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  1. Just putting this out there, side by side 1/48 1S vs 1D
  2. Shoutout to yourself as well @Alphahorizon. Great guy & stuff for sale. Thanks!
  3. Thanks. Yeah things get a little cluttered...and all I ever wanted now is a 1A Max JM
  4. Got time off from work till early next year (wohoo) & finally have time to unbox my premium finish VE-1. Trying to keep my collection to a select iconic few & all ready for Arcadia PF VT-1 ! (you know its coming!)
  5. Bring it on, the premium VT-1 !
  6. Sorry, you might want to PM @connor99 directly
  7. Hi @connor99 FOKKER packed and ready for shipment tomorrow! Also attached are pictures of the metal pin.
  8. Thanks for the offer but I don't plan to trade, just straight up cash. Bump : A potential buyer plans to pay this Friday, so item is on hold till then. Will update if the plan falls through.
  9. Phew, crisis averted. Sorry to hear about the issue many seem to experience with the toy. This is the sole reason why I don't buy first-release of any new/revised-mold from Arcadia/Yamato, bar the YF-19 (because its cool as hell), or wait till I can comfirm they're issue-free before dropping the greens. On a side note, I did have a bad experience with Yamato's 51 Ivanov...both hips on mine broke due to brittle plastic, hence I'm sitting this one out. Glad I did.
  10. I might take v2 1/60 Roy from you. I'm waiting on another member''s response. If it doesn't go ythrough,  I'll message you back.

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