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  1. Last few items available. Send me an offer
  2. Hi, I am looking to trim down my collection a bit and i wanted to get rid of my duplicates. I have been a member for a while, but after having my daughter last year, i have not been very active in collecting or posting unfortunately. I am still a huge fan and i still look forward to new releases, but with my limited time and resources, i would like to find a new home for some of my most beloved items. As my time is limited, im not really up to date on sales prices. I did an ebay comp for sold items and it was all over the map, so i am open to reasonable offers. Ideally, i
  3. Hi, I decided to keep the VF19Kai. I think i will be best to keep as spare parts in case. All other PMs replied. Anything i dont sell by next week will go onto ebay for now. Thank you to everyone that has made a purchase! Thanks, Dom
  4. PMs Replied and listing has been updated to show remaining Valks.
  5. Sorry about that, I’ll upload the pics to MWF as soon as I get back home. Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone, Over the last few years I have purchased a lot of exciting stuff on MWF and my collection has grown a bit faster than I anticipated. It has come time for me to refocus my collection and release some of my personal collection to new homes. While it is going to be tough to let some of these go, I really need to reallocate some of the funds on other aspects of my life (Home and Wife ). I am including a description of the items, but most are brand new, having only been opened to inspect the item and then wrapped in cellophane and store them in my collection
  7. BluprinT

    Uta Macross!

    Not sure if this was covered earlier, but how do you select a song skill? I hate getting the heart skill when I would prefer the star one on certain songs
  8. Just wanted to recommend @yman1437 to the straight shooters list. My item was packed very well and shipped quickly. Thanks again yman1437
  9. Any update to the Release date for Milia's standard VF-1J? I have a bunch of stuff in my private warehouse at HLJ that is getting really close to 60 days
  10. BluprinT

    Hi-Metal R

    I really wanted a VE-1 from HLJ since I have some other stuff there and I like getting all my stuff from one place. I hope they open up more orders closer to the release date like they normally do.
  11. Thanks! I was told that the panel lined pics showcasing the glow in the dark parts was an "unfinished" PF version (No painted red lines or circles).
  12. I'm in for both as I missed the original Yamato release. My point of confusion is the red lines and circles on the main gun. Some pictures show them while other do not. Which release is that included on and is the standard release exactly like the original Yamato? I saw the google translation in the post above but I was hoping for better clarification...
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