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  1. Oh! I get confused in my old age. Never mind me!!
  2. ?? Good looking mechs there, @SteveTheFish
  3. I didn't get the sense that she always wanted to be 'her own person.' That little routine they go through, that Osha is clearly more aggravated about doing now, must have come about when they were both very much into being twinsies. That is my assumption anyway. As to going to her parents, or other adults about Mae's cruelty streak. kids don't tell their parents everything, esp if they don't want the other person to get in trouble, or if they are down playing the danger just to not face the problem itself. People can be very good at that.😉
  4. 'Marge' has been found! About three weeks passed, but searchers found the P-38 of Richard Bong, named Marge, that was lost for 80 years. It was identified by its serial number, and sadly the image of Marge herself is long gone. But what a find! https://www.flyingmag.com/news/u-s-wwii-ace-richard-bongs-p-38-believed-found/
  5. I think we saw the break up of that very thing in episode 3. They clearly had a far closer relationship in the past, with their own personal rhymes and songs about them being truly two of one, but Osha clearly had had enough of not seeing herself as her own person. Wanting to join the Jedi may have just been an outgrowth of this that waned over the course of her training. And Mae was getting angry at her sister because she was starting to pull away from her, maybe because Osha noticed her sister's growing psychosis, on a deeper level than just cruelty to animals, and didn't want to be 'one' with that.
  6. Oh yeah, I know they don't film week to week. No one days anymore. And I'd say that being a show runner is different from writing and directing. The writer/director can filter the show runner's creation, smoothing out inconsistencies (or just bad ideas) to something that flows a lot more organically and minus strange leaps in plot. I don't know if it is because she did not write or direct this one, but is one better than the first two, where she did both with episode 1 and part in 2.
  7. Please, don't let Leslye Headland write any more for this show, or direct for that matter. This was definitely a better episode for that. It was nice to see what at least part of the back story is, and I'm sure we'll start to see the other side of what happened in the following episodes. Anyway, better episode this time. EDIT - checking the Wiki page, Headland is not shown in the writer/director's chair for the remainder of the episodes, so yay right there.
  8. Pretty meh about this. Underwhelmed for the most part. I won't quibble and say I was not watching for CAM (Carrie-Ann Moss) but I was... ...and then she was gone in under ten minutes... What an all-out waste of an actress! The one playing the green Jedi Masters should have been there and CAM should have had her role. And then there are the easy-out McGuffins. For me, this show (so far) ranks way bellow the Boba and Obi-Wan series. It has some great sets and costumes, great FX and such, but it needs better writers and directors - and to stop allowing obvious short-cuts to just to push the scenes. Was really hoping for more.
  9. @pengbuzz So that's what happened to Conan!? Some very good mods to that figure, Peng
  10. Unfortunately, that looked like it was just a running series of gag jokes. Does not make me want to watch it...
  11. The astronaut who took the iconic Earthrise picture passed away in a plane crash off the San Juan islands. https://apnews.com/article/plane-crash-san-juan-islands-washington-6d3800130ef4e67d761f96b328f7c263 Fair winds, bright stars and God's speed, good sir!
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