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  1. BluprinT

    Uta Macross!

    Not sure if this was covered earlier, but how do you select a song skill? I hate getting the heart skill when I would prefer the star one on certain songs
  2. Any update to the Release date for Milia's standard VF-1J? I have a bunch of stuff in my private warehouse at HLJ that is getting really close to 60 days
  3. BluprinT

    Hi-Metal R

    I really wanted a VE-1 from HLJ since I have some other stuff there and I like getting all my stuff from one place. I hope they open up more orders closer to the release date like they normally do.
  4. Thanks! I was told that the panel lined pics showcasing the glow in the dark parts was an "unfinished" PF version (No painted red lines or circles).
  5. I'm in for both as I missed the original Yamato release. My point of confusion is the red lines and circles on the main gun. Some pictures show them while other do not. Which release is that included on and is the standard release exactly like the original Yamato? I saw the google translation in the post above but I was hoping for better clarification...
  6. BluprinT

    Uta Macross!

    I'm not sure what it means, but I went to the App Store and updated the app. This cleared that screen and let me back in...
  7. Does it transform at all? Anyone know if it as least to scale with Arcadia's other non-scale sdf-1?
  8. I agree with you guys, especially about buying the KO version of something that is still in production or readily available. I would only be interested if there were considerable improvements over the original. I am considering getting the Yetistands, I just needed one more Macross arm for part of a display I am building. I also guess that for the market price of a Macross arm, I could display all three of the Valkyries on one Yeti stand...
  9. What would the best way to order the launch arm? $60 vs $150 for a simple stand is almost a no brainer. Any reviews?
  10. great advise. I can see that you have some experience in making some repairs. I think your advise would be perfect for repairing a split, but unfortunately i am also missing a small piece on my hinge (First pic, body side hinge). Any advise on disassembling this hinge? im not sure what the best way to remove the metal rods holding the hinge to the wing root and the body together without damaging the part.
  11. Thank you for the follow up. I will work on disassembling the wing hinges and measure out the dimensions as soon as I get a free weekend
  12. Ouch, that looks pretty bad. I don't see that the screw surround of my 11C is cracked, just the actual hinge. Either way, I hope there are some solutions...
  13. My 1/60 Yamato VF-11C shoulder/wing hinges have broken and i was curious if anyone else has had this problem and if there is a possible solution. I have purchased shoulder replacements for the Yamato V2 VF-1 toys and i was hoping for a fix that is similar to this. By design, this is one of my favorite toys, but unfortunately mine is broken. I have not taken my VF-11B out to inspect it, but im hoping it does not have a similar issue. Regardless, i would be happy buying two pairs if they can be made available. pics of the damage
  14. Thank you for the recommendation, I sent him a message. Great stuff available in his store too!
  15. Hi, i was hoping to get some advise on how I might replicate a few pilots for my yamato/arcadia valkyries. I was looking into casting them vs. 3D printing them. I'm also open to paying someone to do it as well if you have any suggestions. I purchased a VF-1D that did not come with any pilots and I was hoping to get some made (Caual TV Hikaru and Minmay) Thanks in advance
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