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  1. Thanks for the info but the link you posted isn't working. Cheers! p.s. VF-1C, I like it!
  2. Gerwalk, neither a plane nor robot, yet my favorite mode! Sorry for the wrong post, was trying to delete it...
  3. Hi all! Been a while! Was able to start working on this thing again. Tried a new 3D texturing software and man the difference is huge, still lots of seams that need to be fixed but I am liking the new work flow so far, bye-bye Photoshop! Stay healthy and safe everyone!
  4. man i need that in my hollowed out cockpit...hehe insanely inspired, thank you!
  5. Thanks! Still not able to use one single rig for all three modes...hehe
  6. VF1_construction_2002251800A.mp4 VF1_construction_2002222100_1.mp4 VF1_construction_200220.mp4
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