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  1. @peter 'Garbage...' Do me a favor, give yourself a good smack in the face for me! 😁 I wish I had your models in my display 'case!'
  2. You got Slim and Chunky there! Both look good though. Maybe do one as an 'A' model or another preceding the D variant? I never finished mine (yet) but I was doing it as a non-canon 'E' model with slight alterations.
  3. She'd slap them around like they were a couple of spoiled princes!
  4. @peter That is just an incredible looking fleet!
  5. I'll agree with that, whole-heartedly!
  6. I would expect something that was flashy and without much substance, with the focus on action and 'splosions and 'hero' shots and Minmay running in a halter top (in slow-mow.) Using Transformers as the example, it would make money, but resemble little of the source material, inspiring no desire to see what happens in a sequel - unless it was seen for free on TV. And then only while channel-surfing. So, no.
  7. Ah, self-moderation. I've heard of that.
  8. Awesoime! Will be nice seeing the comparison and going together. Although a correction, I think it should be 'Lecon Prane.'
  9. Dude, I'm trying to find things to call you to task for, but I am having zero success! That is a great looking fleet, even the poor Enterprise from the M-5 incident.
  10. I think passing something through the Force was only possible for Dyads. Even if not though, I'll stick with him just manipulating the 'juice' of the Force. More than likely just a form of asexual reproduction..?
  11. @peter I think the decals are very nice and subtle. Don't want to go too stark. And just between you and me, I prefer those end caps too!😁 @Gabe Q Nice, a little work on a classic VF!
  12. That's if we're going with Palpy making Anakin through the Force, but wasn't it Plagueis? And even if it was him, it was only through direct manipulation of the Force itself, rather than anything physical. So there would be no DNA in the mix. Rey's father was Palpatine's son. Kylo's mother was Shmi's grandaughter. Except for the use of the Force itself, no bloodlines were mingled.
  13. @MechTech Really liking the additional details.
  14. Does look like it has the same level of energy. If it's as good as the first JW was, then I'd watch it. I wonder if they could be in the same universe?
  15. @Sanity is Optional @Master DexIf they come out with 1/72s I may have to pay my dues.😉 @Bolt Yeah, I already know the answer.😀
  16. The blue on the chillers is looking good, and I like the blue behind the dish.
  17. So, you're saying I'm going to have to buy some new VFs - again...
  18. That is truly outstanding! Great job. I like looking into it and imagining the scene they are all playing out. Well done! As to... I think she may just have been glad you weren't calling from the bathroom...😜
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