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  1. Thanks. I'm hoping to get some more of my projects off the ground, and being at home for several weeks, I think I've caught up on a lot of things I've been wanting to do. I'm thinking about redoing the Spiderbug kit and make it a set available for order, so I will create a separate thread for it, and post some updates here as I go. The idea will be to make it where the arms can move and a pilot can be inserted, but my CAD skills are not that great, and I need to brush up.
  2. By any chance, if you're recasting the lance for your Paladin parts, would you mind recasting one for me? If so, just let me know how much it would be. Same for the VF-11 boosters for the New Edwards testing.
  3. I may paint all of mine, mixing chrome with red. I think that may look nice.
  4. I've heard otherwise from a few doctors I know as friends, and my own doctor.
  5. That is really great news. Can't wait to see the final result. I also have the other version, but I'm wanting one that has a little better size as well. If it ends up fitting for both versions, I'm in for one.
  6. I got one of these a few years ago to go with the game. I just now need to build the cabinet for it.
  7. For the orders, are they printed in that color?
  8. Any updates on this v.2 Ghost?
  9. Glad it is still a work in progress. When you finish it up, I hope you make it available for purchase. I'd like to put one of these together.
  10. Was there any update on this work? For some reason, I've missed most of this over time.
  11. Can you make these papercraft in any pose you wish?
  12. Hey everyone. I am selling my YF-30. It has been taken out of the box, but never transformed. It has been in the closet in a very clean, lint and dust free closet and looking for a good home. Pics to come tonight, but until the, I am selling it for $350. Price does not include shipping and PayPal fees. PayPal fees can be avoided by using personal payment. For any inquiries, please pm me. I am on the straight shooters list. Thanks. Jason
  13. I need to get the v.2. This looks great.
  14. Prices dropped before they disappear.
  15. Also selling off a resin set of a stinger missile launcher and the saddle bags for the Beagle Ride Armor. It has an extra scope. $20
  16. I am selling 2 of the Moscato Mospeada Inbit kits. Both are unbuilt, and are awaiting someone to do them justice. All sales in this thread do not include shipping. A 4% PayPal fee will be included after shipping, if you do not wish to make personal payment. I am on the straight shooters list, and have been on these boards a very long time. With that said, let's begin. The first is the Baby Crab ship kit. $80 2nd is the blue enforcer type. All kits are complete. $175 If anyone wants both of the Moscato kits, I will sell the set for $240. 3rd item(s) is the base set of 4 CM's figures of Ley Stik, Houquet, and Yellow. I am selling as a set only. $95 For any questions, I'm available by PM, or ask here. Thanks all.
  17. I was thinking of redesigning it as well at one point. I wanted to make the handle piece extra long, so that it anchored throughout the entire lance, but also make the pointed part of the lance one piece. Sadly my computer I use my software on with Sol8dworks is corrupt, and I don't have a backup to make anything at the moment.
  18. I had a couple sets but I chopped them up for a custom. Contact Xigfrid though, as he may have a set, or one that can be sanded down to a standard version.
  19. It's coming along great. Can't wait to see more.
  20. Since you're remaking these parts, I definitely want a set. I wasn't big on the two part lance, so is this available? The only thing though, if it is one piece, it must be a bit hard to paint the connector piece with the silver and orange, no?
  21. I think my red needs to be slightly darker to avoid the Mc Donald's look.
  22. I'll purchase one if it is made.
  23. I'm back to work on this... I know I've got a long way to go.
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