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  1. I’d love to see that. As much as I’d like to have a VE-1 or VT-1, the D is a simpler kit for them to tool, just adding the cockpit section, head, and chest plate, if I recall correctly.
  2. That’s awesome! Love the artwork.
  3. I just received my shipment of five Regults from HLJ yesterday. I paid ¥4,520 for Surface Parcel, which they were offering to the US, but it took almost exactly three months to arrive from when I ordered March 15. I went a little overboard, buying five of them, but I’ve waited for years for a quality Regult kit. I want to have a couple spares in case the first build doesn’t go well (with paint and weathering, etc.). The model does look a bit small for 1/72, but I think it will make up for it in appearance. I have in mind building a Macross City street fight diorama with a couple VF-1A battroids at one end of the block and several Regults at the other end, so some forced perspective would offset the relative scale of the two models.
  4. The solution to this, of course, is to add three more Regults to your warehouse, and maybe throw in a 1/48 VF-1 or two. Then the shipping doesn’t seem as high when you’re getting so many kits at once!
  5. I would love to go in for a set too, if you don't mind. I'll be honest, I haven't opened my kit to see what shape it's in (have to find it after the last move), but I'd like to secure a set of canopies for it just in case.
  6. I’m definitely in for one! I’ve always wanted a model of that aircraft. Please add me to the list! Thanks!
  7. One other minor detail I noticed is that they appear to have blunted the nose a little to match the artwork in the show and movie a little closer. I think the Hasegawa nose looks realistic, but it appears longer and more pointed than the artwork. My apologies if this has been mentioned already, I'm just catching up with this thread.
  8. Very cool! I need to dig out the book and look through those again. The Master Files books have some really great squadron paint scheme ideas - I hope Hasegawa does more of them in the future on their various models. I just got mine yesterday. It's definitely hard to believe it's been that long. I still remember seeing one or two episodes of that strange and exciting new TV series while visiting family in Japan and buying the transformable 1/55 toys with my brother at Kiddyland in Harajuku. One other thing I noticed in the box art when I was looking it over is the Skull Squadron brown VF-1A in the upper left. That's another scheme from the Master Files, where they carried over the black striping on the sides of the forward fuselage and legs from Roy's VF-1S. It's missing the black vertical stabilizers and skull emblem shown in the Master Files version, but it's neat to see that concept included in this box art. Nerd-linger posted this image from the Master Files book about 8 years ago, with the Skull Squadron scheme in the upper left: At some point, I'm going to attempt to do that scheme on both a 1/72 and 1/48 VF-1A, but my modeling efforts have stalled in the last couple years. Really glad to see Hasegawa release both the Black Aces and Sonicbirds schemes in 1/48. I received two of each from HLJ in the last couple months - I love those huge models, but running out of room for the big boxes! I had forgotten that Hasegawa included options to build both TV and movie VF-1A heads, which is a really neat feature of the 1/48 kits (in addition to the two canopies).
  9. I like that scheme. It reminds me of the GBP squadron and special mission variations they included in the Master File book (the VF-1 Battroid one, I think).
  10. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the DYRL pilots in TV fighters in the artwork!
  11. Nice! I preordered three of them from HLJ but haven’t had them shipped yet because I’m debating purchasing a couple more. It’s always a tradeoff, wondering how much another kit will add to the shipping cost. I may just hold off in case they announce the missile variants in the near future.
  12. I ordered a couple sets of these in 1/72. The detail seems decent, but I haven’t had a chance to paint them yet to see how they turn out when finished. The male and female figure differences are so subtle in 1/72 that I’m pretty sure they’ll be indistinguishable once under a canopy. I’ll have to reserve final judgement until I get them painted. Regardless, I was glad to find TV pilots to man my Hasegawa fighters.
  13. Wow, I was away from the forum for a few weeks and got slammed by both the 1/48 Black Aces release and the Regult announcement! Expense couple of months for me, with the Armored Valkyrie and Sonic Birds as well. I'm thrilled to see Hasegawa continuing to support this line. I'm pretty blown away by the Regult announcement. I had thrown the idea out here before as a "wish" but never thought Hasegawa would venture there. It's definitely a big step away from the aircraft theme that allowed them to initially venture into the Macross line. I would love to see a taller / bigger Regult model than this one appears to be, but I'm too excited about a high quality, up-to-date Regult kit after so many years since the old kits appeared. I've followed the many discussions about anime magic and relative scale in the shows and movies, and it seems like most model manufacturers opt for slightly models of the enemy mecha that can be justified with canon measurement references and allow them to produce smaller kits. I've wanted to buy a few RTKF Regult kits but have been trying to be more careful about my hobby budget in the last couple years. I think I'm also more likely to actually finish one of these simpler kits too. I ordered three Regults and will see how they stack up. As others said, although I don't normally model 1/100, I'll order a Wave Battroid to go with these Regults if they look too small for 1/72.
  14. I thought I heard years ago that although the original VF-1 Battroid had issues with weak joints, they corrected that with the Super Battroid kits. I've been away from the forum for a while, so I'm thrilled to see both the Armored Battroid and the 1/48 Sonic Birds model. I bought quite a few of those in 1/72 because their resemblance to a real Navy squadron scheme. If Hasegawa does the SVF-41 Black Aces scheme in 1/48, my wallet is going to be in trouble!
  15. Thanks for the heads up on these. I just ordered two 1/48 sets - one TV and one movie set with additional intake and exhaust details. I was going to order a few 1/72 sets also, but they sold out before I got around to it. I'll keep an eye on them to see if he gets any more in.
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