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  1. @peter @electric indigo @pengbuzz @CrossAir @MechTech Too many models and posts, and I don't have enough time to say how much I admire them all! Looking great!
  2. That, and the Taco Bell commercial!
  3. Ha! I remember watching that as a kid. Cool car to my kiddie eyes (still is), and it had LUKE!! Though, I was always confused about the scene with Potts' character in the pool...
  4. Oh, no crap!! F-Yeah! EDIT - note: I did not say crap...😆
  5. Love that there's a story even for a chipped slat!
  6. Your Client is bound to be very happy!
  7. The kid-crew will have plenty of plot-armor and 'rugged know-how,' to overcome all odds. And they're in the Delta Quadrant, so I'm assuming the ship found its way there via the Caretaker..? And Janeway is a training hologram help them 'find their way.'
  8. It's a nice model, but what's the point of mounting it that way? I guess for 'free floating' but then it needs the guide wires.
  9. Is that turned into a Super Sylph? Great work, no matter what!
  10. Staying tuned in! These are nice blasts from the past, and hopefully a deal (steal?) Cool work on the gun and great looking decal replacements! ...only.... poor Megatron looks so funky!
  11. Not too weird if more people agree! From that angle, at least, it looks quite attractive.
  12. The top one looks like the X-32 and the F-35 had a love child.
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