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  1. Came across this Macross fan film on YouTube today. I was very impressed!
  2. I was noticing that as well. Still.... I could not resist. I ended up placing a pre-order thru Amazon.com. I had missed the original pre-order madness date for this, and after Nippon-Yasan stole my money 3 years ago for a pre-order that was never fulfilled, I at least trust Amazon.com to not f--k me over. I am kind of excited. This is like my first Macross toy order since the pandemic started.
  3. Hello! I just noticed that Amazon.com has the HMR VF-0S Phoenix available for pre-order. Since when did the Amazon in the US start offering Macross pre-orders like this?
  4. I am kind of in agreement with @jenius I love Macross Frontier. It's my favorite of the Macross shows. I loved the music, the spectacle, the story of the TV series. But the Macross Frontier movies? Umm... other than the spectacle, I feel like the movies did not live up to the TV series. It was so disappointing. Because of that, I am probably not going to see the Frontier movies at the AMC near me. *sigh* I really wish I could love the movies.
  5. I wonder if this means Macross Frontier will get a US blu-ray release.... for A LOT cheaper than what I paid for the Japanese blu-ray imports.... sigh
  6. Just saw this new article published in Forbes today. Love seeing Macross, especially Macross Frontier, mentioned in the news! https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2022/05/22/the-macross-frontier-movies-will-finally-get-a-us-theatrical-release-this-june/
  7. Thank you kindly. I hope to be around more often. Though, now that I have baby to care for, I doubt I can handle pre-order madness like I used to.... but we'll see. I already see a few Macross toys that came out that I am interested in.... like Armored Parts for the DX Chogokin VF-1J. But, then I think about how I need to save for Valkyrie's college education, and I just sit there staring at the Mandarake shopping cart and can't quite bring myself to click the checkout button. SIGH
  8. Did you just say "Max's 29"? Max? In a 29? (*confused blink blink*)
  9. Thank you! It is good to be back. The Macross Frontier movies are showing at a few theaters close to MIT campus. Part of me wants to go see them... but I am still concerned about COVID, and I have seen these movies like 12 years ago.... but... but... theater experience.... but... but..... pandemic.... but...... but.....
  10. Oh my... that looks so good! *sigh* Am I going to have to start collecting Macross toys again? This might just be my first Macross purchase since I finished my PhD, got married, and became a mom. Also, hi again! Been away from MWF for about a year, but hoping to pop back in a bit more often. I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well. - Shizuka the Cat
  11. Macross Frontier: The False Songstress | June 16 US Premiere - English Subtitled (FATHOM EVENTS) Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell | June 30 US Premiere - English Subtitled (FATHOM EVENTS)
  12. ( Shizuka the Pregnant Cat, Ph.D. peeks in. ) Wait, there's a Bandai 1/48 VF-1D out now?!?! Any other upcoming releases + pre-orders coming up soon? I am sooo out of the loop nowadays. I miss collecting valkyries, but since I have my own little pilot arriving in a couple of months, I am trying to be good/responsible. Hope everyone is doing well! Meow! P.S. I miss seeing @jenius post videos to his ScorchedEarthToys YouTube channel on a weekly basis. P.P.S. I have been marathoning Star Trek, thanks to encouragement from one of my friends/former classmates. I miss seeing men wearing one-piece dresses without pants in The Next Generation! Bring them back!!!!
  13. Thanks! I can't wait to start her off on stuffed animals.... then introduce her to some cheap Toynami 1/100 scale VF-1 toys... before upgrading her to the Hi-Metal R versions. And I will show her the original series, Plus, 7, and Frontier all the time!!! And I will teach her how to code and solve differential equations. It will be great!
  14. Hello fellow Macross fans and lovers, I just thought I would peek in to say hi and see if any new toys have been announced, recently released, or coming out soon. Also, I just wanted to announce the highly anticipated future release of "Valkyria the Kitten", coming late 2021.... all going well. Anyways, please stay safe and healthy everyone! Love, Shizuka the Cat, PhD
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