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  1. My humble Macross collection thus far. And yes, Misa is Zentradi-sized.
  2. Hey, no worries Shawn! Looks good and functional.
  3. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Last but not least of my first 3 HMRs. Beautiful figures. Just wish the VF-1S came with a stand.
  4. Update: Looks like it's back to normal? If this is the normal look anyways.
  5. Hey Az. PC and using Brave browser (Chrome clone basically). This issue wasn't there yesterday, just popped up today when I logged on.
  6. Hey yo! So visiting the site today I noticed that there's this strange menu drop-down showing up at the top of each page.
  7. I'd love one of those tapestries. Awesome art.
  8. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Okay, thanks. Appreciate the tip.
  9. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Thank ya. It's very nice looking in all modes, though it did seem a bit more temperamental when transforming, especially into fighter mode. But I'm happy with it. I have to say though that the instructions for these HMR are pretty horrible, at least when it tries to show you what to do with small close-ups. And thanks for those tips! I kept trying to pull the hear shield down but couldn't so good to know I won't break it. LOL.
  10. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Alright. So I just happened upon a VF-0S today at my local Kpop/anime store (yeah I know, strange but it's a cool store). Anyways, I grabbed it and cancelled the order I had for one that was taking forever. LOL. Here are some pics I took, hopefully 100% transformed correctly.
  11. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint
  12. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, I should really hardcode Gerwalk into my brain to replace that evil Guardian word. GAWOKKUU MOODUUUU.
  13. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Oh I know and I don't mind. I expect it.
  14. MisaForever

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes yes, I'll admit it's the term I heard more often growing up. :P YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!
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