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  1. On its own, it already looks really good. but once you show the intended changes, then yeah, it's gonna look even better!
  2. Looks good enough to... well... eat!
  3. All coming along really well there. @derex3592. Nice work on the bow planes.
  4. Phenomenal build, and so quick too! In awe!
  5. I know, right! And that takes us back to @pengbuzz's comment about ignoring the first two. But, though it took a while to get here*, at least season 3 is living up to what we had hoped the whole series had been from the start. * though there is no guarantee this level of writing and plot will survive the next episode or two...
  6. In a clinch, I would prefer Riker or Picard over Shaw. Keeping in mind that the first two season were not 'stellar' the last two episodes have put them out to pasture! The writing in these two has been far above their usual par, and that's not just because the bar has been lowered. The first time I felt anything approaching the level of TNG has been these last two.
  7. Very true, though here's hoping it does not suffer a quiet death...
  8. @derex3592 From the option there, I'd choose Alclad over grey.
  9. Quibbles and slight niggles non-withstanding, this was a very good episode! I was pleasantly surprised to see Ro back, and her entire interaction with Picard was nicely done. For a second episode in a row, there was a charged, deeply meaningful interaction, as they were basically vetting each other while digging into their past. I loved the duality of one conversation serving two purposes. As to her being back in Star Fleet Intelligence they are a little more shady that your average Star Fleet branch and would certainly have many uses for an agent with her background. And she serves as a good tie-in to the Warf/Raffi plot line. And what's happening to Jack?! That's something I really hope they don't stumble on, like the Burn. Shipwise, I was okay with the look of the Intrepid, but I much prefer it's design forbear, the USS Wasp. All in all , really impressed with these past two episodes. This is the story line I'd been waiting two seasons for! Please, STP, keep. This. Up!!
  10. That is certainly encouraging news. https://www.empireonline.com/tv/news/willow-series-isnt-cancelled-volume-2-planned-jon-kasdan/ I'd have no problem giving it a year or two if they need it.
  11. I think a big problem is no one wants to give a show a chance to 'mature' anymore. It has to be perfect from the first scene and first word, otherwise the aforementioned 'echo chamber' comes into effect. Yes, Willow had some lackluster episodes, but it ended in a strong way. There's more reason to think that trend would have continued into a second season than not.
  12. Those are actually some good commercials.
  13. I think it is really good. I have not read the books so I don't how close to the source material it is. I was going to, but found that it is written in first person perspective rather than omni, which I don't like, so I'm sticking to the live action. I rewatched the first season just the other day, and still enjoyed it just as much. The characters are done really well and the special effects are great. I think, other than Alina, Kaz and his Crows are my fav characters. It is good to wait, esp with Netflix, to make sure it is worth staying with it, you know just in case they cancel it for 'reasons...' Just for that reason, I'm hoping season 2 is pretty well closed up at the end.
  14. Great looking Hornet! "Tower, permission to buzz the shot glass?" Awesome!! Get to see another Penbuild on the way!
  15. Be checking this one out tonight. If it's even better than last week's, that's awesome! As for size/dimensional discrepancies, as @pengbuzz mentioned, all they do is blow up the size and the ship and not worry about fitting dimensions into it. Might be a good thing though, as I don't like these ships being super big, esp when they look like more classic(smaller) designs. One reason why I am glad the Horner Shipyard's Titan is 1/1400, is that it'll make it smaller than it's supposed to be when set next to the 1/1000 ships.
  16. As to the Titans impulse engines, I haven't look too closely at any diagrams, but I wonder where the saucer split is? I'm assuming this can do a saucer separation like most ST ships, so maybe what we are seeing in the stacked arrangement, is the smaller ones on top belonging to the saucer, with the larger on the bottom for the warp drive section.
  17. Caught this on Tue and really liked it. Normal, fun Ant Man fare, though not as high stakes as some speculated.
  18. That's disappointing, but not a surprise, sadly. It was 'ho-hum' for most of it's run, but those last few episodes were really good, IMO. It was a bit of a slog for what I felt was a good pay-out. Was really hoping to see more! And yes, Netflix is cancelling too many good shows. Stranger Things or Cobra Kai are your Top Tier shows, but that doesn't mean you should cancel mid-level performers. I was really liking Warrior Nun and Paper Girls, Wynx Saga. Again, not the Top Tier, but they were entertaining and I was liking their stories. I think anyone with a show on Netflix should plan on one season, open strong, finish it out even stronger and don't worry about a second season. A number of these shows I would have been alright with ending early if they had not left their main characters literally in limbo!
  19. I'm loving these ships! I do like the modern looking ones too, but I prefer less of the swoopy/curvy lines and more of these hard edged/angular designs.
  20. That was pretty cool! Impressive display on the screens there.
  21. It doesn't look that bad at all. Just have some good acting and hit those songs right. And they have the talking animals!
  22. If someone is upset that she is going by Seven rather than Annika, because she was assimilated so young, I would say that is their problem and not hers. They should be seeking out that absent guidance counselor to talk through their issues. (see Shaw.) And no, her calling herself Seven is nothing akin to a prison tattoo of a hate group. It is just her name. I read their expressions as not disgusted but extremely uncomfortable. They were listening to Picard as well and the switch in emotions when Shaw flipped it was more than a little unsettlingly aggressive.
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