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  1. Kong hit puberty and had a growth spurt in the 70's. He kinda wasted the 80's though, but now he's really hitting his stride.
  2. https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1199653.shtml Seems like the LEPIN folks have been convicted and will be serving up to 6 years. I don't think they would have gotten that heavy a sentence in the west and we'll see if it actually plays out. I didn't exactly expect this outcome: "Nine people in Shanghai were sentenced up to six years in prison on Wednesday for infringing on the copyright of Danish toymaker LEGO, as China looks to take strict measures to protect intellectual property. The business' illegal turnover amounted to 330 million yuan ($48.31 million), Shanghai No.3 Intermediate People's Court said in their verdict. The toys the group designed, produced and sold were under the brand name LEPIN, similar to LEGO. What's more, LEPIN's packaging, design and color were all similar to that used by LEGO."
  3. I summon the power of Necromancy!!! Any chance you could share the model @mechaninac Sorry I didn't get a 3D printer till 14 years after you started this thread and the skills in the model are way, way, beyond my current ability.
  4. So here's my "how I get my Macross card revoked" confession. I never liked the music from Frontier. In that way, Delta was a much, much kinder series to me. BUT! That right there was well done. I'm impressed, I mean, I know their voice actors and singers, but I almost like that rendition better than the original.
  5. I one episode shy of finishing MS Gundam: Origins and I gotta say I've liked it so far. I never felt much affinity for Gundam, having only watched the first MSG movie prior. They seem to have come up with some very clever back stories to all sorts of little aspects of MSG '79. It actually made me want to do a full watch of MSG '79 and then possibly finish out the rest of the Universal Century stuff. I gotta say, pandemic self-isolation is great to going back and watching all the random things I've thought about watching over the years.
  6. Another thing to consider in the question of Nvidia vs AMD graphics cards (particularly if you decide to turn a PC into a Hackintosh) is that Apple has essentially cut off Nvidia support in current and future OSX versions. They refuse to sign Nvidia drivers, at least according to Nvidia. The last OSX version to support Nvidia cards was High Sierra. AMD Ryzen cards might not be have the performance edge, but on Macs, they are essentially the only game in town. Which makes me sad and a lot of Nvidia fans mad. Fortunately, Steam's Proton emulation tech means that Linux systems have finally caught up with, or perhaps, even passed Macs on game compatibility. What is weird is that with building hackintoshes, there is really only support for Intel's motherboard chipsets, so you are forced to use Intel motherboards and CPUs and AMD video cards to get maximum performance. If Apple ever decides to support AMD chipsets in laptops and iMacs, it will open up all kinds of doors for more custom builds.
  7. Was just about to post the link to this story on Darkhorizons.com. Looks like some of us got our wish! Now, I'm curious if the Klingons will get any sort of redesign, because it'd be weird if there were no Klingon based episodes.
  8. Orguss begins towards the end of the unification wars with the shock from space time bomb making it all the way out to humanity’s first long distance colonization ship near the world called Glory causing that ship and it’s inhabitants to be sent hundreds of year back in time. Then ASS-1 crashes on Earth. All in the same timeline and universe. That’s the power of my head canon. Try to convince me otherwise.
  9. I just started "Cells at Work" on Netflix. !!!!!DUBBED!!!!!! And it's not bad. I listened to the Nihongo version for a bit and then the English and the voices matched up pretty well so I said what the heck, let's leave it on Eigo and let it roll. The series itself is full of a ton of tropes and uses them to good comedic effect. The animation is top notch and since its by David Production, there's more than a few visual references to their JoJo's productions, which I love. The kicker is the little knowledge drops about anatomy and human biology. I can almost envision a scenario where some high up government official in JP's education ministry looked at kids biology scores, was appalled, and immediately asked their underlings, what could be done to improve scores, to which one immediately replied, "cartoons, I hear the kids are into cartoons nowadays". I actually recommended episode 3 to my better half to give as an remote learning assignment to her middle schools science students. I learn a couple of new things per episodes whilst being entertained. Also, the opening is quite catchy. Sadly not available in the original Japanese on Spotify:
  10. In case you've bought the Mospeada Tread model created by Nico_3D, here are some mods that will allow you to connect it to the old Gakken 1/55 Legioss toys. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/gLgLaiMUyK7-nico3dtreadfrontmodifications I'm sharing the tinkercad model in case you want to see how I made the modifications and want to alter them for another toy, then you wouldn't have to start from scratch.
  11. My concern for this project now is the timing of the release given the ongoing pandemic and its effect on theaters. The original release date was December 18, 2020, but it's likely that many people will still be avoiding theaters. So I think there's a chance that either that date get pushed back or this thing goes premium video-on-demand. Either way, I think this will impact the box office which might hurt the already uncertain chance of getting a part 2 since the movie the first "half" of the book. Anyone happen to know how the premium VOD releases have gone so far in terms of revenue versus projected theatrical release revenues?
  12. I've printed and assembled this. The ankles are ball joints with the ball in the foot connecting via a round peg into the lower leg. That peg+ball could use some changes to make hold better. I certainly made some mistakes when printing out the pieces which contributed to some of the joints being floppier than if I were to reprint it out now. I posted some pics in the comment below:
  13. Initially I had 4 Jetfires and 1 chunky KO which I started customizing. 3 of which were junkers that needed fixes of one sort of another. 2 customs were finished - a Roy and a VF-1D. Then last October I dropped a chunk of change to buy someone's collection which included 6 of the Bandai Reissues. I've yet to photograph the collection. The only chunkies which elude me (and I'm fine with that, really) are the VE-1 and VT-1. Long live the chunkies! EDIT: Sorry, didn't see that the question was being asked of someone specifically.
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