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  1. tried FJ to order the metal composite deathscythe and entering the p-bandai link of the product, FJ tells that they already reached the order limit. That was fast, even a few days before the PO launch, lol. In any case, another online shop opened their PO, and secured my order from there (with a little price mark up).
  2. Hopefully, the aftermarket depreciates a bit once more Strike Noir are released on June 2023. The current ones available on online shops are from the Tamashii event. Then there's the after event sale that was made available through P-Bandai and scheduled to be release on June 2023.
  3. So MSG Witch of Mercury finally went full Gundam, with all the body counts, PTSD, betrayals, and some psycho tendencies (of the pilot) in the last episode of its first half. Gotta wait for 3 months though (for the 2nd half) to see how this development will turn out.
  4. Just received my Sazabi from SNKRDUNK, so they're legit. They have the lowest after market price at the time, and seems to be backed by some big companies/investors, so took the risk. If the transaction went awry, can just dispute it with Paypal. Total of USD $2383 and $45 for shipping to Canada. Shipped through Fedex, ordered Sunday and delivered today. The top flaps of the actual Sazabi package has been opened, and I would assume that's part of their authentication/verification process, but the seals on the sides are still secured so the box can't be opened completely. It only allows to at least see what's inside. The two smaller boxes inside are secured/sealed, and doing a quick visual check, contents seems to be in order. Sazabi seems to be still available in their site but price seems to have already increased by a hundred or so. P.S. Package is quite heavy. Tried to carry it thru the box's plastic handle but it snapped, lol
  5. Saw this posted in another forum, Sazabi currently at USD $2391: https://snkrdunk.com/en/streetwears/96230 (price fluctuates as it's a trading/seller marketplace) Site looks legit as per sneakers / shoe community. Did a test checkout and shipping to the US is just $25. Site / App is supposedly for sneakers/shoe trading/marketplace and the $25 rate makes sense., but for Sazabi they'll incur a big loss unless they have a great contract with a shipping company. So even if legit, I'm wondering how the transaction will go due to shipping. But if everything works out, this might be the cheapest with shipping out there right now. As per the site's transaction flow they act as an escrow, which means that they wait for the item to be received in their warehouse and be verfified/authenticated before releasing the payment to the seller. Also have Paypal for payment, so you can fail back to that if there are any issues
  6. Using some proxy calculators and checking EMS rates, and assuming that the dimensions found in HLJ / hobbysearch are accurate, and that it will be shipped with just the original bandai brown box, cheapest rate is ~45000 yen (EMS and Fedex) or ~$350. Yeah scalpers scored big with this one considering the raw profit. And there's already a lot of sold transactions in YAJ and Rakuma even at the current price range (some even buying two or more). IIRC, the metal structure NU was still available on retailers like Amazon JP when it was released and it took a while before it got to absurd pricing. So scalpers already identified this line as a lucrative one even with high upfront cost.
  7. To those interested, quite a number of listings of metal structure Sazabi in Rakuma with the lowest being at 320k yen (or ~USD $2450 at current forex). Though you have to be strategic when choosing a listing as the cheapest ones will most probably be bought by somebody else before your proxy can. YAJ on the other hand is around 340k yen (buy it now) with occasional lower 330s. Can't say if this will still get lower, but I think that's a decent post-release price relative to the PO price of US based stores.
  8. Metal robot Deathscythe available on Hobby-genki: https://hobby-genki.com/en/gundam/5229-metal-robot-spirits-side-ms-gundam-deathscythe-hell.html
  9. AJ link: https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/dp/B09YT84WJ5/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1PF2ZPDWL7L9G&keywords=4573102634733&qid=1651129258&sprefix=4573102634733%2Caps%2C360&sr=8-1 Though temporarily out of stock. It was available at PO time, but by a third party for 42.8k yen and domestic only. Not sure if AJ itself opened their own PO
  10. Probably the PO that I canceled earlier this week, lol. Actually already have a Justice (still in HLJ warehouse), but want another copy so got one from Amazon JP which is cheaper (shipped to Canada) and canceled the .com PO
  11. it's all scalpers when I was able to view the item page in AJ. I think AJ did offer their own, however, it's possible that there could be a delay making it available for international customer thus the locals would definitely buy it all up before it becomes available to us.
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