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  1. Jasonc

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    As I'm not a Twitter user, I don't get all the great updates when they come out often, but this has been, IMO, pretty silent. Is there anything or any news on design or production?
  2. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    I'm almost at the same decision. I do like the Shibuya Scramble figures, but I am so far, really impressed with the Lucrea Ranka. That figure is absolutely adorable.
  3. I honestly cannot justify spending money on a version that looks like it stopped going to the gym after Macross Plus aired in the early 90s. The entire nose section of the 21 in Fighter does indeed look like the early Yamato 1/72, and the skinny arms on it look like they probably wouldn't hold up any fast pack armor on the tail fins, nor a gun. The back shoulder, where the cutaway is that protrudes upwards, also seems to be very line art inaccurate (although it could just be that it's all in one color). As of now, I'm not liking the way it looks, but I know a few people that are getting it, so when they, and you all get your versions, I'll decide from there if it's simply bad photography, or a bad design.
  4. With the convention planning for SDC this year, I haven't had any time to do any more designing with the piece. I was able to get to where I left off last time, so once that event is over, I'll go back to splitting time between this and the Pheyos design.
  5. Is this file able to be bought?
  6. I'll be honest, I kinda want this as well. I mean, I have enough old Yamato kits to customize one, but this would take all the time and pain out of making it, and leave those for some other custom.
  7. LOL, yeah, I already printed about 30 on my large printer since they all fit, but the small one prints so well. I guess I'll need to patch up the ones I kinda clipped in a slicing software, but the addition to the gun I made makes it all worth it.
  8. I got these files from one of the guys on FB (don't know if he's here), but these are pretty cool figures. The backpack was set wrong, and that spurred me to adjust it a bit for 3 options (one with wings contracted missing). I also designed a gun for it, so I'm gonna see what I can do with that. These are in the scale of the Bandai DX figures, maybe ever so larger, so 1/60. They were printed on an Anycubic M3 Max and their Photon D2.
  9. Not a huge update, but I had a little time this weekend to work on this more, and here are the parts so far. As you'll see, I changed a lot of the parts to make them integrate more into other parts, so that as they move, there isn't a lot of gaps and wobble in parts. I did a test print of the parts I had at the time, and I'm happy that they fit really well. All the moving, transformable parts work as they should, and so far, the newer updates since the last print will only make it more stable. I finished the inside of the thigh parts, and they will be able to swivel on a ball joint part that is stabilized by the round covers and the anchor section going into the thigh part. I'm printing now to test, and if it works, I'll be moving onto the lower leg section.
  10. As of now, I've been printing and adjusting the parts that I am finished with. I'm sure once I build, I'll have more adjustments to do, but so far, I'm happy with the parts. I just got more ball joints and screws in, so I am now measuring for the upper thighs to rotate at the hips.
  11. As I'm currently trying to fix the files of my Orguss Bronco II that I've been working on, I got a bit tired of researching, and decided to work on another project until I can get that going. So, I decided to take out the S.H.E. Feios kit, and see what could be done about making it larger (1/60). The resin kit by S.H.E. is transformable, and while I am going to increase the size, I'm also looking at fixing some things to make it a little sturdier. While the size of parts can do that somewhat on their own, I've ordered a lot of ratchet joints, and purchased a lot of various ball joints while in Japan 1 1/2 months ago. Anyways, here's what I've done over the weekend so far, and while it's got a lot of trial and error in printing parts, it's coming along pretty well so far.
  12. At this time, I may have to redo it, as I ran into an error in the file that I can't fix. I'm looking at solutions now, and I'm sure I'll find it, but until then, it's on hold. Once I do get it fixed, it could be around November/December that it's done. As far as what I'm doing with it, it'll probably just be the files for sale. I can print it, but it takes a bit of time, material, and parts cleanup. If I do that, I'll be selling those for a lot more. Part of that, is that I also use combined resins that give a really good amount of strength and very slight flexibility that make it pretty sturdy.
  13. Jasonc

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    The 31AX issue reminded me of this all over again. It does seem like they are slow walking this release, and with the time they've been spending, one would think they have found all the potential issues, but then again, nothing beats regular use of a toy with the exact materials. Fingers are crossed.
  14. Nothing pops up for Macross except what I already mentioned. That said, I don't really use Twitter. It would be nice to have a place to consolidate it all though.
  15. Jasonc

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    The no update may actually be a good thing, hopefully. It could mean that there isn't much to update, but it could also mean that they're just behind. I really wish I could go to WF this summer.
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