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  1. I still say, Pike's future of getting injured and confined to the chair, and then living out the rest of his life 'whole and hale' with the woman he loves, could be his best future. He can still die, so he still has to take care of himself and others, and he is not going to hide from that future, because if he does so those cadets will die. They have names and faces now, and in fact they are still kids, so you know he is going to do what he can to protect them. And as for at first trying to hide from it, who wouldn't? Fear grips everyone in different ways, but trying to hide from it is only natural.
  2. Wow, fantastic collection. I see a number of ships there I would love to have. As in all of them!!
  3. Came across the TeePublic website, and they have their Macross/Robotech tee-shirts on sale for $14! https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirts?query=macross+robotech Ordered one myself.
  4. I'll posit that Beyond was not what tanked the reboot series, but it was the backlash over Into Darkness that was just too deep for it (Beyond) to overcome. And a lot of that backlash was from JJ openly lying about the plot and who would be in it. And that Into Darkness was just a bad rip-off of TWoK, without anything from TWoK that made it so good. Beyond was more it's own movie rather than another redo of a previous plot (other than a villain wanting to destroy Earth - again.) The only thing that I really didn't like about Beyond was their ability to make the new Enterprise look even uglier.
  5. That's a great looking club @pengbuzz! And real nice work on that Enterprise.
  6. The bows look good, but I do not like those sterns.
  7. And Tremors II. He made the only good sequel to it worth while. Take care Mr. Ward, you are an iconic man who shall be missed.
  8. @tekering While I would like smaller sets, holding to the same dimensions as the TOS version, I am liking the aesthetics. And I've liked the first two eps. Very good, IMO.
  9. Episode 2 out of the way, and SNW continues to impress! Really liking the character interactions an story. Keep it up!
  10. I guess I'll be activating Hulu again. 😀 This is season three, right?
  11. You know, I've never done one of these before, but put one in a box for me!
  12. It was alright. Not a bad movie to rent, though it made me really want a sequel to 2018's Tomb Raider.
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