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  1. Is March 12th not up for preorder? If so, is it due to golden week?
  2. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    I am all in for the Basara and Mylene figures. Those look too good to pass up on. Technically this will be my 3rd or 4th Mylene figure, and my 2nd Basara (counting the CMs figures and the Beach Queen and FB2012 Mylene/Minmay set). They do need the rest of the band though. MAKE IT COMPLETE!!!
  3. Jasonc


    The Cheyenne II is now done. It took a bit of time as the printed kits do, but I am really happy with the finished look. The brown color is actually a black primer, with a tan paint lightly dusted over it to create a darker tan. The missile pods don't line up perfectly, but it's not the worst thing.
  4. Jasonc


    Thanks. Sadly, not updates yet. I have most of it done, but I have to do another coat to cleanup the forearm cannon. Easy cleanup this time, but the rest of it is done, and I'm quite happy with it. I also just finished the hand that goes on it, so after that last cleanup paint, it's ready to be put together. I also got all the priming and sanding done on the missile pods, and the first coat of color. Today I try to figure out how I want to add some variation in color and some decal work.
  5. Jasonc


    Thanks. I should have the right forearme done tonight. I'm still working on the shoulder missile pods, but it requres a bit of work, as making clean cuts from the sprue was impossible. I have started the process of priming and sanding on them to find the areas I need to fix, and as soon as that is done, I still need to wait for some extra parts for the missiles themselves to come in. A finished pic will be up tonight.
  6. Jasonc


    Thank you. This build has had some challenging parts, but is fun. I only have the missile launchers and the last forearm being worked on, but I am almost out of flat paint. I should have more in by the time I need it. Here's the build so far. I know the picture is busy, but here is the almost finished work.
  7. Jasonc


    So, here is left forearm.
  8. Jasonc


    I realized after the pictures that I put on the back leg slides wrong. They work the same, but were changed after I uploaded the pictures (was too lazy to redo them). My big error, was forgetting to put in the arm joints before sealing everything up on the main body, so I unscrewed everything and have those going in tonight. I am now finished with the left forearm completely. Those pics are coming in about 10 minutes. I'm still working on the right arm, but I am working hardest on the other leg now, as I want to get the body on something it won't need to lay down on.
  9. That is where I got mine from, aside from pins and screws. Those can be bought through eBay and Amazon though.
  10. Jasonc


    I managed to get most of the left leg done, as well as the most intensive part of the left arm. So far, I'm happy with what it is looking like.
  11. Jasonc


    Thanks. I'm now doing some dark grey trim on some of the pieces, and by tonight, I think I'll be done with all painting on the gatling gun parts. Wednesday, I take a break from the upper body sections, and go straight to the feet and legs mostly, but I will be working on all of it at the same time.
  12. Jasonc


    Here are the galling guns. I used a 1.5mm hand drill to drill in the barrels to give it a more realistic look for both. I did A LOT of sanding and primering on these. Once I felt it was smoothed out enough, I did a heavy coat of matte black. Then I used a gloss clear to be able to apply weathering and not have it stick to the matte so heavily.. I wanted to weather the metal look a bit, so I used Tamiya weathering master set c for the metal effect on parts for areas that would be changed and repaired a lot. Anyways, hope they look alright. I'm waiting on the rest of the kit to come this w
  13. Jasonc


    What is chameleon colored plastic? Is it something that can be bought?
  14. Jasonc


    Here's an update. The main body is about done, but I need to put in the thrust nozzle and the white tower on the right side of the main body.
  15. Jasonc


    And one more fore the front.
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