my Private Message box and read the conversation (it's the latest one). Is there something I can do or somebody here that can help me? Thank you.
  13. The Thunderbolt Bothers:
  14. Is this site reliable? I'm doubting on placing the preorder already... But seems too good to be true. And I don't see wich shipping methods they have...
  15. Thanks for the info! And thanks for posting the head changes in the movie. Damn, the 31E had a super cool head sculpt, now it has gotten worse... 😕
  16. Can you post some examples for the ones who don't own the Master files, please?
  17. So "regular release" means it will be available on webs like Hobbylink Japan, etc. or I am wrong?
  18. I think it's soon to see Valkyries officially on webs outside Japan. Maybe next year or at the end of this, but now? We would had heard of it already.
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