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  1. Mine should be at home when I get there at 1600. Looking forward to some vegetable curry with rice, and a glass of shochu while taking this show in.
  2. I really wish they would've actually made some updates to this, like reinforcing the hinges and ball joints, and created some locking mechanisms for battroid. I'll most likely be keeping my renewal version, but I will say that I do like the matte finish. I'll probably get one from Japan, just for that exchange rate.
  3. Hey, sorry if this wasn't answered. yeah, dealer's room/vending hall is the same thing. There should be a nice surprise announcement around the corner, so I'll be excited to see that come up. Stay tuned for it.
  4. Oh man. Now I'm held to that date. This is going to be really tight squeeze.
  5. For that back seat, you can just use another of the front seat. the back seat there is an option if you put magnets in it, the 3 x 1 mm round ones, but it not, you can just use a second front seat. Aside from that, the prints came out great. I just recently started painting other parts. It's not the easiest to paint the cockpit, the pin stripe, nose, and then the body, but I'm hoping for the best. Trying to get it done by 9/17 (Super Dimension Con).
  6. I do include the blue alcohol dye because I also add 10-20% Saraya Tech Tenacious. It has a clear but slightly yellow tint, which doesn't affect the blu clear v.2 too much, but I like being a bit cautious. Tenacious mix adds strength, but also flexibility, which is a property that is needed in some parts like a canopy. Those setting looks quite good. I've noticed that I have had to use a longer exposure time going from the Anycubi Mono X 4K to the Elegoo Saturn 2. I am still waiting on the Elegoo Jupiter, but I may end up biting the bullet and getting Anycubic's Photon M3 Max, which has about a 7K resolution. What I do like about Anycubic, is that their build plate doesn't use a ball joint to level, but 4 screws, which secures it extremely well, and doesn't require leveling all the time. I know I'm going off topic, but I will probably try these settings on the Saturn 2 to see how the canopies come out on my end using the same resin you are.
  7. The one I opened seems solid, and I don't plan on opening up the second, so I am happy for now. If it gets loose, I have ways of permanently fixing it.
  8. Can't wait to see it. I just printed two for orders, and I'm really happy with the outcome. Definitely not a beginner's kit, but seeing it put together is joy for me.
  9. I wanna print this on the Elegoo Jupiter once it comes in. Nice and LARGE!!!
  10. I was using a mixture of Saraya Tech Blu Clear V2 and their Tenacious brand. I also used a little bit of blue alcohol dye to eliminate any possible yellowing. The clear blu v.2 is extremely tough, while the Tenacious resin adds a bit of flexibility to it. I think my ratio is about 90% blu and 10% tenacious, but even at 80/20, that works well. I didn't put a hole in the body because of the ability to build it where parts can be interchangeable. I don't have any of those stands, so I would need to have the correct size of the hole to make for the display stands.
  11. Well that was great for us during that slow time. It was easier getting a lot of the posters I couldn't find. I think my collecting of them has slowed quite a bit, since I haven't really had any other posters that grab me. Although, looking on this thread, it does sometimes draw me to get one I don't have here and there.
  12. Wow, that canopy is very clear. I should send you the updated body and canopy. I've updated it quite a bit so that the rear canopy opens much easier, and I kept the "roll bar" on the main body attached. I also adjusted the size of the rear section that attaches to the main body. I'll send it all over to you. As for doing the supports for people, I don't want to do that only because based on what resin people use, it may not be feasible to use the supports I do. I also try to keep my supports medium, but keep .35mm (in general) tips and them 5mm long. That works for my printer, but it may not for older resin printers.
  13. I need to do a video documenting my posters like that, but I first need about 3 or 4 more of those B2 poster galleries.
  14. I can't wait to get my kit of this. It looks great.
  15. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    That is one great looking Wonder Fest figure. I really want to look for that.
  16. OK, with some time on my hands, I did my final testing (canopy alignment, and the ability for it to open and close) and it is successful. With that, the files are now available for purchase. Fee for the .stl file is $26 including Paypal fee, $25 with Friends/Family. If anyone wants one printed because they do not have a printer, I can print it, but due to the fact that it does take time from other projects, and there are at times print failures for various reasons, I can print it the set for $75 personal payment or $80 with Paypal fees shipped (in the continental U.S.). I will also include pins (which will need to be cut to proper size), so all you have to do is do the cleanup, paint, etc. Just message me if you're interested. I'm happy that all this finally worked out. I can't tell you how much work I put into making this work properly.
  17. Thanks. It's still a work in progress. I have the bulk of it done now, and parts seem to fit the way I want them to. It looks like I should be putting the file up for sale very soon.
  18. Yes, canopies were printed. I still need to polish them more, but they are coming out pretty clear. here's a few images of my settings for printing them.
  19. Jasonc

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    It looks great so far. Although it's not the feet I look at first, it looks promising.
  20. Here's a couple pics of parts printed after a good number of tweaks. Today I'll be adding the magnets to the landing gear sections
  21. I should be seeing the Nora SV-51 in about 2 days. I am looking forward to it.
  22. I've been redesigning the canopies (now on my 4th run I believe). The angle of the bar that separates the 2 is a bit tricky, and I don't want to put the pin in an unsightly place. That said, I just printed, new set of the main body and canopies, and it seems to work quite well. I could redo the back canopy and really design it to where it's guaranteed to work, but TBH, if this works, I'm just sticking to what I have already. I also changed the wings and they look much better. I managed to slice this file to where each piece prints out with very little work needed for cleanup, so I am happy with that. I keep saying it to people, but pics coming soon of the actual print.
  23. I bought a flex plate that is waiting for the Elegoo Jupiter to show up. Luckily, the latest prints have bee just fine, so they haven't been too much trouble. I will have to try this out. Luckily, the prints have been coming out OK. Once I started looking at these as a recast mold, it helped me to custom the supports, and they've been doing pretty well. the main issue, is that some of these parts are a little thin. Not too thin, where they won't work, but if so, I can always do some redesign and fix the issues.
  24. Those came out quite well. Excellent job on them.
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