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  1. Just finished the second season of "Homecoming" on Prime yesterday and I cannot recommend it high enough. If you are a fan of extremely sophisticated storytelling & cinematography, Kubrick, Hitchcock, and 70s corporate architecture – this show is for you.
  2. Dojinshi project mixing Macross with other beloved franchises:
  3. The old Wave kits were pretty terrible. Their newer 1/144 IP kits are ok. Meanwhile, Volks itself has pushed the IP envelope to resin kit standards in terms of sculpt & detail. And their KOG AT will come in Full Bling Mode.
  4. The more prominent designs have IP kit options nowadays, that would be a good start. Let me know if you're eyeing a specific resin MH kit.
  5. @derex3592 good luck with the final approach! Strange bird on my workbench: The free pose assembly is wrecking my nerves...
  6. The Plamax kit is pushing the boundaries of injection molding: https://plamax.exblog.jp/32210752/
  7. #teamnightingale here. https://www.hlj.com/1-144-scale-hguc-nightingale-bans61787
  8. Is it too late to vote for a Chris Foss scheme on the shuttle? The design wouldn't look out of place on those great 70's SF book covers. Good luck with the final steps! _ I'm still busy wrestling the alignment of this resin madness
  9. Makoto Shinkai's "Your Name" is reported to get a live-action remake, with Shinkai himself doing adaption writing and JJ Abrams producing & "Minari" director Lee Isaac Chung at the helm. A good incentive to watch the original feature again.
  10. @Chronocidal Very impressive progress there. Would a cockpit/canopy from an F-15 fit in there? There was a 1/100 kit of that. _ Horny resin things around here:
  11. They'll chase a wooden unicorn until Ryan Goslin's character reveals that Phoebe is Indy's daughter... oh wait!
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