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  1. Thanks for the info but the link you posted isn't working. Cheers! p.s. VF-1C, I like it!
  2. Gerwalk, neither a plane nor robot, yet my favorite mode! Sorry for the wrong post, was trying to delete it...
  3. Hi all! Been a while! Was able to start working on this thing again. Tried a new 3D texturing software and man the difference is huge, still lots of seams that need to be fixed but I am liking the new work flow so far, bye-bye Photoshop! Stay healthy and safe everyone!
  4. man i need that in my hollowed out cockpit...hehe insanely inspired, thank you!
  5. Thanks! Still not able to use one single rig for all three modes...hehe
  6. VF1_construction_2002251800A.mp4 VF1_construction_2002222100_1.mp4 VF1_construction_200220.mp4
  7. thaanks, i know what you mean, rigging this sucker is no picnic, if you look at the video attached, i had to cheat a little to make it work for now, a fully viable rig for all three modes is one tough gig... VF1_construction_2002222100_1.mp4
  8. thanks for the heads up, will work on that. cheers!
  9. thanks for the kind words, will work on the arms a bit more, cheers! hope this site keep going!
  10. yes, will keep making adjustments, good thing i still haven't mirrored this thing so everything is easily fixable... and thanks for the idea, will make my own thread, tks for the heads up... cheers!
  11. done! all inner mechanicss seem to be agreeing with each other, on to texturing now....folker, ichijo. or max ? 200130red002.mp4
  12. kornholio73


    looking awesome already!
  13. Mr March and Rodavan, thank you for your encouragement! Aurel Tristen, i was hoping to make a short video out of it, about 1-2 minutes long, it will be taken from one or few of my favorite scenes in the macross tv series, (working on regult and the Q-rau at the same time) so ya, i could go as high res as my machine and my skills can handle. i went ahead and got myself a toy, the 1/72valkyrie fully transformable model kit which takes away great deal of guess work in terms of the mechanics of transformation. again, thank you for your kind words!
  14. kornholio73


    started working on this again after putting it off for a while, its harder than i thought, especially scaling each part so all three modes look nice and proper. but more nontheless. c&c welcome! cheers!
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