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  1. Shoot! Unfortunately you'll have to settle for anecdotal evidence. It looks like his toes don't really need to move much anyhow, so I glued that sucker on. In all likelihood it will fall off again, and if it does I will update you accordingly.
  2. Gah! The thing's toe part immediately broke. Its held on by just a thin ring of plastic. I don't think its fixable. I'm so bummed. I wish returns to Amazon JP weren't such an expensive hassle.
  3. Ah - so never mind. I decided to investigate this mystery for myself by reading the thread.
  4. Okay - I am confused and generally out of the loop - is the Arcadia Proto-Garland essentially a re-release of the Yamato Proto-Garland?
  5. To the extent anyone is in or around Dallas, Bluefin has a booth at the fanexpo event, and they have a big pile of the metal build Evas for $300.
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