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  1. Got this image off another site. It's the Hero T-70 from RoS going into the Smithsonian. Check who is sitting one space over...
  2. So, now we really know what happened to Minmay. She got trapped in your diorama!! Looks very cool though. I'm sure she's quite happy there.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swexWob7UH
  4. @pengbuzz You wrapped it up all pretty-like! That base looks great, and I'm glad that it is so stable. @joscasle Wow, that /48 Valk is a large bird. Quite the good canvas for a good paint job.
  5. I think he was just envisioning a future where, either, people were adult enough to not ogle or crack jokes, or the times were just too stressful to care about nudity either way. To go a little deeper, we see a police dept suffering cutbacks and shortages, and maybe they just couldn't afford a large enough precinct for both more jail cells and an extra locker room.
  6. I enjoyed it. It's based on one of the series of books I am interested in reading. A nice collection of characters, where none of them left me wondering when it was going to get back to the 'good parts' seeing as most of them were good parts. I felt the ending could have been a bit more 'climactic' though.
  7. @peter Ouch! sometimes, they must be retired to Static-Display Status. Rather than a Gate Guard, you can call it a Shelf Guard. As for the B-17, do a Bait-n-Switch. Talk up the 1/32 like you can't live without it, then say you'll 'settle' for the new 1/48 version!
  8. Cockpit going together. Since the canopy is going to be closed, I stayed with the kit instrument panel, but sanded it thinner, drilled out the holes and put the dial decals on a thin sheet of stryene which was then glued to the back.
  9. I think that would look really cool.
  10. @peter Those are some good looking VFs! Loved those posed shots. @pengbuzz Love that last shot! Real nice work. Brought her home in fine fashion!
  11. Aah! A dastardly Klingon Thumb Attack! Quite brazen of them. But you certainly repaired it in fine fashion. Sorry to hear the Hornet was a loss though. I'm doing a Spitfire for a GB, and have messed up three times already on simple things, and have substituted a pair of upper wings and now whole fuselage halves! Sometimes I wonder why I do it, as I rarely feel relaxed from a build. Can't seem to stop though! Don't stay away for long! Dang, nice looking paint!
  12. Ding, ding, ding! But post war. In the same class. Spitfire.
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