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  1. since i can now upload photos i may as well say she is done now. heres the done video also -
  2. since the forum will refuse to take my photos i'll have to post them to only sit and link them here. i still keep geting a -200 on any photo i upload of sherly. atleast imgur works unlike this forum....................
  3. heres that other video i was talking about. i have to censor my photo of sherly but i can upload this photo here to this site- https://files.yande.re/image/e77782f50b6e91ff46bdb27750f66e64/yande.re 668662 animal_ears breasts cosplay hamakaze_(kancolle) kantai_collection nipples pantsu shimakaze_(kancolle) tagme thighhighs torisan.jpg but i cant upload my update photo for sherly without having to censer it? what the hell? nice going guys. i dont think i'll be coming back to do any updates or post new builds if this is how the site is now.
  4. heres what i mean - i'll be posting other video in about 15 mins. it seems like theres a retarded censor bot that got added to the forums that will not let me upload my update photo of sherly to the site.
  5. update time. Sherly has now been posed. i will start building her in 1 to 2 days.
  6. someone else does. i would love to know how its done to. i want to have my own data back up for the game.
  7. Long time no post. srry about the long ass wait, the guy that does the posing was super busy with other stuff. but it looks like now the ball is rolling on this sherly build. right now this is wheres he's at. a very simple post. he will have to rework the mesh a bit. cuz as u can see her butt doesnt look right. video-1592028469.mp4
  8. i know this is a shot in the dark, but is there someone on here that knows how to pose a 3D model in blender? i still want to build that life size sherly and ranka but the guy that does the posing for me never got around to it.
  9. for the last one i made i failed so hard to post anything here about it i should start this build be posting here. this is the ver. of Sheryl im looking to build i did get the Crossover Ranka ver. but not Sheryls i also do build on building Ranka to just need to wait for the guy to pull her model from the game. i dont know if the guy that does the post has a ACC on here but he did bring up the forums when we were talking about the pose for sheryl. since i dont know if he has acc on here or not i'll call him javb92 on other sites. this here is the post im looking to use for this build since this build has a post like this making her stand up right will be hard since im going to make her foot sit on a box that has a big speaker inside it for music. i have a few other sized speakers around the house i can use if this one is to big for the box her foot will be siting on. since its still the holidays it be some time before i can start building since i have to wait for javb92 to do his magic in blender.
  10. idk where to put this so if its in the wrong place plz move it. for what i can tell she will be up for sell or shiping some time next year - https://hobby.dengeki.com/news/809807/ but here what really gets me. she has her own bluetooth. so now im like this cant be a coincidence. i make to life size macross waifus that had bluetooth and LEDs and a few months after i finish freyja they come out with 2 life size figures Ranka and Sherly. then today i see they both have bluetooth like my two figures. i cant see this being a coincidence. also i wish i had 2K but i can build my own Ranka for $150-$250 with a pose and dress i like. well if the guy that does the posses for me u will see a other post from me in a few months down the road
  11. Can anyone help convert the 3d models from the Macross files? >-< My latest Unreal Engine 4 is a piece of junk, it won't read the Macross files =_=

  12. well i just fond out anime news network even picked up my build - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-02-04/fan-builds-life-size-papercraft-freja-from-macross-delta/.142997
  13. i can now say her is done. she came out really good. i also have Minmay with her since there both life size
  14. sorry i havnt post in a LONG time but im geting really close to calling her done
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