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  1. I've seen someone building one of these, but was wondering if anyone here knew where to find the file. I'm looking for a 1/60 Glaug file. Does anyone know where or who has that? Nevermind, I found what I was looking for. I'll be printing it in the next few weeks.
  2. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    That's a great set of figurines. I plan to put them all out for display once I get my display built. Figures to me, really make a display.
  3. Ah, OK, nice. I may try that. Haven't decided between that and making decals. Decisions. Next week I buy the rest of it.
  4. I finally got started on this project while waiting on other paints to come in for the other unfinished ones. So far, I'm really liking the ease of building this, and the extra steel parts and rubber tires are going to make this a really fun project to complete. @Xigfrid, I bought the same paints you used for this project. As for the stripes on the legs, are those decals also?
  5. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    Agreed, now back to toys and figures.
  6. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    I preordered this one, and it seems like it's going to take forever until August comes when it is out. I think the button pressing is coming from you seeming to push your soapbox on people who don't need to be talked to in regards to what is wrong or right. What is your opinion is fine, but bringing it into a thread about Macross character figures is, IMO, not the place for it. That's the only thing I'll say about it because I don't care about it one bit. I like anime, I like the figures, and I don't judge or criticize anyone for where their opinion is on it, so long as they aren't judging others about it.
  7. I never got any of the Yeti stands, but was considering getting quite a few of them. Then I saw that there was none.
  8. Looks great. Are you the one that pulls the files off of the game, or someone else? If so, I'd like to know how it's done. I'd like to work on one of these.
  9. I keep trying to find these issues, only to see that all the regular places are sold out. Aside from hlj, does anyone else have places where they're being sold? I also know about CD Japan.
  10. No worries. The last break was me just being a bit too strong with putting things together. I was able to get the arms and legs to close together, which required a bit of filing and sanding, but as I'm test fitting parts, I realize that when this thing is done, it's going to be quite solid. I really like how all these parts fit and lock together. I'm a big fan of this valk. The only one I'd really, really want though, is the VA-3 Invader. @Xigfrid, care to take a stab at that one? I'd probably buy 3 of that one for all the variations.
  11. So, who got a preorder in? I got mine in, but they went really fast. I'm excited to get this version, but now I will most likely be selling off my older YF-29 with the armor parts.
  12. Thanks. Im really out of supplies. I can't work on anything at this point until I get thinner, but its so close.
  13. That said, I just tested the wing connection to the legs, and the fit is perfect.
  14. Tonight I had a piece break, and I was so close to finishing. I was attaching the legs to the body, and the connector that attaches the two halves broke off. Yikes!!! It's going to take me a little longer, but during the time that I wait, I can at least work on some of the details I have been avoiding, Like the red pin striping, and some finishing coating on the finished parts. I have the arms just about done, so I'm just waiting on more red paint and thinner to get here. I will be printing the decals on dry rub paper, so I'll be experimenting with that.
  15. I'll be in for one of these. I've always liked the design, and the armor/fast pack set for them makes it look cool. I hope all the fixes come out well, and I do hope they do a non-glossy look to it as well. I won't expect it, but seeing what they did with the VF-31, I have some hope that they can update this properly. I do have all of them except for Ozma's, so I hope in me getting this one, that they decide to re-release that one as well.
  16. The real method to it is just time, and lots of coats of primer. I usually first sand, and don't wash the sanded part, as a lot of the dust ends up filling the porous material. right after that first sand, I primer, then let dry. Then I scribe in the panel lines again, and then sand using a lighter grit sandpaper. At that point, I use a dry lint free towel, and rub off whatever was taken off, then prime again. I follow this about 4 times, leaving a really uniformly smooth surface. After that, then I use the colored paint. then use the Mr Color (or Mr Hobby UV cut flat, once all the color is on, wait 24 hours, and then onto the next set of things to do. I'm working on the arms now, and because I didn't touch these parts yet, I'm starting from the very beginning. I wish I would've started on the basics a long time ago.
  17. It's coming along.
  18. I haven't been in this thread for awhile, and that paint job Xigfrid looks great. I plan to do 2, so I'm doing the MtR version, then the original paint color scheme (the one Valhary is doing stickers for.
  19. I may have to try that. I'll probably order some tomorrow.
  20. I started this project back up, after I have finally finished the VF-1X++. I just need to redo the wing decals, and repaint the underside of the wings in grey again, after a transformation scratched the decals off. I thought I sanded the wings down enough, but I guess I didn't, and will redo the process again. Because I don't have enough of the wing decals, I need to scan and redo them on photoshop, then send them to a decal maker. I'm not good at doing this, so I'm hoping I can figure out how, but until then, I managed to get the lance together, or at least the first one, in a way that is quite sturdy. in between the two front halves, I put in a 3mm steel rod that in long enough to keep it straight and from bending. Valhary, looking at your model, it looks better as just one piece. It looks great. My only real issue with the design has always been the handle part and how flimsy some of these plastics have been holding that heavier front half. I am working on a second version with the handle I made, and using wood as the lance part that goes from the handle to the front half, I think it is sturdy enough, yet light enough to where the toy itself can hold it. I thought about getting long 3mm stainless steel rods, and then just running it through everything, but I think it might be a bit too heavy. With the second set I'm attempting, I drilled a 3mm hole through most of everything, and the long skewers I have seem to hold up nicely. Sorry, no pictures yet. It's still being worked out. The pieces I did in CAD for it work good, so I ordered another and after I get that, I'll be waiting on other parts to get going for that. All that considered, the armor is all done. I have to repaint the lance back pack connector in the chrome paint, then aside from the other wing issue, it'll basically be done.
  21. Thanks all. It took long enough. I'm now trying to get the stuff I need to finish up the YF-25 Prophecy Paladin kit. I finally have the lance the way I think I want it, and now just need to finish the painting for the YF-25 itself. I'll update that thread.
  22. Hey all. Since I've been stuck at home, I was finally able to finish this kit. The last pieces were the wing lead vernier, and I was finally able to recast the ones I had designed and finally attached them. Being that the don't have a lot of space to attach, I used a plastic welder to "weld these to the back part of the upper main body. Hope you like. I also wanna rank Xigfrid for the leg, arm, and the nose attachments. All of it works as it should. Aside from maybe designing a VF-25 gun that will attach properly, I am done.
  23. Thanks. I'm hoping to get some more of my projects off the ground, and being at home for several weeks, I think I've caught up on a lot of things I've been wanting to do. I'm thinking about redoing the Spiderbug kit and make it a set available for order, so I will create a separate thread for it, and post some updates here as I go. The idea will be to make it where the arms can move and a pilot can be inserted, but my CAD skills are not that great, and I need to brush up.
  24. By any chance, if you're recasting the lance for your Paladin parts, would you mind recasting one for me? If so, just let me know how much it would be. Same for the VF-11 boosters for the New Edwards testing.
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