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  1. Someone who has seen this pic before pls tell me who did it and where is the web link, thx!
  2. Don't know how soon it can be on the shelf in china.
  3. Congrats! I thought it was a new model before enter the post best wishes to u and the big boy
  4. ED209

    Zero VF-0S

    yes, first I use thinned tamiya black enamel(with a little red) wash it all over. The importent of this weathering techniques is use cotton swab wisely, only remove black enamel at the center of an area, and left some at the corner:)
  5. ED209

    Zero VF-0S

    Thanks all ^^ I will post a printing & weathering guide in eng as soon as I have time.
  6. ED209

    Zero VF-0S

    The post "how to build" on my bbs http://pub.minidns.net:8000/~tomcat521/cgi...&start=0&show=0 It is writen by chinese... u may have some link problem because my forum sever is in china ,we have a tomcat fun site in china called "www.tomcat521.com" and we love macross too. Is my english a little poor,oh,forget it, I'm working on eng lv 4 test !
  7. ED209

    Zero VF-0S

    Thanks ,I use a weather skill from a japanese web site ,and here is the link http://www.naritafamily.com/howto/F14D/day10.htm He has a great 1/32 F14.
  8. ED209

    Zero VF-0S

    with my old cat ,also from Hasegawa, they look like brothers isn't it?
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