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  1. @neptunesurvey1 Those are some great looking builds! Really liking that Prmotheus!
  2. @tekering Wowza!! I'm not into figures too much, but that is a fantastic display!
  3. Looking damn fine, @pengbuzz! That first one looks great.
  4. Great haul there @derex3592! @505thAirborne Working it now! Currently redoing the head, as I want something different than what I started 9 years ago. As to the kits, I think I have one complete kit left of the NuGalactica and the Moebius TOS Galactica. Then there's a big box of battlestar parts, part of which came from buying damaged kits direct from Moebius at the time. If you are interest in more battlestars, check out Colonial Fleet Shipyards on Facebook. He does Bezerks, armored Galacticas, escort ships and other battlestar ships, all in resin.
  5. There's also that jerky motion when it rolls and snaps over.
  6. @Bolt I'm sure I can gather up enough plastic dust for a few squadrons!😁
  7. Yeah, I only saw it on that small clip, and definitely doing moves an F-14 can't do.
  8. It looks extremely real, but I'ma call bogus on that.
  9. Those pilots are looking good @pengbuzz. @arbit The helmet is coming along great! And alright, this Beast is nosing out of her cave after a near decade long hibernation!
  10. I'm telling myself those are not her legs...😜
  11. That's alright, they'll have two good engines and a strong pair of wings to carry them!
  12. That is an awesome looking 'cat @Rock! But Sergeant @pengbuzz they ain't got no legs.🤯
  13. Well, since I mean people trying to change a story from the source it came from rather than working with it, changing a little wording like Ford did (in a great way!) is hardly a comparison. Using The Rings of Power as a comparison, there was a lot of things that were jumbled up and changed around, including, so far, characters missing entirely, new characters created in their place, and events that have been ignored. Things, that with just a little bit of work, could have been used and folded into the bigger story in a far more cohesive manner befitting the source material. If you are going to make a series based on the history of The Lord of the Rings, then use its history rather than trying to make changes to. If that's what was happening on the Witcher, then I applaud Cavil for taking a stand. If producers or directors or actors want to make a story with their own ideas and plans, then they can make their own rather taking over an established story and changing it to suit their own wishes.
  14. I'm not hating it. In fact, I am still entertained, though too much of that is a laughing 'at' rather than laughing 'with' situation. The forced comedy is jarring, like when you have a troll speaking like a cultured gentleman, or hear one troll in a group asking when they're going to get lunch. Or taking the wild men from the last episode and turning them into a gag. So many bad choices being made... but I'm still watching and still having fun watching. So, go figure.
  15. Which lets you know who was the real problem on set.
  16. Mine are on the way! I think these'll end up being a couple of standard blue fleet birds. Now we just needs some super packs for them and an RVF-171 version.😀 EDIT Of course, thinking about it, I may have an extra 1/72 RVF-25 in the stash that I can pull those parts off of...🤔
  17. Indeed those are some sexy looking valks! Nice work @ElliotGrimes. And I'll add another welcome to the forum!
  18. Nice one @Urashiman. Open that bad girl up so we may live vicariously through thee! Mine won't be here for a month or two, as I chose the cheaper (slowest) delivery option.
  19. Despite the loss of Gadot, Cavil, Affleck and Momoa (and please, Miller!) I'm hopeful. I've liked Gunn's work on almost all of his Marvel stuff, so I think he is less likely to screw it all up. That doesn't account for life in general of course, re the reason Snyder departed and then Whedon just redoing almost the whole JL in his image... At this point, a full reboot is probably the best way to go.
  20. So dang good! Love it all lit up like that. When the cabinet door opens, does Celine start to sing..?
  21. Oh, the mood lighting!😉 Looks ready for a night trap.
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