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Found 1 result

  1. O.W.L. [Operations Weapons Laboratory] One Armour Review Manufacturer: FEXT Hobby Price: $45.00 USD Overview: The OWL One Armor is an add-on kit for the Bandai Hi-Metal R as well as the older Hi Metal line for VF-1 Valkyries. The design of the armour appears to be based of the custom built Thunder Hummer aka Thunder Hammer Hammer Modeled by Kouichi Hatakeyama that was featured in Model Graphix Magazine in October 2002 issue. Packaging: The OWL ONE comes packaged in a simple window box the same size as the Hi-Metal R box format. The box art is a photo of the armour and is the same across all the different version, the only differentiator is the text on the lower left of the box. The armour parts and armor display rack are laid out in 2 layer clear plastic clamshell, the instructions and sticker sheets are in plastic bag beneath the yellow cardboard backing. The display bay is bagged under the clamshells. Design: The armor has clean lines and has a good amount of detail for its size. It has 8 panel/covers that open to reveal the missile bays and slot in the arm armour to connect the missiles included with the Hi-Metal R. The hip mounted missiles are on a rotating joint so that can swivel vertically. A great feature FEXT Hobby added the back boosters is an integrated arm that swivels out to help lock the boosters in place to prevent the backpack from falling back on the figure. The armor does not hinder the range of motion of the most parts figure with the exception for the hips. The bracket that holds the front armor in place reduces the amount of outward angle of the hip joints. Details: The armour is molded in a bright white plastic with various parts of the armor, boosters, cannons, and missile tips molded in color with tampo printed markings on various parts of the armour. Build: Build quality is excellent, the plastic has a good and durable feel to it. I would put on par with the plastic quality of the Hi-Metal R line and top tier 3P TFs. Parts fit together nicely with just the right amount of friction to hold them together without being too difficult to take them apart. Fitment: The armour parts fit securely onto the VF-1 and held in place by friction tabs, while the shoulder armour snaps into place. The leg armour has a slight bit play when attached. There is a slot in the armour that appears to tab into the peg in the inner part of the leg of the VF-1 which I could not get to lock in. Accessories: The accessories vary based on what version of OWL ONE armour you have gotten, this can range from shields, missile and booster mounted cannons. Also included are sticker sheet for ranking emblems for the boosters, an armour display rack and display base. Summary: I am very impressed with the OWL ONE amour from FEXT Hobby, the quality and fitment of the armour is great add-on for Hi-Metal/Hi-Metal R VF-1. I like that for $45 USD FEXT Hobby included the display bay and armour display stand with the armour. On a side note the OWL ONE box weighs 670g about 1.5lbs. I am looking forward to FEXT Hobby’s future releases and I hope they make a Low-Vis version of the OWL ONE Armour. Note: The chest piece of the OWL One armor will not fit onto the VE-1 Elint Seeker and VT-1 Super Ostrich due to their 2 seater canopy is larger than their single seat counter parts. Weapons and accessories list courtesy of @no3Ljm #000 (All White) - Regular Boosters #001 (Yellow Trim) - x2 Strike Cannons - x1 Shield #011 (Red Trim) - x1 Strike Cannon - 1x Shield #101 (Red Trim) - x2 Shields #102 (Brown Trim) - x2 Shield #102F (Brown Trim) - x2 Strike Cannons - x2 Big Missiles (2 Missiles Each) - x2 Gatling Guns on Forearm Armor #202 (Blue Trim) - x1 Strike Cannon - x1 Shield - x1 Big Missiles (2 Missiles Each) - x1 Gatling Gun on Forearm Armor #303 (Red Trim) - x1 Strike Cannon - x1 Big Missiles (2 Missiles Each) - x1 Gatling Gun on Forearm Armor
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