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  1. I don't think Obi-wan should be fighting Vader in his suit at all until their encounter on the Death Star, but my fan status for this series has waned so much due to its treatment over the years by Lucas, and now Disney that I can't care much anymore. This is just whatever to me.
  2. I watched it. When I started it I was expecting this movie to have all of the story that was in the 1984 version. Once they meandered a bit on Caladan I figured this movie wasn't going to make it and yup, it doesn't. The weird technological anachronisms in Dune get to me more than in most sci-fi stories, but I know I need to just ignore that thought in my head as I watch it. Okay movie. Did not blow me away, but maybe its the deju-vu I got from seeing the 1984 Lynch version first or the above mentioned anachronisms that brought it down a bit for me. I am glad Paul seems to have more misgivings about his origins this time around. Its been a while since I've seen the original, but in the Lynch version I got a sense that all the characters, including Paul, thought that he was some sort of prophesized savior all along. That sucked most of the tension out of the original, but I still liked it enough. The new version still has Paul quickly becoming a super being, but there was a little more pushback here which was better. Also glad all that internal dialogue exposition was taken out. Show, don't tell, is the best for movies.
  3. Guess I'm a little late to figure out what was happening, but I was relying upon the notification emails to help me when pre-orders started. Not receiving anything now.
  4. Yup. Already getting thoughts of 1987's Masters of the Universe in my head.
  5. I was tempted to get this but with missing content I'm sticking with my 2015 JP blu-ray set.
  6. I take it Blitzway, the Voltron producers, want to know you're serious about your pre-order.
  7. Weird seeing a Spielberg-ian style movie constantly invoke imagery and sometimes even footage from a comedy of a different genre. If I see this at all it'll be on home video. Not going to pay theatre prices for "Remember this?" the movie.
  8. Just how many brainwashed Russian agents that secretly control world events are out there? Definitely felt like a rehash of Winter Soldier.
  9. The Turrican games loved taking inspiration from popular 80s animation.
  10. I never kept mine either, but I did buy that minicomic collection book that came out a little while back. https://www.amazon.com/He-Man-Masters-Universe-Minicomic-Collection/dp/1616558776
  11. All the mentions of NY reminded me to try to use the "store credit" they gave me instead of my Fast Pack set on another pre-order item that I know won't sell out. Apparently they only give you a year to use your store credit, then it expires and you lose any money you might have had with them. I'm actually not even expecting this similarly priced item from them, but giving it a shot anyway.
  12. That may be the case. During the entirety of the pandemic I've been fine waiting the extra 3 months that I've come to expect from the rare shipments I get from Japan. This is the first time I've seen this type of forced shipment upgrade happen.
  13. First shipping charge when I originally paid was 2,490 yen. This time they demanded 2,010 yen, which I paid like a sucker.
  14. I was sent the "gimmemore" email, but until I read this thread today I had forgotten I had already paid for shipping from Big in Japan. I guess thats what they were banking on from their customers. So now I've paid close to $50 to ship one set of TV fast packs. I'm not ordering from them again. My Bandai DX hobby now has two online retailers off my list due to fast pack shenanigans (the other being NY as everyone else has experienced).
  15. Was hoping to get everything SDF related released stateside, but I guess I'll have to live with getting easier access to Macross Plus material.
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