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  1. Just buy a regular release 1/48 and paint it yourself. Unless you want an "official" low viz to resale or have as a status symbol. I tell ya, some of the custom made valks I have seen on these boards blow the "official" low viz outta the water.
  2. 1/48: 1 - RF (the only other one I want is the Low Viz) 1/55: 8 1/60: 3 1/72: 3
  3. Yea, Dragon models are hot! You can get a lot of good information on these and other diecast planes at http://www.modelhangar.com/
  4. Seems like this debate thread would be interesting with some of the fellas over at the other board I frequent. For anyone looking for a strictly aviation related forum dealing with diecast models and toys like Corgi, Dragon, Amour, etc. Check out www.modelhangar.com It's a fairly new forum only about 92 members and we're looking for other warbird enthusiasts like you. My board name there is nucleartiger as well, hope to see some familiar faces.
  5. That is very beautiful, very nicely done, now custom paint a 1/48 Yamato valk and sell it to me.
  6. http://www.robotechresearch.com/rpg/mecha/...1_hovertank.htm http://www.artemisgames.com/robotech/Veritech/Hovertank.html
  7. Now thats what I'm talkin' about! Whoooo!
  8. ewilen, here are some more: http://www.modelhangar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=38
  9. Nice picture! I'd like to link it in another thread that shows Macross stuff with other stuff in-scale, if you don't mind. sure!
  10. You can always try ZERO-F on eBay (99.9% positive), he's based out of Asakusa in Japan and he is an awesome person to deal with in getting Transformers. I've bought from him on many occasions. Ships real fast too.
  11. Hey, that's pretty cool Renato, never saw anyone do that before.
  12. Are those airliners made by Herpa? Also, did you ever make your own airport for a display?
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