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  1. It looks like it's going both ways! Pretty cool looking though.
  2. Very cool! Liking the animation and I love that ship!
  3. It looks interesting for a fun/romp movie. Get the tub of popcorn! Just as long as it's not 11 year old popcorn...
  4. @peter You're not alone, must of us only look at them from a few feet away anyway!
  5. I zoomed and I REGERET NOTHING!! Outstanding looking Excel!
  6. Peng, I have all confidence that you could build that!
  7. @MechTech Well as the saying goes, 'I know they're in there!'😛
  8. And onto my Academy 1/72 F-4J! While awaiting some PE for the 'pit I'm doing the cans first. I thought I might get some resin replacements, but they cost too much and would take too long to arrive, so I'll be doing a little 'home improvement.' First is the detail of the burners which, while also being stuck pretty deep into the tunnel, are pretty simplistic. But I have the parts for the F-14A variant that I'm not using. So a little work has been done, first drilling a hole through the right and sitting it atop the one on the left. Then I broke into the metal stash and cut some rods to form rings for the burners. Now to glue that together and duplicate it! Thom
  9. @pengbuzz Dude! That Vader is looking awesome!
  10. Having not watched the newer ones, 007 movies have always held to a strong vein of reality-based fantasy. I'm assuming, despite the more gritty take, that hasn't changed much.
  11. Going to town on that @pengbuzz! Looking pretty good.
  12. Nose gear well is done, painted up and weathered with a dark panel line wash. And mated to the cockpit tub before the nose sides were closed around it. I have some seamless intakes on the way and I'll need to order some seats for the D variant. But, modeling on! Thom
  13. Thanks @MechTech @pengbuzz Some great work on that X-Wing! Can't wait to see what you do for the Vader figure! And @Rock Nora's fighter is looking aces! Love the paint job. Did a little painting on my Tomcat. White mainly for the intakes, trunking and exhaust tunnels, but also a hit for the gear well. Now to detail paint a little bit. Thom
  14. @sqidd Sweet catch! BT is definitely more of a burly beast! Airwolf looks like some rich kids suped-up Beemer. And I'm not saying that to take away from its looks, as both look really great.
  15. Wherever you sit on the divide, commentators have been the true death of actual news. I would be happy if the 24 hour news cycle died as quickly as it had formed.
  16. Worth having a go. Even the smallest addition can go along way.
  17. Wow @pengbuzz that looks like a completely different figure!
  18. Not the best pic, but I did some work on the nose wheel well.
  19. You always overcome the odds @pengbuzz! Nice bit of saving. @derex3592 Always glad for the good paint weather. Looking good.
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