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  1. No matter how it came about, I'm really glad they are doing it. Although, no, sorry Jackman, for me, Logan is in off-shoot alternate universe with nothing to do with the main series of movies. I hated what they did to the X-Men in that.
  2. Thanks about the hair, I had forgotten that part. And,
  3. @pengbuzz No one on a ship ever wants to explain the crabs! Your Enterprise is looking awesome, Peng! Truly a dynamic display, only to look better after you've scattered some crew across it like sprinkles!
  4. EDIT!! These are both That one is fantastic! Love it.
  5. @Bolt Looking better every post!
  6. More than likely, that decision was made because his movie is done and just awaiting release, whereas all the others (except for Aqua2) were still just pipe-dreams. Still, that they have dumped Gadot and Cavil and Momoa but kept Miller is like a bad pill. Right now, (and as my own pipe dream) I'm really hoping the end of his movie will lead into a cinematic New52.😁
  7. But all those pics are in Japanese!😜
  8. @pengbuzz Looks very cool already!
  9. This last episode was surprising in that, In my humble opinion, it was so good! Very character driven and well written. So far the best episode to date. If all of them had been done as good as this one, I'd give the entire season an 8/10 rather than the 5/10 I'd give it right now. I'm really hoping they'll hold to this level until the finale. Which might just be the next episode.(?)
  10. Didn't see the thread for Blood Origin. Hard to know if it was buried in here or in the general streaming thread.... Finished this today, and I have to say it was pretty good. The main story was wrapped up very well, with enough threads hanging about, such as the arrival of humans and monsters, to give the story more breadth if so desired. I wonder if the part with Jaskier, being told the song, will come up in the next season?
  11. Where did he get the weapons packs from?
  12. As long as Jung_E is NOT another rogue out of control AI type story, I'll check it out.
  13. @SpacePirateNeko That a big beaut! Nice with the interior detail.
  14. @neptunesurvey1 Those are some great looking builds! Really liking that Prmotheus!
  15. @tekering Wowza!! I'm not into figures too much, but that is a fantastic display!
  16. Looking damn fine, @pengbuzz! That first one looks great.
  17. Great haul there @derex3592! @505thAirborne Working it now! Currently redoing the head, as I want something different than what I started 9 years ago. As to the kits, I think I have one complete kit left of the NuGalactica and the Moebius TOS Galactica. Then there's a big box of battlestar parts, part of which came from buying damaged kits direct from Moebius at the time. If you are interest in more battlestars, check out Colonial Fleet Shipyards on Facebook. He does Bezerks, armored Galacticas, escort ships and other battlestar ships, all in resin.
  18. There's also that jerky motion when it rolls and snaps over.
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