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  1. @tekering that is an amazing bit of work! It looks factory fresh. Better even!
  2. I hope you find a way that works best for you! Hey, at least its available.😁
  3. Well it's all is who is behind the camera and writing. Apparently, the screenings for the Flash were coming back good, so I assume that would include SG, plus the Flash was planned and carried out as a feature movie and not a streaming film.
  4. I wonder then if you could adjust the STL, printing the central city in regular resin, but breaking up the wraparound framing and glass into three or four pieces that are all printed in clear, then masked after clean-up to paint the frames.
  5. Would it be easier to print a buck and then vacform the clear parts from it?
  6. I actually wish that patterning on the shoulders and down the sleeves had not been there. That uniform did not need the embellishment, and was actually a bit of a distraction from the SQUEE-moment of seeing Pike in a post-TWoK uniform!
  7. That's one reason why I was hoping for Calle's Supergirl, as it looks like we may be in for yet another reboot of all the big names (excluding PattinBat which in some ways is already a reboot(?)). But concentrating on 'second string' superheroes would give the big names a bit of a rest, give more variety (see Marvel) and could refresh the brand.
  8. Well, they could reverse the cancellation on Batgirl and cancel Flash at the same time, using the same tax excuse, and only lose 100mil.ðŸĪŠ
  9. And you know, despite how much I was looking forward to it, more for Batman and Supergirl, I think it's time. Miller is crashing and burning fast, and I already wasn't going to watch this right away, at least not while it would profit them/him. The only thing that could save this, in my opinion, would be to recast Miller, which would mean expensive reshoots. Although, since they threw away 90mil on Batgirl what's another 90 huh..?
  10. Did do. 😉 If I had thought about it first, I probably would have countersunk it into the rim, but this was an afterthought after cutting it off from the neck piece.
  11. Man... I was never really into her work, but I liked her in Volcano and Six Days/Seven Nights. My thoughts go out to her family. It is never easy.
  12. @tekering So your desk is the final stop on the assembly line? Cause that looks like fine, professional-level work right there!
  13. Well, if Future Unknown is their last episode (please let it not be so!) then they are going out in fine style. There is no huge plot hanging over everything, as it is just three or four supblots allowed to shine all on their own and MacFarlane and team did it fantastically, I think this is one of the best episodes of all three seasons, and that's saying something with how far they've raised the bar this season. MacFarlane wrote and directed as episode that weaved family-style drama with sweet humor that had be smiling from opening to closing credits. And really hoping that no, this is not the end. But if it is, this is how you go out, leaving them (me) wanting more!
  14. On her way to Xanadu...ðŸ˜Ē
  15. A little spacer added to the top of the neck fixed an alignment problem. Adding a spru to the saucer to help 'thicken' it a bit upset the alignment and left the nacelle tilted slightly butt-up. I'll just plate over any gap. I also added some length to the neck to give it a longer profile. The blue spot on the side is the new airlock door. I used a drill with the same size as the original from the torpedo housing and I actually found a similar diameter length of spru from the F-spru from the 1/1000 Yamato kit. It is just slightly recessed.
  16. It would need Ryan Reynolds doing a cameo while reading a Deadpool comic. In high heel boots.
  17. Actually, they don't need to bring in the TNG cast to have people who hate it, or long for the days of TNG, to watch it. They'll watch it anyway if only to see if there are more reason for which to hate it. Point of fact, most posters here don't like this show, but we are on 42 page...
  18. Damn sorry to hear that! My 'local' hobby shop is the internet... Hey, when you're able to get back to the modelling table, let me know. Same address?
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