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  1. Please check my new short film HIT MAN. http://v.qq.com/cover/2/27no02gf94gjycz.html?vid=t0011smv3jj http://www.showing9.com/portal.php?mod=list&catid=138
  2. To correct, he is a Chinese boy He's my friend from Guangxi Province of China. And he has made two sdf-1 yet, one TV style, the other DYRL style. Both of them are in large scale of 1/500.
  3. Thanks guys. MAX 202 and MILIA 303, from Prometheus. Yes sir.......
  4. If you really interested in buying this SDF-1, I can contact with the maker for you. It takes 45 days to make the SDF-1 and with the package, the weight is around 100KG.
  5. It is selling here for RMB19800 yuan, about 2828 USD. http://auction1.taobao.com/auction/0/item_...d7f08437b.jhtml
  6. I don't remember the number of MAX and MILIA's VF-1J. Is MAX 202 and MILIA 303? And their planes are belong to SDF-1 or ARMED-01 or Prometheus??
  7. new address of the 1:800 SDF-1 http://tsphoto.yupoo.com/ http://www.yupoo.com/albums/view?id=ff8080...1174caa9f425993 you can see that the SDF-1 has been packed in a wood box and will be sent to someone.
  8. Yes, I think they are making another one too. PS: When you go to see this site: http://tjqlmc.blog.163.com/album/#p1 you just need to clik the several albums on the left, and then you can find more pics there.
  9. Hi everybody, Happy New!! Do you still remember there was a Big Big SDF-1 made by a Chinese boy last year? I've posted the pics here. Now the guy and his friends have made a new DYRL version SDF-1 in 1:800. Have a look and hope you guys like their works. More pics here: http://tjqlmc.blog.163.com/album/#p1
  10. Anyone see these pics?? Is this just a DIY version of the wave sdf-1? http://www.macross.com.cn/album/PhotoShow.do?photo_id=7466 http://www.macross.com.cn/album/PhotoShow.do?photo_id=7465
  11. Mmmmmmmmhhh.....Nice macro shots!!!Thanks man.
  12. Thanks Mowe for your very detailed review!! Can't wait to get mine too....
  13. Can someone show some pics about these details :"The cockpit seat rotates so that the pilot figure is facing the correct way in both Fighter & Battroid Modes"? and this:"The torso has some sort of sliding function on the chest piece to make the Battroid torso look shorter"? and this one too:"The backpack hinge is much more durable than on the 1/48"? Thanks...
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