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  1. You can maybe compare it to Mandarake's own DHL rate (https://earth.mandarake.co.jp/help/shipping_options-en.html ). For example a 5 kg item (disregarding volume/size) is 5250 yen to US/Canada while it's 12700 for EMS (with the surcharge). Issue with DHL or other couriers of course is that its rate are mostly based on volume, so it could still be more expensive if the item is large.
  2. Good news, looks like EMS will be resuming for US / North America this June or summer. The bad news, it's more expensive with the introduction of a "temporary" surcharge. Less than 1.5kg, the rate is somewhat acceptable but more than that, courier shipping will look like a better option. For example, for 2kg EMS will cost 6100 yen. For 5 kg, 12700 yen. Also the surcharge is not flat, the higher the base rate (or weight), the higher the surcharge. Link to the table (in Japanese): https://www.post.japanpost.jp/notification/pressrelease/2021/00_honsha/0415_01_02.pdf Other details (in Japanes
  3. AFAIK FromJapan always charge for the full amount. I believe it was FJ's mistake that some were just charged partially.
  4. just an FYI for proxy users (for YAJ, etc), it seems like Buyee is offering Fedex shipping that's based on weight instead of volume/size (https://buyee.jp/help/yahoo/guide/shipping-method). Buyee fees are not that competitive compared to other proxies, but depending on what you're buying might be a good option while EMS and other Air shipping are still suspended.
  5. just an FYI, Buyee is now offering a cheaper Fedex shipping which is based on actual weight instead of volumetric weight. So might be an option for those using proxies and need a cheaper shipping method: https://buyee.jp/help/yahoo/guide/shipping-fees?lang=en
  6. The final film was supposed to be released this January but was postponed again due to the worsening COVID in Japan. I think this is the second postponement of the film as it was supposed have been released summer last year, so the joke in the community is that the title of the final film is "You can (not) watch" or something like that.
  7. So N-Y still shipped one of my remaining orders (PBandai gunpla kit) even when I filed a PP dispute on an order before that (also a kit, and no response or change of status for almost two months, and also haven't banned me yet). Basically just followed-up as it's supposed to be released the last week of December and also to ask if there's a need to change shipping as the one selected has been suspended. Surprised they quickly replied and provided the options. I chose Ferry and the difference was turned to store credits (just 7 bucks) and they got shipped the same day. Granted, this is a lesser
  8. YAJ VF-1S Roy and TV super parts (both unopened) bundle for buy it now price of 37k yen and with free domestic shipping: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e489802892 same but at 37.8k yen (and free shipping): https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b509896561 @38k yen (free shipping): https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c879884134 Just VF-1S Roy with buy it now price and free domestic shipping: * 24.5k yen: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v765778212 * 24.98k yen: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e481858890 *
  9. It was available to Canada just after release. Got mine for 25,273 yen (after sales tax, total of 29,428 yen including DHL shipping/customs tax). Though it seems that the price right now is less since then so it's a bummer that it's not available for outside (or at least to Canada) shipping.
  10. Had some time for a quick assembly of Voltes V. Liked the size and weight of it. No issues with the assembly, though you might have trouble fitting/joining the Volt Panzer and frigate (torso / waist) as it might not be that clear in the manual that you need to pull/widen the waist part so the Panzer can fit (then push back afterwards to lock). Also had a bit of a scare with the Volt Cruizer as one side of the wing popped out and I thought I broke it (might get surprised if you haven't read the manual). Turns out the wing has an alternate piece thus it's removable
  11. Nice year ender, 2 x DX SOC Voltes V from Amazon JP, and TV super parts and MB Sword striker pack from MyKombini all delivered today (DHL and Fedex)
  12. So my 2 x DX SOC Voltes V from Amazon JP have arrived. Kudos to DHL for delivering it before the year ends. Also waiting for my DX TV VF1 Super Parts and MB Sword Striker Pack (from MyKombini) with Fedex (already here in my city but Fedex seems to be taking their sweet time), so if they deliver it before the year ends, that would be sweet (TV super parts and MB Sword striker pack also delivered today, so great year ender). Bought 2 as I also want to display the Big Falcon base with the individual Volt Machines.
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