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  1. Just about finished the cockpit on the Hellcat. I just need to add some levers to the throttle quadrant. Thom
  2. @derex3592 Thank you. I give some props to the PE!😁 @CrossAir You repaint is coming along great! Can't wait to see her all back together again.
  3. @electric indigo Those are some really noice colors!
  4. Couple of builds on the table. I'm painting and weathering the cockpit to my Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat. And the Sprite is out from a recent trip to the paint station. It'll go back in again, as there was some paint peel, but not much and I'll be adding more colors to her. but as she is now... More to follow. Model on! Thom
  5. Is it me, or does that section standing up in back look like part of an air intake..? Or is that part of the bottom, gear well?
  6. @derex3592 Nicely intricate paint work.
  7. Lovely. Sure to be a happy customer!
  8. @Dobber @MechTech Thank you much! I hope the turtle likes her expanded digs!
  9. Work continues once again on the Sprite! I had hit the bottom with Tamiya Silver Leaf before it was set aside, and then masked some areas off. And today I hit it with Model Master Light Ghost Gray. Once that dries, I'll mask again and lay down a lighter gray, and then think about an 'accent' color. More to come. Thom
  10. They do look really good together! Nice job. And yes, what you say does make sense. The TOS would require a little bit of work to get the detail proportions 'correct.'
  11. 1/600 or /650, it's just about the same size as the old AMT Enterprise, and the Moebius Kelvin is pretty much the 'same' scale as well.
  12. I like the little plays they did with the trailers!
  13. Most books or movies tend to borrow something, big or small. The real good ones expand upon them without evoking the source too much, if at all. And if you are going to borrow from something, that list has the best of most choices.
  14. Cool! I hope it has the feel of his Jumanji movies. And Emily Blunt... Awesome!
  15. Here here! I'd love to have a series focused on her.
  16. @electric indigo Really like the shades on that mech! @peter Good looking progress. Shite about the ins though. As for the registry, those could have moved around during the ship's operational life. For myself, she's DUN! I glued the prop on today and called it finished. Not my best work. Most of the problems were self-incurred, as the kit is pretty good. I think I prefer the Academy version more, but the decals in this boxing were great. Except for the prop blade decals, which were slightly shaped wrong on the front, and not reversed on the back. With that done, and before I do another GB on Britmodeller, I'm going to resurrect my USS Sprite build. @peter has inspired me to get back to it. Just some painting to do left on it. Thom
  17. Thank you! I guess YMMV. I haven't watched the show in a while, but I definitely got the impression that she was pretty good. In head to head with Hayate, she was owning him until he pulled the catfish flip maneuver. She hit him two or three times, he hit her once. And she only seemed to improve as they were going along. But, maybe that's because I'm a little infatuated...🤩
  18. Except that she's in a prestigious fighter squadron, supporting one of the biggest idol bands/sound units in the quadrant. I doubt she would get there with 'textbook' skills, much less be allowed to fly one of the hottest fighters around, and be considered one of the best in her outfit.
  19. I would contend that she is already an ace pilot. 😀
  20. I'd rather they had Mirage star in her own series, rather than playing third-fiddle. As stated above, I also wouldn't want her to be the kind of person who just bides her time, waiting for the winner of their little love triangle to pass on. That's kind of calculating and creepy. As to Freyja, I hope they end of finding a way for her to survive with a longer lifespan.
  21. It was good. Not the best movie, for the reasons stated above, but the action was great as well as the acting, and the emotional scenes really sold it. As to goofy... But again, it was still a fun ride.😁
  22. @derex3592 Your Titanic is already looking magnificent, and with a real nice base. @electric indigo 'Girly colors' can look really cool! @peter It's a real shame how they futzed up the scales on those models. They look either ridiculously over-sized or ridiculously under-sized! Which reminds me, I should finally finish my kitbash USS Sprite...🤔
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