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  1. Not sure who has this on his "most wanted" list... Come on, Bandai – where's my RE/100 Gerbera Tetra?
  2. Let's see where this goes...
  3. The Hobby Boss kit is trash, you should go with the Zvezda version IMO.
  4. I used a glossy light grey shading over a Dark Sea Grey basecoat & Titanium Gold for the yellow bits. Aluminium sounds quite promising. What worked surprisingly well is to fill all the little windows with white acylic.
  5. @Chas the Cordoba is such a great design. Anything special planned for her? I always thought it would look great in a Chris Foss scheme.
  6. Another "let's throw some stuff into the blender and see what happens" trailer IMO. At least the new old school Manta costume looks good.
  7. Decal time. Did I mention that I love the SciFiness of the design?
  8. Very cool build & helpful article on HJ web
  9. I received Sol last week and started a preliminary test assembly. Part fit is great, and the engineering is even better than the last kits; most of the armor pieces are undergated, meaning fast cleanup, and tolerances have gotten better so that joints actually move and you don't risk breaking parts trying to close the final 0.5 mm gap between them.
  10. Nice to see those old kits still getting love. Also, nice to see you around here; weren't you also on Hobbyfanatics? I think I remember enjoying your hobby event reports back then.
  11. Apparently, Magneto has been working on reviving Breakbeat... Seriously, I can't wait to see the movie.
  12. Added the rest of the PE and sensors and other protuding stuff. I love the scifi angles on that thing. And black base layer:
  13. @Rock is that the Wing you've been working at for 10+ years? Looks like your effort paind off, and it must feel great to put this on the shelf finally.
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