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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. Getting closer and closer @Urashiman. Once it's fared in, that canopy is going to look good. @derex3592 They say having fun with modelling is the best part. It's looking good, and those battle damage decals over the one around the base of the dome was a good move.
  2. Yes, in Robotech they killed off the entire bridge crew except for 'Lisa.' Not recalling the scene perfectly, 'Lisa' tells 'Rick' about the others shoving her into an escape pod. I don't remember if there had been other pods or if they were damaged, and I may be mixing up the actual scene and a novelization that I read a couple decades ago. But that's the gist. I was 12 and was very saddened by that. But, thirty years later I come here and find that it was ALL A LIE!!! @derex3592 The wonky decals notwithstanding, your build is looking really good.
  3. The work on the feet and the seams on the legs have turned out very good!
  4. @arbit Another reason Macross is better than Robotech. The Bunnies survived Macross!😁
  5. Great, would love to see the Bunnies! Nice bit of teasing, @Big s.
  6. So you saying I should give it a chance! Glad to hear it's not dwelling in the 90210 basement. My next day off, I'll give it a little binge.
  7. Anyone else catch The Ark on SyFy? I thought it was pretty good. Not the best, as it could use some better sets and the acting could improve, but certainly interesting enough to watch a few more eps.
  8. Outstanding job. Said it before but I'll say it again, the colors are great, and the weathering really pops the detail. Great on the scheme as well, and I love the load out. That bird means buziness!
  9. That's how I read it. The dynamic of an older Bats finding out and dealing with a young son. I'd imagine that he starts off as a criminal.
  10. I'll just picture the Christopher Reeves' version for the origin!😁
  11. I'm more than fine with them putting Supergirl first. Waiting for them to do the whole Justice League thing again might make it another ten years before the opportunity for the Gal of Steel comes around again!
  12. I'll watch (most) of the movies and (some) of the series, but not all. That's just too much. I'll happily pick and choose and go from there. I'm real excited for a new Supergirl movie, and hopefully one with the New52 version's edge. And that Gadot, Affleck and Momoa are not fully out, but might still be in there. I will definitely watch more Batman, both versions, and more Superman, which is gladly not going to redo the whole beginning all over again. And bring on a series based on Themyscira! Awesome. Can't wait to see Gunn's DC'verse!
  13. @Bolt Oh yeah, some Mirage action! How I wish that statue was 1/12!
  14. Finally got the head redone! Will need to clean some things up, but this part is basically finished, Yay!😁 The blue are pieces from a small TIE fighter kits, as are the nine resin 'missile arrays,' the beige are cut up pieces from the old head, and the central piece at the back is a resin copy from a part of a AMT/ERTL X-Wing. The HEW turrets are just press-fit into drilled holes. With that out of the way I can move onto reattaching the arms to the flight pods. Thom
  15. Use some tape. Stick it down on the decal and pull it up, just watch out for the other ones. Hope it's sooner than that, and not because of modeling, but because you certainly don't need any more shite. Don't be a stranger. @Bolt That is a great looking force you are building up there!
  16. We all have kits on the Suspend Shelf @pengbuzz. It's a good looking model and just needs to wait a bit before it gets put back into fine fashion. Til then, we shall anxiously await your return!😁
  17. Just finished the first season of Blood and Treasure, and it was surprisingly good. Way better than National Treasure (the series). More than enough action, fun and interesting characters, with some nice nods to other movies tossed in here and there. Gonna start season two now.
  18. Saw this, and liked it a lot! Much better than Wandering Earth or Warriors of Future (which I did not finish). And the trailer was misleading, at least for me... It's very character driven and emotional. If there was one thing I'd change about the ending... Just a small quibble, though.
  19. Good point, good point! 😀 That's a idea for a few more poses though, the knife 'fencing' on their first date.
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