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  1. Well, there was talk a while ago about turning the B-1 into a into a bomb truck, B-1R. Love the acronym, Boner.
  2. It's all stealth over speed, esp when we're coming into the era of hypersonic missiles. Staying undetected is safer.
  3. Is this you, cause that seem kind 'cutesy' to me! At this point, I don't even know where we are going here?! Are you being critical about something and just can't say it plainly?
  4. It was a little out there anyway, what with his brother's head slowly vanishing. Always had be wondering what was going on back in '85? Were people freaking out about it? To view it now as time needing some time to orient itself to the new history, such as nothing changing until the character(s) return to their own time to close the loop is a lot cleaner.
  5. Have to say I also like the B-2's stylling better as well, but as stealth goes, it's all in what you can't see.
  6. Because usually when I don't like something, I keep it to myself. There are sometimes I'll say that I don't, but otherwise I leave whatever it is alone. Why spend time decrying something I don't like or watch, right?
  7. That would be awesome time travel! I'll be Sally Field! +2 There has always been a level of pleasurable camp to it.
  8. That video of the guy just slipping it all together may be a liiiiitle misleading.
  9. @arbit Those are some great cockpit figures. Have you considered doing Misa and Hikaru just after he rescued her from the Grand Canon site? I've been thinking about doing a dio and some figs in the 'pit would be awesome. He and Misa are in almost the exact same pose during the escape, but there's also a point where she's standing and holding his helmet and he's sitting on the cockpit edge.
  10. All of the Baymovies are miles behind, IMO, Bumblebee. Having a different director in the chair, even if all the backing is the same, makes a big difference. Bay was in charge of all the hokey, blammy-crappy earlier movies that, again IMO, treated it all like a joke. Bumblebee was a great change of pace and really showed what was wrong with the franchise as a whole, that being Bay himself.
  11. I hope he's not moping about like he was in the beginning of Crystal Skull. I want an Indy enjoying his life.
  12. No, that started in '75. Indy would be way to old to do more than watch it on TV.
  13. One thing of note is the size of the Beasts. There are pretty close in size to the standard Transformers, whereas in the cartoon, they were sized to the animal they were mimicking. There was one scene where they went to the crashed Ark, before Optimus and the other had awoken, and they were tiny in comparison.
  14. Love the feel of that. Gonna be sad though, you just know it...
  15. Pumped Up!! That was a pretty good looking teaser. I love that we are staying with a G1 style Optimus - and I'm really hoping this is the tissue paper wiping the remains of the Bayformers out of existence! Bay needs to stay a producer and keep away from the cameras! And as mentioned, it's great that we can actually follow the action in this, rather than a blur of motion. Looking forward to this more and more.
  16. Thanks, I noticed that too. It pulled me out of the show whenever that happened. As for comedy, I guess they were trying to mimic the movie in that way, but clearly did not pull it off. And I do hope it does get better. I'll still watch, but I'd rather than not have need to pause it and chuckle. If I'm supposed to laugh it should be with it and not at it.
  17. That immediately flashed into mind! That trailer itself looks exciting. Like the whip scene!
  18. Same here. Sometimes a rough start comes to a good end. I'm hoping that when the action really pics up, it'll smooth out.
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