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  1. Definitely see it in a theater – the opening montage with the Harkonnen reign on Arrakis is worth the admission alone. The movie has all the epic visuals I always wanted to see in SF cinema since I started reading books.
  2. Do you know the situation when each of your current modeling projects seems to hit a particularly tedious phase?
  3. HMA Garage has announced a 1/72 F-15 Kai, so let's see how that goes. The 1/144 kits look quite good, just a little drag in the price to weight ratio...
  4. My favourite Trek design after the TMP-A. Good luck with the final mile!
  5. Firstly, free bump for MOON! And from the same realm of profound, non target-marketed SF comes the debut movie of Moon's creative mastermind, Gavin Rothery: Archive I watched it on Prime with, admittedly, low expectations beyond the cool visuals, and the pace is much slower than the trailer makes it look loke, but I was totally blown away on several levels. While the plot treads familiar waters, the delivery is everything I wished for from a SF movie for adult fans (no exposition dump, comic relief or car chases, for starters). You can tell that the direcor comes from a long love for the genre, and when he revisits the ideas from classic precedessors, he does it with respect and a fresh take (the analog recreation of the Kusanagi creation sequence alone is worth seeing the movie for). The movie creates a convincing world from its limited budget by fantastic art design, and the great electronic soundtrack by Steven Price ties it all together. I really hope to see more from Rothery in the future; in the meantime, I'll be drooling over his game design portfolio...
  6. Strap two Solovjow engines onto it and you're done.
  7. Turns out aerodynamics is completely overrated:
  8. Is there already a price tag on this?
  9. You can fin the Lun Ekranoplan at Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/fqukMbrWGSMNzyYYA
  10. The rest of the cockpit is not an aftermarket piece? Looks amazing, and of course masterfully painted.
  11. So any chance we'll be able to spot you as an extra when the new "Shogun" airs?
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