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  1. Well, reaching out to BiJ for a DHL quote paid off: instead of the ¥6800 additional for EMS shipping, DHL's was "only" ¥4510... over a $22.00 savings. I should be getting their shipping notification fairly soon, and the Angel Bird before the end of the month.
  2. Just got a payment request for additional shipping charges from BiJ to the tune of 6800¥ -- sheesh! -- via EMS... that's a huge extra bite, so I messaged them for a DHL quote to see if it's less of a kick to the family jewels.
  3. Easy pass as I have zero attachment to the Genesis Breaker - overly busy and gaudy, imo - designs... thank goodness.
  4. Other than a bit of foreshadowing for Cid as a character, episode 4 was 100% filler... fun filler that eschews the more annoying tropes of "current year" storytelling, but filler nonetheless.
  5. Have you looked into a used office furniture outlet? You may be able to find some decently priced and lightly used stuff some business unloaded due to downsizing, remodeling, etc.
  6. The Critical Drinker's take on movies and shows, agree with him or not, are always well put together and highly entertaining... and he absolutely eviscerates Lucas Films/Disney's latest attempt at digging up old, fondly remembered, IPs and torturing them into grotesque caricatures made for "modern audiences".
  7. Reading and comprehension, not even once... Dr. Strange 2 and Thor L&T disappointed; everything else I mentioned lost money... some downright flopped hard (Ex.: Lightyear - production costs, not including promotion, was app. $200 million - $400 million needed to barely break even; it grossed $226.4 million worldwide), as in they did not make enough to recoup production, advertising, and other costs. Obtuseness and over sensitivity is not an argument; all the information on theatrical releases' performance is readily available... ignoring or denying the numbers don't make them any less stark or real. The streaming side of things is just as lackluster, with Marvel and Star Wars shows drawing fewer and fewer numbers with every release, to the very nadir of She Hulk (a certifiable bomb) to Andor (an apparently decent series that has the lowest viewership numbers of all the SW live action entries), to the LA/CG Pinocchio (almost universally panned as hot garbage). Have all Disney's releases failed? No, but oh boy, have they had a higher that statistical number of stinkers all around.
  8. Just in recent years: Mulan, Light Year, Solo, Shang-Chi, Black Widow, Eternals, even Dr Strange 2 and Thor L&T disappointed... Shall I go on? The one thing I don't understand is why be so defensive about it? Is Disney some unreproachable sacred cow or something???...
  9. Quality is subjective (it is perfectly within one's right to like or dislike whatever they want), too little too late is a thing, and Disney's list of mediocrities, disappointments, failures, and wtf-ims over the past several years far outstrips their successes, as attested by their dwindling viewership and box-office losses.
  10. We shall all see in due time, won't we? That said, Disney's track record over the last few years does no inspire much hope...
  11. Oof! I sense another bait and switch Disneysaster in the making...
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