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  1. When done well as that, it looks so awesome!
  2. @arbit Those figures are looking great! You have me really tempted to ask, 'how much?' @derex3592 That is a nice and clean looking set-up. Wifey might like a towel or sheet over that nice table though... @Photogirl Impressive work on the decal sheet! @MechTech Once again you wow with the details on those mechs. And great idea using the bark painted up as rock. Shouldlook rean nice.
  3. Even if it does turn out that MJ forgets along with everyone else, the main difference between the movie and the comic, either OMiT or OMD, is that they are not married, They are still basically kids going through first love, though with a lot more entanglements. They as yet do not have the weight of a relationship going back years, with thoughts of marriage and children. so even if she does end up forgetting, and everyone does, there's still plenty of time for them to start over. Or maybe Gwen Stacy will come into the picture. Who knows yet?
  4. Nice to se it's still moving forward. Thanks for the update.
  5. That looks good. Not wowed by it, but it looks fun. Always nice to have Strange in there, and Doc Oc from the Maguire movie! Sweet. And is it me, or did anyone else hear the Goblin's laughter?
  6. Some real nice work on that Zero, and the VF.
  7. @MechTech The paint, the weathering, the decals and details, they look super! @pengbuzz Take care and stay safe!
  8. My excitement was killed with the horrible prequels. TFA was a good starting point, but it was handled by people who had more hype than ability. And even if I don't care too much about it, they should just leave the name as Slave-1.
  9. @pengbuzz LOL!😁 @Kelsain Hopefully, he won't be able to help himself...
  10. Nice! Just wish the camera wasn't warping the image so much. The buildings looks like they were bobbing and swaying whenever he moved. If I didn't have a stronger constitution...🤢
  11. @arbit Those are some lovely little figures. @peter Keep at her, she's looking good from here.
  12. Dang, those are some awesome dios! Is it bad that I want to dress my fingers up as Godzilla..?
  13. I didn't have any problem with the Dark World either. Quite a number of funny moments as well heavy, brooding ones. And I think it was the only movie where Rene Russo was actually given a good script. Until then, she could have been played by any B-movie actress considering how little they used her.
  14. @peter "That's a big ship." "Not so big as her Captain..." Very nice choice for the next build! Awaiting the progress pics! @electric indigo Still don't know what it's from, but it's looking super!
  15. @pengbuzz 'Extra crispy recipe...' Yes, best steer clear of that. Will be nice to see it in operation. @derex3592 I would love an injected 1/72 of that! Looks cool.
  16. The one that was available from SSM, several years past, was the Moscato version.
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