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  1. Marked sold items, and dropped prices on the rest.
  2. More Robot Stuff! Sentinel: Metamor Force Dancouga Real Color (New) - 350 Metamor Force Black Wing MIB - 200 or Both for $500
  3. All are opened & Complete, unless indicated. All prices include shipping and open to offers. I can send pictures on request. Metal Build: Amatsu Mina (Original) - Missing side plates & one hand $150 Gundam Astray Blue Frame (Full Weapons) - MIB $170 Gundam Astray Red Frame with Tactial Arms & Tiger Pierce Set & Flight Unit Option Set - MIB $250 Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai Alternative Strike Version - MIB $195 Freedom Gundam Concept 2 - MIB $200 Caletvwlch Option Set - New $80 Soul of Chogokin: GX-75 Mazinkaiser MIB $150 GX-70 Mazinger DC MIB $170 GX-73 Great Mazinger DC MIB $170 GX-74 Getter 1 DC MIB $75 GX-91 Getter 2/3 DC MIB $150 or GX-74 & GX-91 Getter 1/2/3 for $$210 GX-76 Grendizer with GX-76X UFO Spazer Set & GX-76X2 Drill/Marine Spazer - MIB $420 Super Robot Chogokin/Others Mazinger with Mazinger Weapon Set MIB $100 Great Mazinger - MIB $60 Mazinkaiser Chogokin Z Color Version - MIB $70 Grendizer - Loose & Complete, no box $60 GFFMC: (Pending Sale) 40th Anniversary RX-78-2 MIB $180 Char Zaku 1 New $120 (SOLD) Char Zaku 2 MIB $275 (SOLD) Green Zaku 2 MIB $130 Sentinel: Metamor Force Dancouga Real Color (New) - 300 Metamor Force Black Wing MIB - 175 Or Take both Dancouga & Black Wing for $425 Sentinel Metamor Force Dino Getter 1/2/3 (Dinogetter 1 has broken hand) $170 Macross Delta: VF-31J Sigfried Hayate with Super Parts Set MIB $360 (SOLD) SV-262Hs Drakken II Keith with Lilldraken & Missile Pod Set $330 VF-31F Sigfried Hayate/Messier with Lilldraken Set $350
  4. I like how you guys do the separate threads, makes it easier @jenius
  5. This is always normal with TWE releases. Some put some out early for PO, and some don't do it until later in the day of Preorder.
  6. There will be blood come the 27th when the Standard release of the VF-1J with Armor Parts opens up.
  7. I'm not seeing any other than the placeholder for Nin-Nin, and NY preorder. Big In Japan and Anime Export sold out earlier today.
  8. I know, just wanted to give the link to add to the list of pre-orders. I've had good and bad transactions with them.
  9. Nippon Yasan has put up the Armor Parts Set. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/34414-macross-dx-chogokin-armored-parts-set-for-vf-1j-limited-edition.html This is always the worst case scenario to order from (in my experience).
  10. They ship to the USA. just contact them to change it to DHL or FedEx now, or wait until release.
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