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  1. I'm so jealous -- those look fantastic.
  2. Damn - that is unfortunate; I hadn't preordered the fighter mode but that seems crazy to me ( unless HLJ screwed up on shipping costs for the Gerwalk in the first place - which is entirely possible ). Keeps me away from the future impulse purchase..
  3. The Gerwalk wouldn't even ship from HLJ last time until I got a custom quote for shipping -- might be worth hitting up support as the shipping costs were nowhere near that amount via DHL. It does look like it might be a different shape at least, which can cause havoc with shipping costs..
  4. Looks nice -- I wonder how long it will take for someone to chop up the legs and make a non-Fast Pack version..
  5. It'd need a YF-21 and a Ghost to go with it... I'd need a whole room for that
  6. Looks great. Looking forward to getting my hands on a set
  7. To be honest its the same for me -- all the large scale black / coloured markings will be masked and painted -- its all the detail decals that are important to me. I'm on the fence as to which pilot I'd be doing too but all the main decals on a waterslide would be great.
  8. Heh I'm still working it out -- they're Hasegawa from the fighter mode ( also looking at the packs from the Gerwalk as they seem to have a bit more detail ) I'm going to put VF-1 Weapon stores on it too -- basically inspired by this : Going to magnetize a few things for swapping around when I feel like it -- build a mount for the boosters and also make the fronts swappable for when I feel like getting all VF-4S or double cannon ( if I can dig up another cannon front for the pods ) :
  9. Working on my VF-4 build -- can't leave anything basic.... Inspired by some art in the VF-4 Master File
  10. I forsee lots of interesting 3d printed and detail-up parts for this kit. I can't wait until I can start digging in on it ( in like 6 months :S )
  11. I love all these changes -- I have a different plan for how to mount mine but I'm going need to do some reinforcing of some parts to pull it off. Also will come down to a lot of reposing but I think it's worth it. Being a bit secretive until I can mock it up
  12. With shipping, original cost and duty ~$580 CAD. There was a 'cheaper' option with FEDEX but I refused that for the same reasons; they and UPS have terrible rates at the border. Gave DHL a chance ( since they do a good job when I order from Amazon.co.jp ) and it worked out. Will it again in the future? Who knows but this time it was good.
  13. Not bad at all -- I got hit with a total of ~$36 CAD
  14. Its one of the Hi-Metal-R ones -- so non scale but I believe somewhere near 1/100?
  15. Whee got my big box from HLJ ( via DHL ) -- quite exited -- took a peek inside and took some pictures because who could resist. Couple other images at : https://imgur.com/a/0RbrzIV Now to put it away until I move and have time to really give it the work it deserves :S
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