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  1. Keep in mind, Seven, as well as all the other Borg, are just as much victims as the dead at Wolf 359. Sure, there probably are a few species who said, 'yeah, sign me up!' But nearly all that we have seen have battled repeatedly against the Borg and against being assimilated. The Federation, and Star Fleet by extension, should be enlightened to this. And, seeing that several ex-Borg are officers in Star Fleet, they are. That doesn't mean that there aren't officer like Shaw or Sisko who need to finally get past resenting/blaming another person who is just a victim like they are. As for Seven, again, she is now a merging of her two selves, the first being the child Annika and the other being the drone Seven of Nine. She has spent more of her life being that adult drone rather than that lost child, so it's understandable from where she molds more of her identity. And if she chooses to be called Seven rather than Annika, then that is simply what she prefers. And Shaw, is more of a by-the-book officer, esp since he considers Picard and Riker's past adventures as "wildly exciting and equally irresponsible adventures." So basically anything that made TNG exciting, he would avoid. Makes me think that the five years he has been in command of Titan have been pretty boring.
  2. I'm all for them giving it a shot. Pretty much everything you can do in animation you can do in CG as well, and though I do like animated movies, I would prefer live action. I'll definitely give it a watch, and if I don't like it, there's still the go-to original.
  3. Coming in 2025, writer/director of the first three films, Dean Deblois, will be remaking these in live action! https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/why-how-to-train-your-dragon-can-work-in-live-action?cid=soc_facebook_x_x_syfywire_org_x_syfypeacock_x_editorial_x_x&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=9yearoldboysearchingwalnut&utm_term=organic&utm_content=link_ad&__source=Blastr_Vayner_syfy_Facebook&fbclid=IwAR39PDnr5zaFxpmD084Th5PgpyLrsnNWJpWTc74re-ADQF6A6wI3gXt6vFU
  4. That's why we love her so much!
  5. Keep the soundtrack! I'd buy a tub of popcorn and sit through three or four playings!
  6. My point is that she is not with them anymore, not that she didn't try. She was part of the Collective from the time she was six years old, so I can well imagine her wanting to run 'home' every now and then. Same with using her birth name. She was trying it before, and maybe ultimately she decided she would stay with Seven. Or maybe Shaw insisted on using Hansen when she may have said, 'You can call be, Seven,' and she's rebelling a bit against that? Or perhaps the writers of those episodes were not the writers of these episodes..? (shrug)
  7. Sure, I'll get that right in the mail!😁 I don't see it as her 'rubbing' herself in everyone's faces. 'Seven' is her name. She stopped being Annika Hanson when she was assimilated and stopped being Seven-of-Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01 when she joined Voyager. Seven is a amalgam of them both. That is not a statement, that is simply who she is. And most often when talking about the Borg in comparison to the Federation, it's from the stand-point of efficiency, in which she is not wrong. Being of a hive-mind, the Borg are more efficient. But I would think if she thought the Borg were still better, then she would have gone back to them by now. A better question would be, why hasn't she changed her name legally to Seven of Nine..?
  8. I concede! It was more of a gripey comment anyway. His initial scenes didn't show someone who inspires respect or loyalty. That coupled with his attitude disaffecting his own first officer, who was then questioning if she had made the right choice, did not make a good mix. His most recent scenes are showing him a lot better, which is good. I could get to like him.
  9. Nice @MechTech. That Brass Black should work good on scale anchor chains too!
  10. "The light switch! Look, it's right there!" (inspired from a pic on the Face) As for Shaw, keep in mind, this is a captain who was so disinterested in the working of his own ship, that he was unaware they were off course for the entire trip from Earth to beyond Federation space. 😁
  11. Episode 4 was great! I loved that one. Whomever was in charge of that, give them everything! And there was very little fighting/combat and more getting into the meat of the characters, and without tossing blame about. They talked to each other and tried to reach level ground rather than falling apart, which was awesome. The moments with Picard and Jack were very well done, including the flashbacks... This was the best episode of the season, and I'm really hoping it was not a one-time thing. It needs this level of cohesive story and writing from here on out. I hope.
  12. Shaw seems to be the type of officer who is more comfortable in his office. A good example is Seven taking the ship out of space dock. Picard and Riker showed surprise at that, while Seven's reaction was taking it in normal stride. Then there's his decision to not welcome visiting officers, one of them an admiral(r) himself, but shifting that off on an officer he clearly holds in-contempt. Even knowing their reputations and not agreeing with them, he should be professional enough to do his job as captain. And getting back to a previous point about whether they should have handed over Jack, or even if they had jurisdiction to do so, I always thought a case like this was similar to the USN. Each ship, no matter where it is, is considered sovereign territory of the country it serves. They may be outside Federation space, but the Titan itself is (or should be) considered Federation territory.
  13. Shaw wouldn't be by first choice. He's not very decisive unless he's being goaded, and he's more than a little bit of an a-hole, IMO. Into season 2 and my first choice would have been Rios. Would have been nice to see his adventures on the Stargazer, but of course he dead now... Now, it would most definitely be Seven. I would be all up for a Star Trek Titan series with Seven in the Big Chair! As for 'most likable,' Riker obviously. He's always been a very affable character with some good writing. Seven is a close second, as she's more than a bit of a hard-arse, but she's a likable hard-arse.
  14. I'll let you know when mine shows up!😆 But his site on the Face shows a lot of build pics of the model and multiple parts, both printed and printing. https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=horner shipyards
  15. Just bought one of these bad little jammies! Can't wait to get it! https://hornershipyards.com/?fbclid=IwAR1XCM6KTrUB3UhN33rmVr-l19EJk-Zd7RfX03xqcBkXKI0J1THqcS7fQ8Y
  16. I still want a real sequel to Aliens...
  17. What was the whole point of making him an android anyway!? One of the goofiest things.
  18. And that, I think is inferring way too much. You're now accusing the character of purposefully getting pregnant without having any evidence but conjecture about a show you yourself have pointed out has a story that can't really support its own weight, Unless the character herself says so, all we have is the poor plot to go on, and to blame. And no, purposefully getting pregnant is not sexual assault. Shitty, yes, but not sexual assault.
  19. Pro tip, if you don't watch the first one the you won't need a lobotomy.
  20. That was on last night, and suddenly I saw him and made the connection! He also plays the lead bad guy in the first season of Blood and Treasure. On seeing actors in other movies, I just watched the Director's Cut of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Carl Weathers was in a scene cut from the theatrical release and Lance Henrikson is wandering around in the background when the aliens arrive at the end.
  21. Your super lancer is looking fantastic! And I;m not zooming by, I'm zooming in to see more of that pin-up!😍
  22. Admiral Vance is a product of a show centered on Michael Burnham, and since she is the star, she is the one who must succeed. It is a trope that is both a strength (in other shows) and a weakness (in this one) seeing how they (the writers) have to tie themselves into knots in order to justify the end goal; Captain Burnham. He really is the best character on that show.
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