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  1. I am hoping that the Revival version of the 31 is an improvement over the original, in the same way that the Revival version of the VF-171 Nightmare Plus improved things by having better wings and upper legs than the original.
  2. VF-31J still available at AmiAmi.... though I think that is possibly due to a site glitch. I noticed that, when using either Chrome or Opera browsers, when I tried checking out my order, the browser would bug out (Chrome would give me that "Oh Snap" error message, for example) repeatedly and never let me finish checking out the order. However, I was successfully able to place an order using Firefox. Not sure if this site/browser issue is happening to other people on AmiAmi, but if it is, that would explain why AmiAmi's pre-order is still open.
  3. Hi-Metal R VF-19 Fire Valkyrie is now available for pre-order on Amazon US: $130 https://www.amazon.com/TAMASHII-NATIONS-Macross-Valkyrie-Hi-Metal/dp/B0CZQKGSQ6/ref=sr_1_9
  4. Hmmm.... I wonder how much difference there is between the Hi-Metal R Fire Bomber VF-19 and the original Hi-Metal Non-R version of the same valkyrie. I don't own the Hi-Metal Non-R version, so I have no idea how good it was. Considering the differences between Hi-Metal R and non-R VF-1 Valkyries are relatively minor, I wonder if that is also the case for the VF-19.
  5. Awesome! No need to stay awake to pre-order from Japan when I can just pre-order from Amazon US. (I love my sleep) P.S. It is a lot easier for me to justify buying Macross toys again, ever since my husband discovered a hobby where he spends way more than me.... luxury watch collecting. *sigh* (I am sorry Valkyria that you have 2 parents who are so irresponsible with money) LOL! My husband just said that his watches are investments! I felt that way about the Yamato Elintseeker until the Arcadia Premium edition was released.... *sigh*
  6. Ahhh! I see now. Thanks! I am new to AliExpress. Wow, thiat site is a bit confusing for me to figure out.
  7. Saw this on AliExpress... https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256805534143813.html Is this a Chinese knock-off of the DX Chogokin YF-19 original release, plus the addition of a light-up fold booster? I wonder if it is worth buying at about $70, including shipping to the US....?
  8. BBTS wants $450 for the VT-1... before state tax and $4 domestic shipping?! They know that it is 147 yen to the US dollar right now, right? At current exchange rates, the VT-1 retails for almost $240, including Japan's 10% sales tax, but not including shipping to the US. Assuming BBTS is able to acquire VT-1's at retail and it costs about $30 to ship each from Japan, I am guessing that BBTS makes about a 67% profit margin on each VT-1 pre-order (of course, my assumptions could be way off base). Was that the case with all their other DX Chogokin Macross pre-orders?
  9. I do wonder how they went from selling out on pre-order day to now having 17 more available for pre-order? I don't really see that happen with pre-orders from AmiAmi or HLJ, as far as I am aware.
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