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  1. And you don't have to subscribe to D+ to legally watch it, if you want to, which means there is NOTHING in there truly worth paying for, at all, and hasn't been since Andor.
  2. Ditto! If I ever again feel the urge to pre-order anything from them, I'll do it through BBTS. Paying upfront and waiting up to 3 years to get your item (Dana) is for chumps.
  3. That, right there, is the greatest, most ironic and self-defeating, "contribution" Disney/Lucasfilm under KK ever made to Star Wars and I, for one, am eternally grateful for all the savings from them turning the IP into something mostly unwatchable and impossible to support financially in any form.
  4. Finally got the payment request from AmiAmi; now to wait 2-4 months (chose the slow boat method to save on shipping) to get my copy.
  5. No amount of cogent criticism will dissuade anyone invested in this train wreck of a show and that's not the intent anyway... people are more than free to enjoy crap, so hilarious mocking memes that speak volumes with a single line or nothing but an image will not only suffice, they will thrive and drive the shills and the sycophants bonkers because they have no relevant comeback or sense of humor.
  6. Along with "There's a tempest in me", her toothy horse ride, and now Halbrand/Sauron's wig, have become representative memes of just how much there is wrong, and is wrong, with this series. Pointing out her chompers, in truth, isn't actually about her teeth; if the series were good and reverent of Tolkien and the fans, nobody would care.
  7. What, you don't like glowing antifreeze lemon yellow???... me neither...
  8. If they had added an "ending" it would be the farthest thing from perfect... we've been witness to far too many examples to expect otherwise; they would've butchered it and it wouldn't have been Shogun. It would've been some hybrid mockery of what the author put to paper. Again, faithfully adapt the source as they did, to their credit, or leave it alone and create something original in no way associated with the works of others... something most modern screenwriters, producers and directors are terrible at, or incapable of, doing.
  9. I felt the same way when I watched the original miniseries but I've come to realize that adherence to the source material, even if it feels unfinished -- as the original author intended, is infinitely preferable to having adapting screenwriters, producers and directors make stuff up to fill in gaps or add (ultimately) dumbed down resolutions to tie up things with a "neat" little bow... that never works to anyone's satisfaction and invariably cheapens -- too many examples of this, sadly, as it always comes across as the midgets standing on the shoulders of giants arrogantly believing they know better -- the entire effort involved, especially that of the original author. In essence, be faithful to the source, within the constraints of the medium chosen, or don't do it at all.
  10. A Nikick?... awesome! Bring on the Ishkicks, Ishforn and Bronco too.
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