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  1. Very cool. There's also one of a VF-25 mated to a Cosmo Tiger!
  2. A Utopian society is a great thing to reach for, but as a species I believe it is always something we will only ever be reaching for. We will always fall short, but as long as we are still striving for it, that it's not really a possibility doesn't really matter. That has always been one of the more unbelievable aspects of ST for me, and I am more likely to believe that there are elements like Section 31 operating in the shadows as a dirty, not really recognized secret. That's not saying I want a show centered on Section 31... Give me more with Seven and Shaw and the Titan! Shaw needs to get his adventure on!
  3. Yeah, @Rock Id' say the angle you have them set at looks way better than 90. At that angle they'd be doing nothing but paddling the air. And the shading on those legs panels are excellent!
  4. Also, the situation was a maybe a bit too stressful for 'wink-wink, nudge-nudge' moment.😁
  5. Another good episode! IMO, they're keeping the level of writing and acting up for the last three and I'm really hoping it continues. Good seeing Geordi and his kids together, though I have to say... Seeing Data... As for Jack... Now if they could have just given us twenty more minutes of just flying around the museum! Looking at the ships in their circular docking areas certainly showed the size difference between the Refit-A and the Titan. And did anyone else see that NX with the refit lower hull? Best shot though...
  6. Subtitles would seem to be one of the easiest things to do, and to not do so would be more of a means of shooting oneself in the foot.
  7. Well, Shadow and Bone S2 was just as good as the first season, which I really enjoyed. Here's to hoping it gets approved for a third season, as well as the Six of Crows spin-off! If the bean counters at Netflix are smart (and not diks) they'll try to get more completed shows in their library, rather than a mountain of shows without any endings.,,
  8. The real story that I want is not the creation of the Blackberry - but of Etch-A-Sketch! Now that would be a nail biter!!
  9. It was very enjoyable! A little cringy with some of Lui's line delivery, but overall a very good movie. And I loved...
  10. Second! Very good looking plane.
  11. On its own, it already looks really good. but once you show the intended changes, then yeah, it's gonna look even better!
  12. Looks good enough to... well... eat!
  13. All coming along really well there. @derex3592. Nice work on the bow planes.
  14. Phenomenal build, and so quick too! In awe!
  15. I know, right! And that takes us back to @pengbuzz's comment about ignoring the first two. But, though it took a while to get here*, at least season 3 is living up to what we had hoped the whole series had been from the start. * though there is no guarantee this level of writing and plot will survive the next episode or two...
  16. In a clinch, I would prefer Riker or Picard over Shaw. Keeping in mind that the first two season were not 'stellar' the last two episodes have put them out to pasture! The writing in these two has been far above their usual par, and that's not just because the bar has been lowered. The first time I felt anything approaching the level of TNG has been these last two.
  17. Very true, though here's hoping it does not suffer a quiet death...
  18. @derex3592 From the option there, I'd choose Alclad over grey.
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