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  1. Witcher is definitely the better of the two. Watering down the first season by including more story lines from other books, and fudging about with 'who is the Dragon Reborn,' when all who read the books knew from almost the first few pages of the first book who that was, wasn't the best move, IMO. There was no real mystery who that was and the books worked just fine, so the same could have been done here. This should have been more Rand-centric than it was.
  2. So, shades of First Contact, apparently. Borg/Q go back in time and Picard and crew must go back earlier in order to restore history. Been done before, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's all in how they carry it out.
  3. Yes, optics is a big thing. But, considering what Marco had done to Earth...
  4. Very nice! I'm really hoping we get a series with the action and look, and lack of boobies and weinies, as the LotR trilogy.
  5. I was entertained. It was doing a marathon pace rather than a sprint, which I can appreciate. There are some holes in it, such as them not interfering. Druig already wandered off at that point, taking hundreds with him, deciding that not interfering wasn't good enough. That's a guy who could have walked up to Thanos, done the mind trick and then sent him off on his merry way. If it was something more hard-wired, as apparently it is in the comics(?) then that would have been the way to go here, perhaps using the fact that Thena was 'broken,' as a way to then break the others of their own programming. But that wasn't too big of a deal for me. I tend to see these movies as separate entities rather than worrying about how they tie into the other movies. They are movies, made by different directors and writers and actors, so a little dissociation is to be expected. It did finally tsart picking up a little before the half way point. Liked the dynamics of the characters, the push and pull and everyone moving towards what their own desires led them to. Wasn't an HEA all around, which is a good thing. One thing, I was thinking Kit Harrington was wasted in this movie up until the very end. Not being 'all up' on comics, I wouldn't know to recognize the character's name and realize there was more to him than just the human boyfriend. Glad of that. I'd be interested in a sequel.
  6. And the Roci flies off into the void... Safe flying, Roci! Good last season, as solid as all the rest, with all the characters staying true to form throughout. My one wish is that they did not keep teasing about events on that planet with the 'dogs.' Since we may never see anything else coming from it, it ended up being a waste of time better spent elsewhere. Still, enjoyed it!
  7. Thom

    Macross 5

    Nice work! Makes me wish there more kits of these ships.
  8. I like the costume, and psyched if Keaton comes back as the Bat. Unsure however about Leslie Grace. Never heard of her before, and from what I've seen so far, she doesn't really have the look of Batgirl. Batwoman maybe, but I don't get a young, brash vibe that one would expect when using that suit as the basis for the movie version. This should be a teenager, not an almost thirty year old. But, I will give it the benefit and see what they do. Would love to see more super heroines on the screen. Just do better than the CW Batwoman...
  9. @arbit Great looking little figure! Should look good colored up. As to kit-bashing, I think the percentage of the model used comes into play. Something less than 25% or something...?
  10. @Bolt I can see that Lancer and the Lightning flying in a Heritage Flight Display.
  11. @Bolt Great looking Regult! Love the art work.
  12. I don't want to see them in form-fitting jumpsuits!😱
  13. My one gripe... The women (mostly) are still in jump suits. Get them in regular frikin uniforms!
  14. Well that was a good one. I enjoyed it overall, though it did have its weak, campy moments. Really liked seeing all the Spidey's on one screen, though my fav live-action is still Maguire.
  15. It's also the toy, which can have slightly off in its proportions. But I'm liking it as a first version Batmobile. Again, as Azraell said, if they get more movies out of this then they can get more sophisticated and sleek, and even brutish, in their designs.
  16. So, a good session of drunk-modelling is in order.😀
  17. @pengbuzz Challenge! Cardboard. Tape. 'Spares Box.' You. and This!
  18. Just think @MechTech you can melt down those shavings into a new hunk of metal! 😁 On as aside, that first attempt looked damn good. The next is bound to be even better!
  19. You fix what you can - and then fix what else you can! Great progress!
  20. Dude, Dragon Lance was my gateway drug to fantasy! Loved that series. A great intro to elves, dwarves, dragons and kender. Though, if I had my way, it would have stopped with the initial series. I feel it got played out. The last I read of that universe was a YA series, with like half a dozen authors competing with different story lines and main characters, Was not good to end with. If I was to reread it, it would just be the initial story. Another one I'll be rereading is the Belgariad, by David Eddings.
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