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  1. Alright then, I stand corrected. Edit: It would've been cooler and more satisfying -- to me, anyway -- if it were, though.
  2. I got the distinct impression that Boshi(?) wasn't just a Rankor, but THE Rankor, as Bib Fortuna and the gramorian guards were the ones retrieving the infant for Jaba, who put up the bounty for the rescue; in which case, it was a great nod and tie-in to RotJ.
  3. That, and you make the money printers go brrrrrrrrt!!!!!..... Sadly, I don't think we've yet seen the extent of the price hikes coming our way. Many of the hobbies that help keep our collective sanity on the positive side of the ledger are about to get a whole lot more expensive.
  4. That would be nice, but I wouldn't hold my breath; pre-ordering these things would certainly be less dramatic, stressful, and frustrating though.
  5. Maybe the vast majority of the blast was facing away from Qo'noS, with the subspace shock-wave closing up to propagate in full force beyond the planet; what remained of Praxis acting as a shield protecting the Klingon home world from suffering the full brunt of the blow, but not enough to prevent the ozone layer from being stripped away... energy akin to a CME of gargantuan proportions or a nearly dead-on GRB inside of 500 light years. Admittedly, a very convenient set of circumstances to deliver the results shown and stated in the movie.
  6. Least repugnant is an apt description of it, and absolutely NOT worth the price of admission given that it still suffers from all the tiresome BS that passes for entertainment over the past 10 years or so, but there is no need to throw good money after bad or even torrent the dammed thing; it is available in near real time as the episodes are released, and archived thereafter right here. All SW animations can be found there too.
  7. It's the only new crop "Trek" show, although being a tongue-in-cheek cartoon built on mocking Trek tropes, that feels even remotely like actual Star Trek.
  8. To be honest, I wouldn't mind magenta, so long as it is a dark red-biased magenta and not the eyesore we got with the Zeta.
  9. mechaninac

    Hi-Metal R

    Overall length of cannon is 192.0 mm +/- 0.5 mm The barrel, by itself, is 130.0 mm long.
  10. A modern re-imagining of the Thunderfighter along the same lines as the Viper MkII would indeed be sweet. My problem with reboots/remakes is that, Battlestar Galactica 2004 aside, they may end up looking good to great but turn out mediocre hollow shells of the original, saddled with post-modern one-sided politics and in-your-face social commentary/propaganda with all the vacuous subtlety of a sledge hammer.
  11. Same, with two exceptions: a VF-31A and a Sv-262Ba... I won't hold my breath for either, but a tiny bit of hope remains.
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