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  1. As noted watch this board for preorders. To know when to watch this board I suggest turning on email notifications for the threads you're interested in here. When a lot of email activity happens you will know its time to check in here.
  2. If the helmet horns/antennas weren't there that concept might pass for a chunky Ride Armor in silhouette. That design is not for me, but that means more stock for somebody else if it ever gets produced.
  3. Good season overall. I liked the villain switch-up even if it shrank the mysterious realm of the Upside Down somewhat. An antangonist that was slightly more human that can actually communicate more with the protagonists felt like a good addition. Maybe cut down the running time of the episodes next season though. The final episode was a marathon that I kept wondering when it would end.
  4. Probably the Lego Boba Fett minifig from the old Cloud City set. I sold off the actual Cloud City set and just kept the minifigs from it. The other minifigs are also considered pretty rare.
  5. I'll watch. I don't have any expectations for a Willow sequel and I'm curious where it goes.
  6. Saw the movie yesterday and I'm not that fond of it. Pacing was a big issue, IMO. It could have been done in two hours. Especially if they lopped off some of that ending.
  7. I figure its too far along now in time and money to cancel the movie. Next Flash film, if there is one, they'll probably be rethinking it.
  8. Were there any fans wanting more Rogue One character stories? I always thought the movie only did as well as it did due to Disney striking when the iron was hot for Star Wars movies.
  9. Not feeling it given how different this looks and sounds to the original series. Guess that's why its staying on streaming rather than facing box office receipts.
  10. A prequel series. Just thinking of all the good prequels I've seen....­čÖŐ Is this show based upon any actual Tolkien writing, or is it made up whole cloth? I'm guessing just bits and pieces of The Silmarillion if anything.
  11. An accurate take. This wasn't the Boba Fett I was imagining. Then he got pushed out of his own show for Disney expys that are currently popular.
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