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  1. No worries. It's also just my perspective, so I'm sure there's other sides I may not have considered, or at least have a different level of priority with in my assessments.
  2. Working with 3D printers is nowhere near the same amount of time as recasting, and is much, much easier and quicker to use. Failed prints happen seldom once the printer resin settings are dialed in. Even then, one can pop up from time to time, but in general, they don't happen that often. Even then, depending on the cost of the resin used, and I've used about 20 various types, they often range from $20-$250. The only issue with most resin, even the ones that are supposedly ABS Like, is that most only have some sort of property like it, but it isn't and doesn't have other properties of it. These shouldn't be too expensive, but at the same time, it's really up to the seller to determine what they think it's worth. I would say that at the $200-$250 range, I have no point in buying a sort of armor pack that is about twice the amount of the toy itself. As a 3D printed part, you also have an ongoing supply, so you'll need to set the price to help create the demand (unless they decide to only print 20 or so). But that'd be odd. Unless they decide to do that, then sell the file to those that want to print it. Lots of options in that equation. Whatever they decide, I wish them all the best for it. It's a very cool project and one I'm potentially interested in.
  3. Now that'd be a decent size project. I always steered away from the 1/48 Yamatos for odd reasons, but I wonder how many would be interested in that since the DX is about the same size, and kinda fits that role. BTW, @505thAirborne, is that Eunha in your avatar pic? If so, she is, IMO, one of the top 5 most beautiful women in the world. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  4. I just invested about $5K into the Formlabs 4 resin printer with their specialty resins that do well for parts that need to be engineered for moving. After testing several parts, they have a material that is true ABS in terms of material properties down the line, as well as some that are meant for extreme pliability and screws. If you want to try a crack at printing it with several types of materials, I can help out. That said, I'd still be in for buying one. I think the range of $150 seems about right for this, as it isn't a process requiring the time and labor involved as recasting would. Printing should keep cost down (unless you're using a printer that uses $150/Liter resin like this one does. Then I can see $150-$200. As an edit... I'm not going to quote for a fully ready to go kit. That is the time spent for the maker, and their time and what it's worth is up to them. I'd say $200 in that range is probably too low. I know that goes against the grain here, but as this is just my opinion, unless you don't mind being stuck preparing these for extended periods of time, unless the money is really good, I would stay away from that range, especially if it's only a $50 difference.
  5. I'd most likely get a set. I'm not a big HMr collector, so I'd probably only get one, but as with anything, it really depends on the price. As @Sanity is Optional has already said, I too, am a little worried about the materials. 3D printed material, even when it claims to be ABS like, doesn't hold up to that. There are materials that have the same properties, but those are quite pricey. As it is 3D printed, as long as that brings down the price, I'd still like to decorate my only HMr. Now, if you are considering a 1/60 kit, that I definitely can get behind.
  6. That's cool and all, but honestly, if he has a panel, that'd be the only thing I'd be interested in seeing there. Aside from that, maybe getting an autograph would be cool on a poster, but meh. I already have a couple.
  7. I'd have to watch the older version that I have to do some comparisons, but I believe I found a couple parts that may be in question. In seeing this new release now twice, there seems to be a couple parts I don't remember from the original. I know the part where they inserted Sheryl Nome's earrings into the stand that Mao is in front of with her parents was inserted way later on, that is in this one, but I gotta confirm if there is, in fact, scenes that may have been cut from the original.
  8. Jasonc

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    Oh, I don't see my anticipation going away for this release. I have a feeling they didn't show it at WF due to the updated version of this, and in looking at the new pictures, this looks like it's one of the more final designs (not final, but closer). It does look like the gun may not be closed inside and/or locked in. I don't know if it has a retracting handle, but that could also be a reason, not wanting to break these parts. Also could be the same thing for the rear wheels, but from this image, it does look like they should be about 3+mm longer. The front gear doesn't look extended right, but maybe for the same reasons as the gun.
  9. Jasonc

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    I was disappointed with the no show at Wonderfest 24, but hopefully it was due to getting to this point.
  10. Jasonc

    Toys builder

    You may want to post this in the workshop.
  11. The videos are actually quite inspiring. It did remind me of what I really want (just a really tough, sturdy version). I did start working on the space for the leg inserts. While I will be using something almost the exact same for how the legs slide, I'm going to possible use a guide system that may be totally independent of the frame itself, something that one can put the legs into the slider (which will have tension points), and make that a unit in and of itself that then is attached to the body. That will allow better detailing to be done on the exterior of that, and allow the builder to create the right tension. It may also allow, once I spend time, to look at materials that will allow better tension without as much wear and tear. Project isn't dead at all. And thank you for sharing those. I do have those kits. I should actually build them at some point like this guy did. Also, thanks to the rest of you. It's all of you that keep me inspired and makes me want to get back into what I'm doing with this. I'll probably need someone to sculpt out a really good Kei and Olson for those options, as well as decals when that time comes.
  12. I wanted to leave it a bit vague. I'm sure people who saw this were thinking valkyrie related and whatnot, so I didn't want to ruin the surprise. The kit is literally only 4 parts, so it's a very straight forward kit.
  13. Wow, I'm really impressed with the detail in these. Are these going to be static models, or will you be making them to have articulation, like rolling wheels, folding wings, and maybe the ability to make it with landing gears up or down?
  14. So, while I was going through aisle by aisle at Wonderfestival Japan last month, I happened to stumble upon one of these. I thought they were sold out, or was told they were, but I managed to score a 1/1 scale swan mic that Basara and Mylene use in the series
  15. Ugh, I should've been clearer in my editing. It's ordered from someone that gets them. It's preordered and will be enroute, LOL. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd take some time to picture all the books, mooks, and so on, but at the same time, since 99% of them are probably already documented online, I don't see a reason to. Nevertheless, it's cool to look inside of many of these from time to time. I should probably do the same with all 100+ posters I have, but same dilema.
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