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  1. Curses...trust me to miff the spelling...thanks for the info!
  2. How does one go about acquiring a Tenman Fan Liner kit?
  3. Guess what I'm looking for now??
  4. +1 for g0nk! Gonna be busy in a little bit...
  5. Looking for 1/72 Destroid monster resin kit by Mike Salzo.
  6. Thanks!! I grabbed this one before it hit the 'Bay. This is a re-run from the original caster of the Newtype kit. Beautifully molded as well. Great guy to deal with! Grabbed the IMAI Legioss fighter to go with it (for the cockpit). Wish someone did one in 1/48!
  7. Looking for a 1/72 Legioss and Tread resin kit.
  8. Looking for the 1/72 Legioss and Tread resin kit. Anybody??
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