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  1. Did a quick side by side with the MG 2.0 Looks like he lost some body fat. The new wings are very welcome, always a sore spot on the 2.0
  2. 1) get some some square pieces of advertising/dibond sheet (check your local signmaker) & 1.5 mm steel wire 2) drill holes done:
  3. The decision for 1/100 might as well have been based on the intended sales price; translated into Gunpla, they go for the HGUC crowd instead of the MG modelers.
  4. Hobby Japan article with big pics. The details look excellent. https://hjweb.jp/article/754275/
  5. The text mentions that this is the first in a series commemorating 40 years of Macross, and that a second and third kit are already planned! We'll see more of the kit at the All Japan Model HobbyShow on Oct. 1st.
  6. It's worth watching for Austin Butler's performance alone, but due to the historical events, the second half drags like an overly long vacation in Las Vegas.
  7. I'm all excited for it, but I hope it doesn't end up in a messy spaghetti ball like "Dark".
  8. @arbit That is a very good question, I'll let you know if I ever find an answer...
  9. A few more for the road Now facing the existential question: What to build next...
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