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  1. Come on, season 7‘s „The Spoils of War“ was more epic than the entire SW prequel & sequel trilogy...
  2. IMO the finale of GoT was only of lesser quality compared to the previous seasons while the conclusion of Lost was all-around bad and the show was totally random and off the rails way before.
  3. HMI Garage's 1/72 F-15 Kai in progress
  4. I finished Lacia's main weapon and it cost a lot of nerves. Each of the prongs has 11 layers of thin, long parts with minimal contact area. Some paint damage happended, and things fell apart if you touched them in the wrong spot... Still 6 monoliths to go...
  5. Awesome pic! I guess once you're past the cockpit, the rest of the fighter is a piece of cake... My models above are from my Star Wars 1946 scenario.
  6. Thank you! The cloud background for my Banshee was made with Bryce, but for the Supersylph pics I used Terragen. I recently re-visited Terragen, but it seems to be incredibly processor-hungry, and it's difficult to get the clouds where you want them.
  7. ZOMG the Yukikaze animation will turn 20 this year... Time to look back on my first Supersylph (Bandai 1/100 kit).
  8. Figure is complete, the weapon array will keep me busy for a while.
  9. The canopies look great; I used the same technique for my Sylpheed. The Fand 2 is pretty elusive, but the Sylpheed was re-released a few years ago IIRC, so maybe Platz will jump at the opportunity again with the novel's release. Good luck with the Super Sylph!
  10. I guess you could get away with a simplified cockpit as in Bandai's 1/100 Mave (especially if you put pilots in there), but still the vac-forming of the canopy would be a major challenge.
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