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  1. Metal robot Deathscythe available on Hobby-genki: https://hobby-genki.com/en/gundam/5229-metal-robot-spirits-side-ms-gundam-deathscythe-hell.html
  2. AJ link: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09YT84WJ5/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1PF2ZPDWL7L9G&keywords=4573102634733&qid=1651129258&sprefix=4573102634733%2Caps%2C360&sr=8-1 Though temporarily out of stock. It was available at PO time, but by a third party for 42.8k yen and domestic only. Not sure if AJ itself opened their own PO
  3. Probably the PO that I canceled earlier this week, lol. Actually already have a Justice (still in HLJ warehouse), but want another copy so got one from Amazon JP which is cheaper (shipped to Canada) and canceled the .com PO
  4. there's a better keyword to search for in AJ which narrows down to the item. Also useful if the product title/description are all in japanese.
  5. it's all scalpers when I was able to view the item page in AJ. I think AJ did offer their own, however, it's possible that there could be a delay making it available for international customer thus the locals would definitely buy it all up before it becomes available to us.
  6. https://en.gundam.info/content/onlineexpo2021 Looks like PBandai US will be selling gundam base gunplas and seems like there will be Metal builds as well (though nothing specific)
  7. https://en.gundam.info/content/onlineexpo2021 seems like P-Bandai US will be selling exclusive Gundam base items listed in the event, and seems like there will be metal builds as well
  8. to clarify it's unclear if PayPal removed them or NY removed PayPal to prevent buyers from easily disputing and getting a refund. You would think that there won't be any buyers after removing PayPal, but there are still buyers who gamble especially during the NY sale a month ago.
  9. not really, posted it after securing my order, lol. And the item link was posted by HLJ themselves an hour before it opened (though the page is not available or 404 before the order time) on a site. Was actually surprised it was not posted here much earlier.
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