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  1. Wow, some real intricate masking! Good luck when the paint flies.
  2. Well, alright then! I recall buying the first book in the Little Professor Book store in Kearney NJ many many moon turnings agone. Unfortunately, I've given up on it after the twelve for so book and the introduction of the thirtieth character and the fifteenth or so enemy to pop up... But, I'll definitely give the show a chance. Marked on the calendar.
  3. Love looking at other people's collection. I get all greedy!
  4. @Urashiman Nice, have fun building that. @Gabe Q Great looking VF-0 Battroid! I like the non-hero paint scheme on it. @pengbuzz Very cool work with the elevator.
  5. Interesting tid-bit. The line 'You're going to need a bigger boat,' actually was a reference to the support boat needed to guide the camera barge they used beside the Orca, both for filming and carrying supplies for the film crew. Only it wasn't a very big craft, lacking the power it needed to keep the barge steady, which led to a gunning gag on set about 'needing a bigger boat.' https://www.cinemablend.com/new/Hilarious-Way-Jaws-Came-Up-With-Its-Most-Famous-Line-116997.html
  6. When done well as that, it looks so awesome!
  7. @arbit Those figures are looking great! You have me really tempted to ask, 'how much?' @derex3592 That is a nice and clean looking set-up. Wifey might like a towel or sheet over that nice table though... @Photogirl Impressive work on the decal sheet! @MechTech Once again you wow with the details on those mechs. And great idea using the bark painted up as rock. Shouldlook rean nice.
  8. I remember Nimoy hosting In Search Of... Loved that show as a kid. They redid the series a year or two ago with, fittingly, Zachary Quinto. It had two seasons.
  9. Even if it does turn out that MJ forgets along with everyone else, the main difference between the movie and the comic, either OMiT or OMD, is that they are not married, They are still basically kids going through first love, though with a lot more entanglements. They as yet do not have the weight of a relationship going back years, with thoughts of marriage and children. so even if she does end up forgetting, and everyone does, there's still plenty of time for them to start over. Or maybe Gwen Stacy will come into the picture. Who knows yet?
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