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  1. Yup. Got it. My apologies to LEK. Nice work though.
  2. Agreed. Nice work, sh9000!
  3. I wonder how much the retail price is going to be?
  4. Never thought the color orange would look so beautiful! Excellent collection there, 505thAirborne. Thanks for sharing.
  5. You’re right, no3Ljm. I don’t think Sentinel ever did fixes for this mold, which is why I’ve been on the fence with this until recently. I just didn’t wanna have to miss out in case they decide to release a Tread later on.
  6. I was finally able to snag one of these. Thank you Big Bad Toy Store for stocking up one last time.
  7. Shipping is now free to anywhere in the mainland U.S.
  8. I have for sale an Arcadia 1/60 Hikaru VF-1S DYRL version outfitted with a Yamato Super & Strike Fastpack Armor. Valk is in very good condition and has only been put in display mode, per picture. Comes with box and all of the accessories, including the stand. Fastpack armor comes as is, no box. Selling for $250 shipping included to anywhere in the mainland U.S. Accepting payments thru PayPal friends & family. For anyone who might be interested, please shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking. - Joel -
  9. Picked up this one from a Hobby Lobby store yesterday for $45.
  10. Another notch in the belt for our fellow member corrinald for an easy transaction and lightning speed shipping. Will definitely do business with again.
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