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  1. New York City, Upper West Side, 72nd St station. YAKK DECULTURE!
  2. Has this ever happened before? I don’t recall any major delays or unfulfilled promises in the franchise. I mean I too was surprised that it was announced so quickly after Delta ended. But then again they released Plus and 7 pretty much at the same time and I was looking forward to something more serious like Plus was.
  3. With a name like that one would think they can deliver via Space Fold.
  4. I would just ask for delivery...
  5. There is a version of the original Macross on Netflix, it's called Tech-something or something-Tech... I don't know. It has awful songs and it's heavily botched.
  6. I think I know exactly what happened to the Megaroad-01. On a dreary dark day in late 2016 on board the Megaroad all the crew and the civilians had no idea about what to do for entertainment. Minnay had a sore throat and couldn’t sing. So they started watching Macross Delta and after watching it Captain Hayase decided to just disappear instead and never to return. If this isn’t accurate, I don’t know what is.
  7. I am fine as long as we get a serious and believable story with enough mecha fights. I personally was very impressed with all the dog fights and space action in Frontier. I would like to get something like that again. I remember the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I was watching it. Of course my main love is the original series but let's face it, that approach to anime in general is long gone, just like the Megaroad-01 is. We have to keep our minds open.
  8. This is the Boeing X-51 Waverider hypersonic experimental aircraft. Is it me or does it actually bear a striking resemblance to Hikaru's Fan Racer?
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