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  1. Volks announced a new 1/144 LED Mirage injection kit. Also a SAV Biblos is coming, which might be based on the old MM kit.
  2. The commonly known "Lift off" diorama is even more awesome if you realise how small it is:
  3. @505thAirborne I love Ali Wong, "Always be my maybe" is highly recommended. Looking forward to "Beef".
  4. Hobbysearch has a couple of Moderoid kits on sale right now, like the Madox and Power Loader. I bought the Deer Stalker last year, and the engineering is a bit clunky compared to Bandai, but it's a cool design and comes at the size of a 1/100 Gundam.
  5. I have built the Kaiyodo version of this kit and it's super small in 1/144 (about 13 cm)
  6. Eggshell seems to be the direction there. Feel free to share your progress on the 1/72 kit.
  7. Great work on this challenging kit, and nice photography on top! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Time to close the canopy before I spend even more time with the pilot & the HUD. The frame is made from the kit parts, but fixing the acetate pieces in place took hours.
  9. 1/144 Hellhound under development by HMA Garage
  10. So you want to become a Ball Turret Gunner? https://twitter.com/clark_aviation/status/1630475137509122050
  11. It's on preorder at the usual suspects.
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