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  1. ...... I'm a fair-weather Macross fan. I'm not going to know about everything as soon as it comes out. But thanks for the heads up. I'll try to check before posting in the future.
  2. Yeah, I'm late on the bandwagon AS USUAL. >_< But this sounds intriguing. I REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLLY hope it's not more Delta.
  3. Hey guys! So yeah, just saw the new video. o_o https://www.yubew.com/macross-frontier-singer-sheryl-nome-returns-in-new-animated-video.html Did anyone else catch this bit??? " The return of the character (as voiced by real-life singer May'n) is the first part of a series of commemorations for the Macross franchise's 35th anniversary this year. Among the other announcements are virtual reality, live music concert, theater, planetarium, amusement center, projection mapping display, toy, shop, and network projects. There is also a new television anime planned for 2018 " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is THIS?!!!
  4. Eh. Okay, we'll agree to disagree on some of the songs. I prefer the upbeat, rock n' roll songs of his honestly. I'm sure it is very 'Basara' hence some of my issue with his character but he's still cool.
  5. Well, Dynamite Explosion itself is great. It's the songs that Mylene sings, at least in the first two episodes, aren't really as catchy or good as her others IMO. And Basara sings some weird song while a bunch of wildlife scenes are displayed. I dunno. I'll finish it and let you know.
  6. +1 to all this. Also.... I'm almost done with just the last two Dynamite episodes to go. But..... space whales/hippies/animals eating each other/weird music? Was the director of Dynamite on something at the time? LOL I don't quite get it.
  7. Okay. Obviously I'm over-thinking it. Thanks for the answers and sorry for all the questions. I think my main frustration was that it /WAS/ so short and I wanted to see more of Emilia and more depth to her.
  8. So.... I watched the Macross 7 movie: Ginga ga Ore wo Yondeiru! Umm.... hmmmm..... so I enjoyed it but so much of it didn't MAKE ANY SENSE. - Why was Emilia on that planet living in a cave IN THE FIRST PLACE??? Did her family disown her? - Why was her singing/noise causing issues for the town? - Why did her mech exhaust different colors? What effect, if any did it have? - Why did the movie end so abruptly? - Why was it only 30 minutes??!! Hardly a movie. Overall I enjoyed it, especially the little kid but.... C'mon!!
  9. Yeah, they're all good songs. Been listening to all of them in my car lately.
  10. Why is Dedako Baby!!! so freaking addicting.
  11. JB0: All that is true, good points. Also it seems like Mylene's face is quite different from scene to scene but I just blame that on bad animation. BTW now I understand your "Dr. Chiba is Lady M" theory.
  12. Wow, you hit the nails on the heads. I bolded some of your answers that were EXACTLY what I was thinking. I hear many Beatles-like riffs and styling when listening to some of the songs (I have the Ultra Fire album). And yes, Chie makes Mylene sound much older and sultry. Good word. That all makes sense so I'm glad I assumed most of it. I love the series so far and am pretty sure I'll love everything else once I see them. What's the best order to watch everything in BTW?
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