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  1. Thanks for the heads up on these. I just ordered two 1/48 sets - one TV and one movie set with additional intake and exhaust details. I was going to order a few 1/72 sets also, but they sold out before I got around to it. I'll keep an eye on them to see if he gets any more in.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to reply back. I haven't actually had them ship my kits yet because I was debating adding another 1/48 weapon set. Always hard to know how much more one additional kit will increase the shipping... Anyway, for two 1/48 VF-1 kits from Japan to Michigan, USA, it's estimating $28.98 USD for surface shipping (1-3 months!), $56.47 for EMS, $59.56 for DHL, and $59.66 for FedEx. I'll probably just go with surface shipping because I'm not in a rush, and I could buy another kit with that savings.
  3. Just got my in stock purchase notice from HLJ for the Low Visibility 1/48 VF-1. Looking forward to seeing it in person, but I’m afraid to see what shipping will be for the two I ordered.
  4. I know it's not an official history, but I like the way that Master File VF-1 books describes the TV flight suit as the original design, with the movie version as a subsequent, newer design. It makes sense to me that the TV version would have been designed as more of an atmospheric suit with the movie version tailored for deep space operations. I think the low viz scheme works well as a hypothetical early scheme for use on Earth as the VF-1 was first going into service, so the TV pilot makes sense to me. When I finally start making some progress with all the kits I've accumulated, I plan to use TV pilots in standard VF-1s (if I can get more of those pilots - may have to go with the Shapeways version). My Supers will get movie pilots for space operations later in the war.
  5. I just pre-ordered two of the 1/48 low viz VF-1s from HLJ. I’ve always liked that scheme, and it’s good to see them expanding that line, even if it’s just another paint scheme. I’d love to see a 1/48 VF-1D too, and any other variant, for that matter.
  6. I just got my notice from HLJ yesterday that the Black Aces kits arrived, and my three are on the way. Really glad to see them release that model again - it’s my all-time favorite of the squadron schemes, since it includes the Super decals. I’m planning to build several different aircraft from the squadron and eventually use the decals from one kit to build a Black Aces Super Battroid.
  7. I had the chance to visit family in Tokyo over the holidays - my first time back in four years, and only my second visit in the last 25 years (we used to go about ever other summer when I was a kid). I stopped by the Mandrake store in Shibuya, which I had never been to before, to see what they had as far as Macross books go. What an amazing collection of vintage toys and books in what felt like an old basement warehouse. Unfortunately, their selection of Macross material was fairly limited - some Yamato, Arcadia, and Bandai toys and a couple dozen books. The art books included about a dozen Master File books, but I have the ones I want, so I was looking for books from the This Is Animation series. I picked up the DYRL This Is Animation book, which I hadn't seen before, in what appears to be new condition for ¥1,600. The only other book they had that appealed to me was Kazutaka Miyatake’s Design Works book, but it was ¥7,000, and I had pretty much spent my entertainment budget at that point, so I held off. Kind of a limited selection, but I enjoyed the quick visit to a store that I've seen mentioned a lot here. I didn't have time to check out their Nakano location, which was close to where I was staying in Shinjuku, but maybe next time.
  8. I really wish they would make the 1/72 VF-1 TV version pilot (from the Gerwalk kit) available separately or start including it in the VF-1 fighter kits. Maybe an updated version of the VF-1 weapons kit with both styles of pilot included.
  9. That looks awesome! I’ll have to see if I can put together the funds for one before they sell out. How tall is the completed model? Thanks!
  10. My brother bought the DYRL Hikaru Strike VF-1S in Japan when we were kids, the summer after the film was released. I got many, many hours of enjoyment out of it. Still have the box and most, if not all of the parts, stashed with the things I moved out of my mom’s house years ago. It’s all in rough shape, but it holds a lot of good memories. Amazing to see one in mint condition like yours.
  11. I’m a little late to this conversation, but do you know if this is a product announcement or someone’s custom model? I’ve always liked the original VF-2 Sonic Birds scheme that Hasegawa produced, and I would definitely buy a VF-4 in that scheme. I believe that Hasegawa developed the scheme for the limited edition model, so I’d be surprised if Wave was able to use the same design on their model, but maybe someone else actually owns the design. Or someone used the Hawegawa VF-1 decals on a Wave VF-4. I’d personally like to do a VF-4 in the same high viability scheme used on the Hasegawa model.
  12. Actually, the Hasegawa Battroid kit lists this mixture for the brown VF-1A feet: 50% mahogany (42) + 10% flat white (62) + 40% burnt iron (61) Their ratios are a bit of a pain, so I’m going to mix up a large bottle of each color so I can use it for several kits. The old brown VF-1A scheme is my favorite (in case you couldn’t tell from my avatar, so I plan to paint a few of them, along with a brown J.
  13. I have a couple each of the original VF-1D and the VT-1 kits. I hope to eventually build an airfield diorama representing a training squadron with an older VF-1D and a new VT-1 (in standard configuration) parked alongside each other. I think the identical training paint schemes on thebteo different aircraft would look good side by side. I keep hoping we’ll see a 1/48 VF-1D from Hasegawa eventually.
  14. I agree - I probably have a half dozen of those kits from the various Macross anniversary releases - VF-1S, Max and Milia’s VF-1Js, VF-1D, three VF-1As, and then several of the ones that were released by Revell (?) under the Robotech name. I really enjoyed building my first one, even though I didn’t know how to paint and left most of it in its original white plastic. I keep telling myself that I’ll build some more, both for fun and for additional painting practice.
  15. They actually already released the 1/48 photo etched parts last month - I got my purchase notice for the VF-1 parts from HLJ on Sept 11. The VF-1 parts have already changed to Backordered status, so that batch seems to have gone quick. I’m waiting for the VF-1S/A model to arrive so I can have them shipped together, hopefully. It was due in October, so I’m not sure if they didn’t get enough to fill my order, or if they haven’t arrived yet.
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