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  1. In all fairness, speculation, conjecture, hope, disappointment and coping are all time honored MW traditions...
  2. The trailer makes it seem that they're staying true to the original movie and actually paying respect to those characters while introducing new ones to expand its world and carry it forward, instead of the all too insidious trend of reimagining/rebooting/adapting to current year hang-ups/narratives... refreshing and commendable if that turns out to be the case; however, this being from Disney (their track record of producing mostly garbage and eviscerating franchises and their own past glories to push The Message over the past several years), I'm not holding any hope that the trailer isn't just a cynical bait-and-switch and that the final product won't be a butchered pile of Troll droppings. Please let me be wrong...
  3. I guess Voyager did a very comprehensive and ludicrously detailed scan when it encountered the NX-01-A Dauntless in the Delta Quadrant, so much so that Starfleet, upon downloading and analyzing its database, decided to slavishly reverse engineer (in structure and tech) an alien ship that just tried to mimic a Federation vessel -- or what its sole occupant assumed would be a plausible revolutionary prototype Starfleet would build -- as a trap for the crew. However, I can't criticize Prodigy too harshly for using this design as a proper future Starfleet vessel as I like the design quite a lot, and this show is by no means the only "offender"... Enterprise did it first in the episode where Archer is time-ported to the Enterprise J and a Dauntless Class ship can been seen flying by one of the windows. That bit of tongue-in-cheek nitpicking aside, Prodigy and Lower Decks do scratch that itch for legacy Trek. Two animated series do a far better job -- not perfect by any means -- of being true to the roots of the franchise than the live action offerings that can only be described as dreadful, and that's being generous; sure, I've read that SNW is supposably okay, but that, to me, is damning with faint praise -- like saying it is "good"... when compared to the other two unwatchable offerings.
  4. Big in Japan shows it as available for preorder for 22900 Yen + Shipping. I just successfully checked out and received a confirmation email.
  5. Thursday, July 21 - Midnight on Adult Swim... can't wait!
  6. On the heels of embarrassing themselves with their nearly universally lambasted insult to Cowboy Bebop, they take one more open-mouthed plunge into cesspit with yet another attempt to westernize an anime with a built-in fanbase (which in today's environment just means a cynical attempted cash grab that will gut it of whatever made it popular with its fanbase - whom they'll invariably accuse on toxicity - and wokefy it with box-checking and "correcting problematic" content to appease a so-called audience that has no interest in the franchise beyond the initial thrill of seeing old fans groan).
  7. Miss Magenta arrived today and, to be honest, I find that the color isn't nearly as obnoxious as some pictures and comments made it seem; to be sure, if it were redder in hue and a bit less saturated it would've been a whole lot better, but it's not bad and I'm just glad to have a large scale, complete set, of Ride Armor figures.
  8. It was super easy, barely an inconvenience...
  9. The alleged KTLST4 and more, from a secret bunker at the center of the Earth:
  10. Oh hell yes! The VF-11 will finally get its contemporary... I'm all in.
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