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  1. Dear Modeller's Anonymous. my name is Thom and I have a problem... I just bought two of the new Wave VF-171s, just a day after buying a second Wave VF-4. My wallet is not talking to me right now...
  2. I've heard that happens to 'pretty birds' sometimes...🤭 There's a part 2, 😀
  3. @derex3592 Awesome looking model. He looks really pleased with it. You may now bask in your 15 Min of Son-in-Law-Fame!
  4. Merry Christmas, to one and all! Had a great day with the fam.
  5. Have a Merry Christmas @sh9000!
  6. Looks like the table is straining under that load!
  7. How did you know I would enjoy that?! You magic!
  8. @Urashiman Good idea for the used tape rolls.
  9. Looking good @Urashiman. Your pilot looks fine, and eager! Happy Holidays @arbit. How I wish there was a Misa under my tree...
  10. Actually, considering that we didn't see Cavil's face at the end of the first one, and I don't know if there are other easter eggs in the second, Levi's Shazam might be insulated enough to continue even in a 'new' DCEU.
  11. @Mintox Glad to see it still in the game!
  12. @wm cheng Wow! Awesome work on that pulse rifle. I agree with the others and say just a slight bit more wear and you're there. Lovely job!
  13. Well, how many seasons were they planning from the start? Was 4 supposed to be the last anyway? And how will the fan base be upset with the recast? Personally, if they close up enough of the story lines by the end of 3, if they do cancel it, I won't be too bummed. Way more bummed than Cavil not doing Supes anymore, but I'd survive that.
  14. I'll definitely give Liam Helmsworth a chance, as he might be good in the role. He must have shown some promise in auditions for them to think he can follow up on Cavill. And I'm glad for Cavill, if Warhammer is his true jam, but dang the vagaries of Hollywood!
  15. @Bolt That's a pretty nice looking scheme!
  16. That looks good! Glad to see Driver keeping himself out there, unlike the other TFA alum...
  17. Not too bummed. Things have been up in the air for years so this is no surprise, despite his cameo in Black Adam, which is now his last appearance as Supes. I just don't want them to reboot again. Just get a different actor and proceed as through we know how he got here. And hopefully Gunn has some plans for Supergirl, cause I would love to see her back on the big screen! The recent series was good at first and Benoist was awesome, and who knows if we'll even see the Flash version at all... And of course, how about the Witcher?! Are the contracts already signed so Cavil out of that too??? Makes me wish he'd just decided to leave Supes in the past after Justice League.
  18. It's a variable cockpit... I'll be here all night folks, enjoy the veil!
  19. For whatever reason, Sorsha did not take care of her blade, but Kit does!😜 IMO, episode 4 continues the upward trend in likability surpassing mere nostalgia-bait. That makes me wonder how they film these, as close to episode number as possible? Me thinks it might be better to start filming on the puff episodes/scenes first in order to get the cast and writers on the same page and work the feel out of it before starting on the real stuff. Maybe even do two episodes almost like prototypes, never intended to be scene but just as a way to shake off the brittle 'newness.'
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