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  1. There are notable differences between the two, pretty much all over. The WMG is open on the Hyuga, the lower sterns and flight decks are also different, and I think some bridge structure/antenna detail. What's also different, is that I have yet to see the order page for the Hyuga...
  2. @505thAirborne That blue is poppin! Really liking it. @arbit That pair look fantastic! Hope you have a good time away, to make up for the lack of modelling! And my build is approaching the finish line. A few more decals, a little spritz of clear and some, and some real mild weathering and it'll be done! The prop is just sitting in there at the moment. Model on! Thom
  3. That looks like a modern highway system. How far back are they going? And will they meet up with Janeway and Co. from when they went back in time?
  4. I would say my standards are also more pedestrian.😀
  5. The effects, the acting and the writing seemed alright enough for me, YMMV. I watched a few episodes, and was thinking about more, but no, with it already cancelled what's the point of watching anymore?
  6. One of the best scenes! I'm sure you'd do it justice.
  7. The confusion is real, yo! ðŸĪŠ Glad to he's back as the voice of Prime. And having never seen Power of the Prime, I guess Perlman will be just fine.
  8. Sad to hear that Cullen won't be doing Optimus anymore. Keeping him as Optimus was one of the best things to come out of the Bayformers. Did he retire? As to Perlman, how does he sound as Optimus?
  9. Just so you all know, Pengbuzz has not been able to load Posts or PMs for the last few days. I left word with Shawn in the PM, so hopefully it will be fixed for him soon.
  10. Hate to say it, but they could have stopped at the first one. Like the Matrix, oddly enough... Now they just seemed to be super-long-drawn out fight scenes. Not bad for that, but that seems to be all.
  11. I'll have to see if there are any decal sets for the Star Warriors. Nice livery.
  12. Except that no Bayformers movie will ever grace my DVD shelf - again. That mistake was made once and then rectified. 😉 If they do end up tying this back into the Bayverse then I'll enjoy Bumblebee and maybe TRotB before then, and lament that the creators had not taken this chance to 'alter' history from that absolute mess. The designs are more than different enough from his movies anyway and they basically did everything in Bumblebee that they would need to move on without the previous ones.
  13. @peter It looks goood either way! As for a low-vis, you could do another in darker grays as a Section 31 ship. Maybe one with an illegal cloaking device.😉 @derex3592 Clearly, you've been hoarding your masking skills for this worthy project. Very nice. @505thAirborne But you are bringing us back to Macross with each pic. It is quite the entertaining tug of war!😁
  14. You guys have to stop posting such great models. It's hard to show my appreciation without doing a super-long post! @505thAirborne Looking to be a nice redo of that old toy. Giving it new life. And those helms look really oogd! @peter Very nice work on that Refit-A! When those decals work right, it really pops. And on your Defiant, you did the opposite of me. I didn't use any of the colored decals except the tan one for the top panel on the nose, and no they don't fit right... I do really like the fun on the bottom! That black/gold looks real good on the Defiant. My one and only really eany-teansy-weany critique would be the skull-n-bones. I looks backwards, but that may just be me! Great job!
  15. I'd be good with that! @M'Kyuun And you are correct. His being the big name, perhaps I am lumping too much on him for that.
  16. Good thinking on the tint to the lights. I'd say let it run for a while, just to be sure. Or tint a film to go between the lights and the hull.
  17. What do you mean? Those fields will take a week to recover, at most!
  18. Sounds like the Beast Transformers will be add-ons to the ones from Bumblebee, and it won't be them alone, so that's good. Of course, with them making prequels with new characters added, I start to wonder where they were in the Bay-movies? But then I come to my senses and realize that Bay didn't care at all, as he just kept tossing in new Autobots willy-nilly, the more insulting the better. To better suit his childish humor, I'm sure. But I'm still hoping they'll end up tossing the Bay movies aside, considering that at the end of Bumblebee, Optimus and other Autobots were already arriving by the end.
  19. @electric indigo I'm not familiar with the subject, but I like the details on the pieces. @derex3592 That already looks good all lit. @Dobber Noted on SSM. Love the detail and changes you've made.
  20. There seams very little way to do it other than having some kind of realistic covering, and as long as we have don't have any more human-form ones I'm fine with it. Or, maybe they could do a form of Star Trek holodeck tech, with forcefields and holograms making them look like they are actual living animals. Actually, I wish they weren't doing Beast Wars, at all. Wouldn't be my first choice.
  21. They used that, and I was left wondering why they didn't do that and imitate every human they needed to in order to get what they wanted? I hope they don't use it, as it is far less Transformers and just a rip-off of Terminator.
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