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  1. @sqidd Sweet catch! BT is definitely more of a burly beast! Airwolf looks like some rich kids suped-up Beemer. And I'm not saying that to take away from its looks, as both look really great.
  2. Wherever you sit on the divide, commentators have been the true death of actual news. I would be happy if the 24 hour news cycle died as quickly as it had formed.
  3. Worth having a go. Even the smallest addition can go along way.
  4. Wow @pengbuzz that looks like a completely different figure!
  5. Not the best pic, but I did some work on the nose wheel well.
  6. You always overcome the odds @pengbuzz! Nice bit of saving. @derex3592 Always glad for the good paint weather. Looking good.
  7. Yes, this is The Flash: Bats in the Belfry!
  8. That last part, I'm like a guy at a noodie bar hoping they take it all off!
  9. Yeah, Academy's 1/72 F-14A, though being built as a D as all the parts are present for it. Decals! The decals in that Academy kit are awesome. A little bit of Micro Sol and they bedded right down to all the details. All I did was a gray primer coat, though the screens were painted silver first with either clear smoke or clear green afterward. Your Red 5 is looking good, with a nice mod for the foils. @peter Not impressive!? Ae you kidding! I see so many straight lines! That Excelsior is looking great. @Ignacio Ocamica That is one impressive looking model. And it aint even done yet?
  10. Whatever happened to Wang..? That may be the mock up used for the 1983 TV series.. And seeing it like that is an awful shame! One because they should do something to make it look better, and two because someone thought putting that out there 'as is' was a smart idea. 'Yeah, just toss it out there. They'll look at anything.' (Check out the guy in the trolley. He is bored out of his mind...🤪
  11. Let's see if I can get this one past the cockpit stage...
  12. And just like the movie version, the 'engine' pods on the sides are empty! Damn impressive though!
  13. Just shows that with enough power, even a brick could fly.
  14. Well worth the cheers! Gawdamn!! And just listen to that thing. @sqidd So about the same cost as the toy..? Hm, I wonder which one I would buy?😉
  15. Ended by the seller. Either he changed his mind, or he sold if off ebay.
  16. Nice seeing Adam Driver really getting out there. The other two seem to have fallen dead-stick.
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