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  1. Loving that G1 Optimus! Glad they kept the look - and hoping they keep the look! I wonder who the bike is?
  2. That's Bruce Wayne from CW Batwoman. Didn't amount to much with RR leaving and them scrambling the plot all about.
  3. ttriple post is the best post! Peng, awesome work on that Cat's Eye! You are a tape-n-cardboard Sorcerer! And if you are interested there are paper model out for it too.
  4. Considering the attrition rate I'd assume that almost all got sunk, unless canon should prove otherwise.
  5. Do we know if any of those ships survived the war..? Not that I'd be grieving...
  6. Awesome job and great work on the weathering. Looks like a beast!
  7. There are two new dreadnought carriers in the show, but so far I've only seen listings for the Asuka. Has anyone seen any listings for the other one, the Hyuga?
  8. @pengbuzz That is looking fantastic!
  9. Dang, those paint jobs are soooo good! Like they flew off of the cell.
  10. Wow, some real intricate masking! Good luck when the paint flies.
  11. Well, alright then! I recall buying the first book in the Little Professor Book store in Kearney NJ many many moon turnings agone. Unfortunately, I've given up on it after the twelve for so book and the introduction of the thirtieth character and the fifteenth or so enemy to pop up... But, I'll definitely give the show a chance. Marked on the calendar.
  12. Love looking at other people's collection. I get all greedy!
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