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  1. Yeah, I know. I had his artbooks (sold them though after settling down), but the SAC was way more grounded and plausible minus her walking around with her bare rear yet a leather jacket too... That's my point. Fits the Manga where most of it is tripper, but in the SAC universe... nopelandia... I have her SAC 2 outfit by Alter, albiet it's 1/8. Yeah, I was surprised about the Pop-up L-size... generally they follow that after making the normal scaled version... Funny you say this, as a friend asked me if I'm going to get it. I told him, I can't display it, heaven forbid if my kid's parents visit... and nor store it as when I leave this world, what is my daughter going to think of me when she finds it in my cardboard.
  2. Epic. What's the length?
  3. Too cliche Black and red for me. Done many times across many themes...
  4. I really would like to know the reason behind Bandai's decision to sacrifice plane mode.
  5. Something like this as a DX or HMR, I wouldn't think twice about it... So wish Bandai would start exploring such cooler alternative repaints...
  6. One of the things I love about this place. Nothing is spared!!! Great comparison... but epic fail by Bandai... Plane mode needs to remain beautiful!!!
  7. Thanks bud. Upon further pictures, I've noticed these are the parts molded in white plastic... So, the potential discoloration is minimal, as Bandai's matt white paint seems quite resistant to yellowing... (Going on about this based on my Gundam Fix Figuration of 20 years)
  8. Quality and all the detail, the extra tampo too, all looks gorgeous. But by that large area behind the head and that gap... it's unacceptable considering it's Bandai, their experience in making them, and the tools they have to make these toys in 2024. I'm glad I'm not a diehard fan of this Valk, cause it would hurt being on the wall about it...
  9. On the Genius blue version, are all the white areas painted? Or some molded in white plastic? If so, which parts?
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