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  1. I did many pre-visualizations and I wanted to stay as physically accurate as possible for my own learning process. Having said that, I do have some pre-visualizations with ambient light, but I will use it only for compositions when the ship is on Earth's atmosphere (such as the pic I posted earlier, when it is on its launchpad). Getting the textures right (or not so awful, I should say) was very hard and also getting the parallel light right (i.e. sun rays) was very hard. So I want to crack one problem at a time before I submerge myself into atmospheric effects.
  2. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! Did I mention these were frames from an animation? Well, You can see it with these links (QuickTime needed): (Small file) http://mauriciosanta...o%20Sharing.mov (Medium Quality) http://mauriciosanta...o%20Sharing.mov (High Def! If you have the bandwidth!) http://mauriciosanta...o%20Sharing.mov I am working on the cruiser mode pics! Let me know what you think! M
  3. and.... Baaaaack from the dead!!! I did not have time to work on this model for quite some time for personal reasons, but I am proud of what I am presenting to you ladies and gentlemen today. Some details below, but surely more to follow! Thanks for looking!!!
  4. Ok, so... this thread needs an update! Sorry I was out for so long. You know, the economy and all... But now that my job is more or less stable I can go back to Macross stuff! Enjoy the pics! Close up: Without textures: Close up: Thanks for looking!
  5. It was a nice meet! Had a blast knowing everyone! We should do this more often! -M
  6. Count me in, I live and work in SF. It should be fun to meet other Macross fans, since I haven't been able to go to the MW Con. Is this just a meet and greet? I have a couple of Macross books I could bring to look at.
  7. Thanks! I was tweaking this model and playing with a sky background. What do you guys think? I know that it goes a little bit against the Story with the docked ships in the landing site, but I wanted to explore concepts a little bit!
  8. Thanks Lestat, I will work on that. Meanwhile here is a view with the ship in cruiser mode!
  9. Well, what can I say, I just can't move on This is becoming like one of those girlfriends that you loved very much, she has moved on but you still keep thinking about her all the time! lol Anyhow, it was a hectic holiday season, BUT I came back to this model to toy with some changes. Namely, the lighting is different. Also, along the lines of what chrono has been suggesting, I was eager to try the docked ships should to be more realistic and I applied the US NAVY color scheme and so much more detail. If you look really hard, you should see it aboard the Prometheus I am not done with the details on the ships, and I am beginning to think I will never be done! But as always, enjoy and ANY comments are welcome! I try to become better everyday! Will try to post some close ups soon.
  10. Hey you all! I do have a Macross Perfect Memory book, but it is second printing and since I have been using it for my Computer Graphics models (posted on this same website!) for reference it has taken a beating. I am looking for a book that is in good to pristine condition, much more interested if it is first printing and contains original poster. Let me know if you have any leads to a seller! Thanks!
  11. Yes it does, just check post 145 on this same thread! And here is a firing sequence I did! (requires quicktime) Thanks! That will definitely be a future project! I was starting with this one to learn!
  12. Thanks! The model is still not where I want it to be, so I am still refining it. And I liked Macross Frontier, but I think their 3D models still could be more polished, so I will try to polish mine I guess! Hmmmmmm actually that is not a bad idea... I may need to work on some destroids/valkyries and then work on a nice composition! Thanks for the input! I will be honored if you use it as a wallpaper!
  13. I am still refusing to let this go So I am playing with some lights and definitely reworked the textures. To do: Work some more on the plating and add some wear and tear! I want to think about a good composition, so I am toying with some ideas about how to present the model By the way, I always wondered how the cannons on the Macross fired, hence the idea below. I hope I am not contradicting canon (as in canonical story)! Thanks for looking! M.
  14. So... Michel dies a heroic death for one of the hottest/baddest babes, who happens to be cute as hell as well. No hesitation, no doubt, no nonsense. And we get to swallow it all. We got a so-so animation of what should have been the greatest Meltran show-off of how to kick a** since Milia Falina gave hell to the fools that dared crossed her path... And in this episode Alto "bites the dust" in a very suspicious way, he wasn't defending anyone, he wasn't giving his 110% and we get to see Sheryls' pain... by crying? What the hell?? No one has valor anymore?? Ranka and Sheryl are just b***ing around, drowning in self pity and feeling sorry for themselves I don't want Michel to comeback as that would just be lame but, I demand that Alto has a thick metal rod in his skull, a dismembered body and no surviving mind whatsoever. And also, I want Ozma to kick Leon's (God that is an awful hair-do!) and Grace's (or whatever that thing finally turns out to be) behinds with no mercy. And comeback and take Cathy on his Super Valkyrie riding into the sunset... As to what happens to Nanase and Luca, well, I no longer care I wish things were easier for klan And no, I wasn't the guy who voted against the episode, I actually liked it. Very good visuals. So many improvements over Macross 7. Enough trolling, back to my cave.
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